27 Coffee Gifts For Men

Coffee Gifts for men

It's no secret that men love coffee. Whether it’s a hot cup of Joe in the morning or an afternoon espresso, they can't get enough of their favorite beverage! From simple mugs to high-tech machines and everything in between, there are plenty of gifts for coffee lovers out there. But how do you know what gift will make him happy? We've done all the hard work for you with this list of 27 different gifts that he'll never forget!

1. Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

Your coffee lover will be able to drink his favorite beverage in style with this quality mug. A push-button on the front open the lid, and a silicone grip on the back makes it comfortable to hold while drinking. This mug is crafted from high-quality stainless steel that will never rust or break!  This coffee mug can easily fit in most car drink holders, so it's perfect for him or any professional person on the go.

2. Coffee Gift Box

He will never forget your thoughtful gift with this coffee box! Inside are eight different varieties of whole roasted coffees, including a mix of dark and light roasts. It's perfect for the coffee lover who has just about every type already! This is so convenient to try out new flavors without spending too much money at once. These hand-roasted coffee beans are roasted in small batches and come with a 2 oz bag of each flavor, which is perfect for storing them at home or taking them on the go!

3. Portable Espresso Machine

For the coffee lover who can't stay put, this portable espresso machine is perfect! This small and lightweight device has a built-in battery, so he can take it with him wherever his adventures may lead. He'll never have to drink watered-down instant coffee again, thanks to this handy gadget that's easily sized for travel. The portable mini expresso offers 50 ml of authentic coffee at once so he can get his jolt of java on the go.

4. Coffee Mug Warmer

Do you know what he doesn't want when he wakes up? A cold, unenjoyable drink because the outside temperature is well below freezing! That's why we recommend this nifty little mug warmer that'll keep his morning brew at just the right temperature. This mug warmer will keep his drink warm so that he can enjoy it even in colder weather. The device plugs right into any outlet and has adjustable temperature control for different types of mugs or cups. It will also be a nice gift for a male boss.

5. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If he likes cold coffee, then a cold brew coffee maker is a great gift idea. It comes with everything he needs to make homemade iced drinks in his kitchen. The kit includes one set of reusable filters so that he can make his favorite drink as many times as he wants. The cold brew coffee maker is a BPA-free Tritan pitcher and comes with an airtight lid. For perfect grip, a non-silicon handle is mounted on the pitcher. It produces four servings of coffee in just seconds without using filtered tap water, and it's lower acidic than traditional methods. It will also be a wonderful birthday gift for your husband.

6. Coffee Grinder

If your favorite coffee lover love to grind his coffee beans in the morning, then they will love a coffee grinder. The Black+Decker coffee grinder helps your favorite coffee lover grind their beans in just a few seconds without using filtered tap water so that the flavor gets preserved better than traditional methods. It's also easier to clean! Don't worry if they already have one of these! You can still get them this as a gift-

7. Golf Coffee Mug Set

If your favorite man enjoys golf and coffee together, then this golf coffee mug set inspires him. With this golf coffee mug set, your favorite man can take their morning cup of joe on the green with them. -This mug set comes in one golf stick, one mini golf ball, one coffee mug, and one golf putter for all his needs. It must be a perfect gift set for a coffee lover who wants to enjoy his golf at the same time.

8. Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

Coffee lovers want everything perfect in the coffee-making process. That's why a coffee roaster is an ideal gift for them on any occasion to roast coffee on their own. The coffee roaster comes with a patented heat-exchanger design that ensures the beans are evenly roasted. It has a hopper for green beans; inside is a chamber for holding them as they roast. 

9. Milk Frother for Creamy Coffee

If your man loves smooth and creamy coffee, then this milk frother is the perfect gift for him. The electric whisk takes care of all the hard work and delivers a creamy coffee that's rich in flavor and free from any lumps. He can also use it to make hot or cold drinks like iced coffees or cappuccinos using fresh dairy products instead of powdered ones to control how much sugar he needs.

10. Coffee Brewer

Let's make your coffee lover man's life easier. This coffee brewer would be a perfect gift for your man and it can brew up to 12 cups of fresh, piping hot coffee at the touch of a button. The non-stick warming plate keeps his mug nice and warm without burning anything, which is really important if that's what he likes!

11. Coffee Samples

Do you know how difficult it is to buy new coffees? Well, with this sample pack from Crazy Cup, your man will have no problem finding something new that they like as it's got every flavor imaginable in one box, so there's guaranteed to be something he'll love. It includes 100% organic fair-trade beans sourced from different countries worldwide, including Ethiopia, Uganda, Costa Rica, and Guatemala.

12. Travel Coffee Mug

The travel coffee mug is the best gift for your coffee lover, man. This travel coffee mug offers warm coffee on the go, which means he will never have to drink coffee that's too cold or too hot again. It can hold up to 20 ounces of liquid, and it has a lid with a rubber seal on top, so coffee stays warm all day long.

13. "Before Coffee, I Hate Everybody" T-Shirt 

Is your coffee lover hubby always talking about their favorite addiction: caffeine? They need these funny tee shirts to show their love for coffee to the world. This comfy tee will be perfect when he wants something light but still very stylish instead of wearing his typical dark jeans and brown boots combo. Some of our favorite designs are 'I Hate Everybody Before I've Had My Coffee' or even plain black text on a white tee that reads 'COFFEE.'

14. Coffee Jigsaw Puzzle

A true coffee lover might not be a morning person, but he can have some fun with his morning cup of joe by putting this together! It has 1000 pieces, and it's in three sections, so when there is an interruption, they will know where they left off on the puzzle game. They'll enjoy waking up each day with this new challenge every time, just like that yummy coffee flavor from Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts!

15. Programmable Coffee Maker

This programmable coffeemaker makes coffee lovers' mornings a breeze. Now your coffee lover dad or husband can set the timer and have his favorite mug of hot brewed coffee ready for him at any time he desires! Just like in those early morning cartoons where everything is just perfect, this device will make sure that their world is always looking up.

16. Luggage Travel Cup Holder

If you have a coffee lover that's constantly on the go, then this is the perfect gift for them. The luggage travel cup holder attaches to their luggage and keeps everything in place to enjoy their favorite drink even while in transit! Now he doesn't have to be without his coffee and enjoy traveling with a cup of hot coffee.

17. Coffe Drip Scale and Timer

The coffee drip scale and timer device is an excellent gift for any coffee lover who enjoys the perfect cup of joe. It can be used to measure all types of liquids and solids, making it even more appealing. It also has a timer, perfect bloom times, and pours each time. This combination makes this one of our favorite gifts for someone interested in science or math! 

18. Portable Drip Coffee Maker

If you want to please your favorite coffee drinker, you must opt for this outdoor portable coffee maker. It is perfect for those cold winter mornings enjoying a hot cup of java in his backyard or patio with friends! He will be able to brew up an entire pot while he's outside without worrying about being near an outlet. He will love having this special time outside just him and his best friend-coffee!

19. Manual Coffee Mill

If you're looking for something more sophisticated than just a manual burr mill, this is it! It's hand-cranked to give your coffee lover man delicious ground coffee beans, just like they do it in Europe. This coffee mill is easily adjusted for right grind coarseness to provide a consistent and precisely correct grind for the perfect, fresh coffee.

20. Starbucks K-Cup Coffee Pods Variety Pack

This gift is perfect for the coffee lover that has just about everything. This variety pack of K-Cups includes Vanilla, Cinnamon Dolce, Caramel, Veranda Blend, Breakfast Blend, Pike Place Roast, French Roast, Caffee Verona, Sumatra, House, and Pike Place Roast. Perfect to have on hand in the morning or after dinner while winding down with a cup! Now he can enjoy his favorite coffee brand at home or on the go.

21. Smart Coffee Warmer

This is a coffee lover's dream come true! This creative and innovative gift will keep their morning java piping hot for 18 hours. It even comes with its own coaster for setting down on any surface when not in use and worry-free protection from spills. Gravity induction technology enables the warmer automatically turns off when removing the cup from it and starts back up again when placing a mug on it.

22. Turkish Coffee Serving Gift Set 

This is an excellent gift for those who want to enjoy their coffee in a traditional Turkish, Arabic, or Greek style. The set includes two coffee cups to serve up the most delicious brews! The coffee cups have thick handles for a more secure grip while drinking them. The pack also comes with spice mixers that make every sip more flavorful than ever before. This addition into any kitchen or home will be enjoyed by a true coffee lover who loves their cup of the morning Joe.

23. Ketogenic Instant Coffee Mix

If your coffee lover loved one is on a keto diet, this is the best gift. This coffee blend has no sugar or carbs so that he can drink without any guilt while still feeling energized from morning until night. It’s not only a healthy drink that can help him burn calories. It gives him an instant “fullness” feeling to aid in weight loss diets.

24. Stainless Steel Camp Coffee Pot

Your coffee lover partner can't stay without coffee either he is camping or at home. He is a coffee addict. So, this camp coffee pot is the best gift for him. He can make coffee anywhere he is with this stainless steel camp pot and enjoys a steaming hot cup of joe on his outdoor adventures. It has an insulated handle so that it won't get too cold to touch, even if it's sitting out overnight. Plus, it's made from Stainless Steel which means he will never have to worry about breaking anything ever again- and since they can toss it into their backpack when going camping, there isn't any reason not to buy one!

25. Monster Energy Java Loca Moca, Coffee + Energy Drink

The Java Loca Moca is a caffeinated energy drink mix that's perfect for when your coffee-addicted man needs to stay awake and alert. It has 250 mg of caffeine from coffee and vitamins B12 and D-all in one great tasting can. This is the perfect gift for your loved one who loves getting their morning shot of espresso or can't get through the day without some kind of stimulant!

26. Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Maker

The Aerobie AeroPress is an absolutely incredible coffee brewer. It's a clever little device that delivers the smoothest, strongest, and most flavorful cup of coffee you've ever had- all in less than 30 seconds! Your man will love it because they'll be able to brew their favorite dark roast or iced coffee within minutes without any hassle. Plus, this thing has been rated as one of the best inventions since sliced bread by some pretty famous people, so your guy can feel like he's got something great on his hands!

27. Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker with Milk Frother

The K-Cafe coffee maker with milk frother offers a sleek and stylish design that accommodates all needs of coffee lovers when hosting guests, social gatherings, or just enjoying the morning routine! There are plenty of options for textured drinks like lattes, iced coffees, hot tea, or milk frothy. Your coffee lover partner can also create various specialty beverages such as chai latte or caramel macchiato. This machine is quick enough to make an easy cup in less than 30 seconds! It's perfect for on-the-go lifestyles because it doesn't need electricity cables or filters. Plus, this thing has been rated one of the best inventions.


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It's so much fun to get a coffee gift for someone who loves the brew. Our great selection of gifts is sure to please anyone, whether it be social gatherings or just enjoying their morning routine!

Your partner can also create specialty beverages such as chai latte or caramel macchiato with these machines! Check out our delicious list above and find something that will delight your favorite caffeine addict.