27 Birthday Gifts For People Into Archery

birthday gift Ideas for people into archery

Archery gifts are a unique way to show someone how much you care. From archery arrows to bows, and everything in between, there is an archery gift out there for everyone! In this blog post, I will go over 27 different birthday gift ideas for people who enjoy archery. These include some of the more popular items such as arrow earrings or bow cases but also have some unique ideas that might be helpful if you're looking for something special!

1. Arrow Earrings

Archery is not just a sport, but an art as well. Show your love for the archer with this awesome gift idea! The earrings are made from polymer clay and measure about 0.75 inches long and come in three different colors: pink, white or black. This would make a great birthday present to anyone that loves archers because you don't have many options when it comes to celebrating their special day!

2. Arrows 

This is a must-have for anyone that is into archery. These arrows are made from aluminum and come in a pack of three so they're perfect for any occasion, like birthdays! The arrows themselves measure about 28 inches long. They also have an arrowhead-shaped design as well as a shaft. This makes them look amazing on their own or when there's more than one set together to create art around your house.

3. Quivers

Quivers are one more thing that archers need to survive. These are usually used for storing arrows and keeping them close by when you're out in the field shooting your targets. This is a long-term investment since they can be expensive but last for years on end if taken care of properly. They come in all shapes and sizes so it's not easy picking one from the many options available!

4. A Mug

A mug is a great gift for archers, because they can always use a drink! Plus you'll get to enjoy the humor of your present as well. And if it's not practical for them on their next adventure in the field? They can still use this at home or just keep it as a funny reminder of when you gave them the best birthday ever.

5. Targets

An archery target is a fun gift because it can be used to practice and refine archer skills. If you are looking for a unique kind of target, we recommend the product from KESHES - this is an archery arrow quiver that doubles as a shooting rest! This one is perfect for setting up in your living room or backyard so you can have some outdoor adventures indoors with friends and family. 

6. A Bow

This is also a great gift idea because archery bows can be used to make best friend bracelets, arrows or just as a fun decoration. There are many different types of bows you could purchase for your loved one - from standard wooden recurve designs all the way up to compound crossbows! Samick has an excellent selection of handmade bow and arrow sets that would nicely complement any collection.

7. Archery Set

This one is a no-brainer because archery sets include everything you need to get started in the sport. There are many different types of bows and arrows that you can purchase, but some brands offer more than one type so your best bet is to explore what they have available before making a decision! Simply the perfect gift for someone into archery. 

8. Archery Glove

For a more personal touch, you can purchase archery gloves and have them customized with their name or even initials. They offer both fingerless as well as full-fingered versions of the glove so there is something for everyone! But if you can't find anything like that, this glove from Keshes is one of the best there can be. A great gift. 

9. Leather Quiver Belt

Leather Quiver Belt in any color but brown which will get dirty easily with all your gear sliding around on it. Camouflage colors would be best because they blend into the woods. Black is too stark and has to be washed often otherwise dirt rubs off onto everything else making those things filthy too. I love skulls in camo patterns that are really awesome looking against green fields.

10. Professional Archery Back Stop Netting

This is the best protection for a backyard archery range you can buy. It is made of polyethylene so it will not rust and the mesh netting provides excellent visibility to watch your arrows fly through. The heavy-duty steel frame has a powder-coated finish that won't fade or chip in rain, snow, or sunshine. This would be an awesome gift because I have been looking into getting this but haven't found anything like this yet!

11. "Archery" Book

This book is an amazing resource for all archery enthusiasts. It goes over the fundamentals of competitive techniques and even provides a glossary of terms. I could see myself using this book in my own practice sessions or giving it as a gift! So, if you have an archery lover in your life who would like to learn more, this is the right gift. 

12. Mathews Archery Established Trucker Cap

This trucker hat is a great gift for your archer! It features the Mathews logo and says "Established in 1959" on it. A perfect way to show off their love of this sport while also keeping cool during those outdoor practice sessions or competitions. We are completely sure that they will adore this gift and will use every chance they get to wear it. 

13. "Archery: Steps to Success" Book

Offering archery tips and techniques, this book is a great resource for anyone looking to start out with the sport. It includes information on how to set up your bow as well as learning different shooting positions. This unique gift will help them learn more about their favorite hobby while also teaching them something new! You can both show off your love of archery by giving this gift to someone you care about. 

14. Arrow Autographed Gift

This TV show-themed gift will make the recipient feel like they're a part of their favorite show! Not only does it come with an autographed copy, but also four episodes on DVD. This would be great for anyone who's stuck watching TV shows from back in the day that has gone off the air or is no longer available to watch online.

15. Archery Arm Guard

This archery arm guard is great for anyone who wants to make sure their arms are protected. There's a wrist strap on the top, and it will also provide protection from accidental contact with bowstrings or cables. This particular one is adjustable and it is made by Kratarc. The archers in your life will be thankful if you get them this thoughtful gift! It would also be a practical gift for duck hunters.

16. A T-shirt

A T-shirt is always a good gift idea for your archer husband because it can represent their favorite archery club, store or team. This one from "Archer's Den" has the logo of an adorable bear in a bowler hat shooting arrows at birds! The fabric is made out of 100% pre-shrunk cotton and it features safety ink as well as being heat set to prevent fading, so this shirt will last them for years.

17. Binoculars

Every archer needs binoculars in order to be able to see what you're aiming your arrow at more clearly before releasing the shot - especially if it's far away like with hunting. There are many companies that make high-quality binoculars, but it's best to get a pair that has been made for archery and hunting. There are all sorts of different types you could buy - monocular or dual-lens, long-range or short-range or roof prism style. Bird watchers also love to use binoculars.

18. Arches Watercolor Paper

This one is a little bit more of an investment, but it's worth the price. You can buy this and use it to practice drawing archery targets or simple shapes such as a human shape without arms and legs for practicing your aim. It is also great for painting because you don't have to worry about paint seeping through onto other pages in your sketchbook.

19. Bow Stand

A bow stand is a perfect gift for anyone who loves archery. This is essential in maintaining and storing your bow safely so that it does not become damaged or bend out of shape over time. So if you want to make your archery lover happy, then you should buy them one of these, as they will be really useful. 

20. Bow Stabilizer

A Bow stabilizer is also a great gift to get for someone who loves archers. It helps in balancing the bow and reduces vibrations, shockwaves and noise when shooting an arrow. This will keep the arrows on course with better accuracy as well as improve your consistency of shots too! A perfect gift for yourself or some of your friends who like archery. 

21. Bow Sights

The ultimate accessory that you can buy for a person into archery would be some good quality bow sights which are very useful if they like hunting or just target practice.  These work by making it easier to aim at something from far away by using these tools so that users know where their arrows hit without having to do calculations every time before firing an arrow out again. 

22. Camel Pack

If the archery enthusiast doesn't have a camel pack, then they should definitely get one. This is an accessory that you put on your back and it's very useful when out in nature for survival or just average hiking trips to keep hydrated as well as having some food with them. These can be found at many hunting stores or online retailers, but hunters know best which ones are best.

23. Archery Necklace

Another archery gift idea is an archery necklace that can go with any outfit. They are often made out of a stone or something else pretty and they usually have some type of arrow in the design as well. This would be perfect for someone who enjoys hunting too, so they could wear it to show both their love for archery and wildlife conservation efforts at once!

24. Arrow Ring

This arrow ring is made out of a silver plate and has a diamond accent on it. It would be perfect for the more fashionable archery enthusiast, who is looking to wear something that will go with their outfit or accessories! They could even stack other rings over this one to have an arrow on each finger if they so, please.

25. Archery Painting

For the archery enthusiast who loves to be creative, this archer painting is a must-have! It has black and white arrow paintings on it for them to color in. This would also make an excellent gift idea if you know someone with the same interests as your friend or loved one. If you have someone who is an archery lover, then this one will be perfect for them. 

26. Arrow Symbol Watch

For the archer who needs to keep track of time, this is a perfect gift. They will be able to tell what kind of day it is based on the symbol that they are looking at. The watch has one big arrow symbol. This would make an excellent present for someone you love or care for very deeply as well!

27. "Archery: The Art of Repetition" Book

This book is a great read for archers of all ages. It will teach them about everything they need to know from the fundamentals to more advanced aspects so that their skills can be improved over time. They will also learn how to properly maintain and care for their equipment, which is essential in order to keep things working well!


Rose Parker

We truly hope you liked our suggestions of gifts for archers. If you have ideas for other gifts or would like to offer your opinion on what we've included, please let us know! We're always looking for new things to share with our readers and will be happy to chat more about it.

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