Experience Gifts For Men

experience gifts for men

There comes a time in any man's life when he has received enough neckties and aftershave to last for a century...when he has enough socks, cologne, writing pens, and cufflinks to star in a victorian novel. At this point, there is only one thing to do, and it's not about embracing minimalism with a fervent passion! Give the special man in your life something new - the gift of an experience he will never forget. Give him the privilege of trying new things and making memories. We promise, this is one gift that will never end up on a shelf!


Gift Idea

Why is it a Good Gift?


Retro Wood Bluetooth FM/AM Radio with Rotary Dial

This radio has a touch of the olden days and will definitely impress your man. It has in-built speakers that give out clear audio even if it is radio. The bass boost makes the songs sound even more appealing. The FM tuner is on point too. Why not surprise your old-fashioned man with this radio? It's sure to engage him and spark his interest. Plus, it's great to show him you care about his hobbies and interests.

  • Olden radio deisgn
  • Proper speakers
  • Bass boost
90 % Editor Score


Knit Flip Mitten

These mittens are the best experience gift for men. They are made of wool, nylon and acrylic combination. They keep the hands warm and the soft texture keeps discomfort out of the way. The conduction property will keep the heat trapped for long. Alzheimer's patients would love to use them during the winter season.

  • Warm conduction
  • Quality fabric
  • Wool and nylon made
86 % Editor Score


Wireless Charger Stand

This charger saves you form the age-old troubles with charging wires. It allows a clear screen display to help you use phone while charging. It is compatible with most wireless compatible devices. It enables quick charing too.A wireless charge stand would be an excellent gift for your boss. Not only would it help them keep their phone charged, but it would also be a convenient way to do it.

  • Quick charging
  • No wire hassle
  • Nice compatibility
90 % Editor Score


15-Piece Block Knife Set

This is the best gift for men who are experienced in cooking and see it as a good hobby. The 15 piece knives are sharp and have good stainless steel build. They are light in weight and non-corrosive. They are polished to shine and look great.

  • Non-corrosive
  • Sharp knives
  • Good ergonomic benefits
90 % Editor Score


Beard Care Kit for Men

This kit is good to groom a healthy and shiny beard. The scissors help to trim your beard while the unscented oil adds the needed moisture. The brush will tame the frizz and the styling balm will give it the stylish and trendy look. This beard grooming kit includes everything you need to maintain your Viking mane!

  • Wholesome set
  • Quality products
  • Smart beard grooming
88 % Editor Score


Burner Grill Stove Combo

This stove is a great solution to your outdoor trips or backyard parties. The quick heating material makes it an ideal choice for optimum cooking in less time. It is compact and easy to transport too. The cleaning is easy and hassle-free. 

  • For outdoor camping
  • Hassle-free washing
  • Easy operation
89 % Editor Score


Old Dutch International Ice Bucket

This is used to keep your ice in good shape to add to your alcohol glass. Brass ice tongs are also given along with the container. The stainless steel material stays durable for long. It has a 3-quart capacity and can hold enough ice for everyone. If you're looking for a unique gift for a Mando fan, check out this old Dutch ice bucket! It's functional and a great way to show your love for the Mandalorian culture.

  • Stores ice for long
  • Stainless steel build
  • Good capacity
85 % Editor Score


Ray-Ban Sunglasses

The sunglasses are stylish and add a new milestone to your fashion game. They are highly effective in keeping harmful UV rays out and the frame is light in weight. The lenses even cover the undereye region and prevent eye strain too. Ray Ban sun glasses give you the perfect blend of style and function. They're great for both everyday wear and for those special occasions when you want to make a statement. With their classic design and signature logo, Ray Ban sun glasses are a must-have for any fashion-savvy individual.

  • Stylish glasses
  • No eye strain
  • UV protection
89 % Editor Score


Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection [Blu-ray] No enhanced packaging

This is a classic collection for all the movie lovers who like to relax on their couch and enjoy a movie marathon. They are blu-ray prints and have high definition audio. The discs also include new unseen content related to the James bond world.

  • 22 Bond films
  • Unseen content
  • Bluray print
90 % Editor Score


Maximilian Shoe Shine Kit

This kit will make your shoe shine beautifully. It removes dirt, fills in cracks and adds the lost color to the black shoes. It is portable and the brushes have good bristles that are durable. The polish is waterproof and repels insects and worms. There's something about a well-polished shoe that screams success. The small details matter in an architect's work, and a shoe shine kit is the perfect way to show that you're a man who takes pride in his appearance. Not only will it make your shoes look amazing, but it also shows that you're willing to go the extra mile.

  • Waterproof polish
  • Good quality brush
  • Portable kit
88 % Editor Score

There are some out there who view the holiday season as a gifting opportunity to go off the beaten path.  For some, this entails scratching off bucket list items such as visiting Las Vegas, a helicopter tour, or sightseeing. For others, this gives carte blanche to satisfy the adrenaline junkie side of their men.  This can take shape with activities like race car driving, white water rafting, scuba diving, paintball, and skydiving.  

One of the most popular extravagant gifting ideas are those that involve travel to the parts unknown. The world is full of places just waiting to be explored.

Planning a holiday getaway is a wonderful idea for an experience gift. Give the man in your life the experience of a lifetime by thoughtfully planning an escape from the mundane day to day with an inclusive trip to somewhere exotic and exciting.

Tropical forests and white beaches await, and if somewhere hot isn't his number, you could plan a snowy retreat into a quiet and charming mountain setting for just the two of you. No matter the locale, a trip away from home is sure to provide a wonderful opportunity to experience something new and memorable for the man in your life.

Cloud 9 Living offers tours and getaway experiences for just about every person and interest. You could plan and book a trip for one, two, or more quickly and easily from your home and rest assured you'll be getting, or rather giving, one of the more unique and memorable gifts ever.

Cloud 9 Living has travel packages to cities and countryside all over the world, so there are no shortages in choice and you'll be able to pick a destination that is simply perfect for the man you're gifting.

Holiday shopping for your man doesn't have to be a complex experience. Your list could be as extravagant as  a trip to New York to visit locales or as quiet and low-key as visiting your loved ones.  You could visit northern California for a small getaway and experience wine tasting in the Napa Valley and you can visit the abundance of national parks in the area. 

If big travel doesn't fit your means, you can also plan a not so far off getaway by visiting a nearby city and taking in the sights and venues you normally wouldn't give notice to. You might even opt for a carefully vetted airbnb  for a romantic but thoughtful getaway.

There might be a place the man you're shopping for has always wanted to visit or an activity he has always been curious about trying out, these are also perfect ideas for gifting an experience. There is no such thing as the "perfect gift" as everyone's tastes and preferences are different and unique.

If you're looking to purchase a less extravagant gift, another popular gift idea is to purchase a voucher for a food tasting event so your man can hobnob with the other foodies and enjoy himself.  Gift cards and gift certificates are both great stocking stuffers if you're pressed for time and need a gift last minute.

Most certificates and trips are purchased virtually, so you can  take advantage of the online shopping experience and peruse a wide list of great gifts from the comfort of your own home. Instead of fighting traffic and the immense crush of people at the retail stores and long lines, you can just hit the checkout button and be done in a snap!

The best presents are those that are inspired by the recipient. Taking the time to put a little thought into the activities your sweetheart enjoys can go a long way in deciding on a meaningful gift. If the man in your life likes a challenge you might consider more though provoking gift ideas.

Your intellectual man may have your scratching your head about the best gift to give, but you could really go to the max and sign them up for an adult scavenger hunt through the beautiful countryside or glimmering city. If a scavenger hunt isn't the right fit, many cities have escape room venues that you could enjoy together or with a group of friends looking for a fun and intellectual challenge. 

If the man you're gifting is interested in more regular activities or interests you should consider an annual pass to one of his favorite places or activities you think he would enjoy revisiting time and time again. Sporting events, zoos, theme parks, and theaters all offer annual passes to their die hard fans. If your recipient is more down to earth and enjoys activities at home, you could purchase a subscription for reading material or items that support their interests. For example a subscription

MasterClass for the gifted chef or dedicated foodie in your life could spice up their kitchen and give them experiences that they never considered before. While on the subject of masterclass, you could also sign them up for a class. Not a math class of course, but perhaps a cooking class, a woodworking class, or even an axe throwing class.

Does your recipient enjoy fine dining or expensive wines? If so you should consider touring the winery where their favorite brand is made, or visiting local wineries over the weekend so they can discover something new. If food is their art, you could buy them reserved them a table at a few of the towns hottest eateries, or even buy them tickets for a dinner train or theater. Speaking of theater, if the man you're shopping for is a bit more refined you could surprise them with amazing seats to their favorite show, or even introduce them to a completely new work of stage work.

For your adrenaline junkie, you might consider something a bit more daring to get their blood pumping and give them that adrenaline high they love. You could sign them up for a heart stopping day of base jumping, skydiving, bungee jumping, or paragliding.

Alternatively, if the man you are gifting has a need for speed, you might look into planning a day of unique driving experiences on the track, giving them the gift of every young boy's fantasy to be a race car driver! Yet, if danger isn't your man's idea of fun but he still enjoys a good day of physical activity, a few hours spent playing laser tag or paintball might be more like his cup of tea, giving him the challenge he needs without the risk he doesn't. 

When giving the gift of experience, the most important thing to focus on is the person you are gifting. What kind of activities do they like? Are they interested in a specific sport or sports team? Are they into staying fit or taking it easy? Do they have specific tastes, and experienced palate, or are they open to try new things?

Take into consideration who they are and what they enjoy. Try to think back to those random conversations about the things they mentioned that they would like to do someday, or the offhand remarks about activities and places they think would be fun. Experience gifts are gifts that are never forgotten and provide a unique opportunity for creating new and fun memories that the man in your life can look back on and relive for years to come.


Rose Parker

Give the man you're shopping for something they would never expect with an experience they will never forget. Big or small, an experience gift will beat a new tie or monogrammed socks any day. You'll be sure to have them thanking you for the best gift ever for months to come.