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37 Funny Coffee Mug Gifts

funny coffee mugs gifts

The morning is a hectic time for most people. The alarm clock rings and it's time to start another day of work, school, or errands. You get out of bed and walk over to the coffee machine (or teapot) with only one thing on your mind: caffeine! Well, if you're looking for some funny coffee mugs that will make you laugh first thing in the morning then look no further than this article! Here are 37 cool ideas for hilarious gifts that all have something unique about them - from hilarious sayings to silly graphics.

1. Dali Llama Mug 

This mug is designed with a quirky and whimsical style that will make you laugh first thing in the morning. The Dali Llama Mug features an illustration of this funny-looking creature on one side, while its reverse contains the phrase "Now Serving." This popular gift idea also has a saucer to complete your set! A perfect gift for anyone in your life!

2. Lazy Sloth Mug

This is a hilarious way to show off your "lazy" side in the morning or even to tell someone they are a bit slow in a funny way. This mug features one of these funny-looking creatures sloth lying on a tree and says "Today, I will do absolutely nothing". A perfect gift for someone who is lazy, slow, or who desperately needs their coffee in the morning!

3. I Survived Another Meeting Mug

This is the perfect gift for those who need motivation. This mug features a hand up and says "I Survived Another Meeting that should have been an email". A perfect way to remind someone who appreciated they are and how much they are getting done. A wonderful and funny gift for the people who have unnecessary meetings all the time, so they can feel better about themselves.

4. A Photographer Mug

Designed especially for photographers, this mug features a camera that says "Smile". It is made of ceramic and it comes in black and white. A perfect gift for the photographer, who appreciates photography. This would be an amazing way to show appreciation in their office or home. If you have a friend who is a photographer, this is the right mug for them.

5. Don't speak Mug

This funny mug is perfect for someone who needs to be reminded that they should not talk. It says "Don't speak!" on one side of the cup and has a picture of a person with their mouth taped shut. This would also make an amazing gift for someone who loves coffee but does not like noise when it's time for work.

6. Never Trust an Atom Mug

Atoms make up everything, that's the ugly truth. Maybe not many people know why, but an engineer knows for sure. Therefore, if you want to give them something, but you are not sure what that should be - try this mug. Not only that it will make them laugh, but they will enjoy drinking coffee or tea from it! A real deal for a Chemistry lover.

7. Cactus Coffee Mug

Cactus is the perfect plant that can be placed anywhere, in a bright room, or on your desk - same as this mug. They are also very easy to take care of. There are no worries about watering this cute little green friend either; it doesn't need water at all! You will only have to wipe off cacti leaves every once in a while so they don't dry out and start looking icky.

8. This Might Be Wine Mug

We've always been a fan of clever and original coffee mugs. This one is both of those things! The mug itself has many phrases that are said when you can't decide what to drink with your morning cup o' joe. It's perfect for the indecisive or just lazy person who doesn't really have time to choose from all their options but still wants a good start in the day.

9. Student Tears Mug

If you have someone in your life who is a professor, then this is the perfect gift for them. University professors most of the time make students cry, so why not give them a mug that says "These are the tears of my students"? Not only it will make them laugh, yet it is perfect for long days, tough students, or just a plain old bad day...

10. At Least You Don't Have Ugly Children Mug

This is a perfect gift for all the parents out there. It's really true, no matter how hard your life gets and how bad some days might be, at least you don't have ugly children! So if you are in need of a little reassurance yourself or know someone who needs it then this mug will be perfect. A great gift!

11. David Meowie Mug

If your morning routine doesn’t include coffee and watching David Meowie on TV then we are not sure what to tell you... An insanely cute and absolutely lovely mug that is perfect for cloudy mornings. Who would not want to drink from this mug with a small, dressed-up kitten? An ideal gift for all cat lovers who enjoy great music!

12. "Donuts" Coffee Cup

Seriously though how could we resist adding one more great mug to our list? These mugs are fun because they are not just any old donut but a fun, iced coffee or cold brew drink. For the sweet tooth who needs their caffeine fix and for those with many different tastes, the ideal gif for you is finally discovered! Permanently!

13. You're A Cute Tea Llama Mug

This llama mug is absolutely adorable! It's perfect for all tea lovers out there (even if they aren't animal enthusiasts)! Get your favorite blend of leafy green goodness in this cute little white ceramic mug that features a friendly-looking porcelain face on it to keep you company as you sip away. Wonderful gift idea for anyone who loves drinking from mugs because we know how hard it can be deciding which one to buy when they have so many options available!

14. Awesome Dad Mug

Do you know someone who is a dad? For anyone looking to make their father laugh - this big, bold coffee cup would be perfect! Great gift idea from you to any man in your life who takes care of kids or just likes hot drinks from time to time. It's the perfect gift idea, whether it be for Father's Day or another occasion.

15. Rabbit Coffee Cup

Have you ever seen an adorable rabbit on a cup before? If not - then this one will make your day brighten up with its cheerful face and cute design! For anyone who has just about reached their limit when drinking hot drinks but still want something nice looking around them while they sip away at their favorite beverage...this is definitely something worth considering 😉

16. Travel Mug

Do you wish to sell everything you touch? Well now maybe at least you can convince people that you can. This travel mug that says "Everything I Touch Turns to Sold" is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to travel, or simply drink coffee or tea while walking in the park alone, with friends, or with their beautiful dog.

17. Snowman Mug

This mug is perfect for anyone who likes to be a little different. The snowman on the front of this mug has a European look, making it unique and special. Perfect as a stocking stuffer or even just for someone you know that needs something new in their kitchenware collection. Give it to the most special person in your life and let's hope they love snow as well. 

18. Banana Ice Tea Mug

This banana ice tea mug is perfect for anyone who loves to drink their morning coffee or tea. It's made of durable material, so you can use it over and over again without fear of breaking the cup. The best part? This lovely mug will always have your favorite flavor in mind! So go ahead and buy this awesome gift for yourself today!

19. Toilet Mug

One of the most hilarious presents that can ever be given! The way this is shown in many countries, you can't let humans drink straight from a toilet. Why should the dogs be the only ones allowed that privilege? This funny toilet-shaped coffee mug is made of quality ceramic and makes an awesome gift for someone who loves funny jokes!

20. Mom Nutritional Facts Mug

What's unique about your mom? Where's a good place to get some coffee mugs for her? If you are not sure what kind of mug to give her, we would recommend this "Mom Nutritional Facts" Mug. The fine, etched design will appear on both sides of the mug and will stop around a small inch from both sides of the C-handle. A wonderful gift!

21. Boss Lady Mug 

The perfect gift for a woman in a career! If you know someone who is career-focused and aspires to be a successful boss lady with her own company, someone who wants to build their own empire, this mug is perfect for a gift for them! Make her days better with this mug, as she is trying her best every single day!

22. Prescription Mug

This funny mug is perfect for anyone who needs to take their coffee on a daily basis. It is not a prescription from a doctor, but it can be from a coffee lover! The best thing about this mug is that you can personalize it with a name of your choice. What a fun time to play a doctor, right?

23. Penguin Mug

This Penguin mug is perfect for someone who enjoys a nice, hot cup of joy on a daily. Especially on the weekends in wintertime when the weather is cold. Just imagine a blanket, this hot cup of cocoa or tea, and a movie. Perfect right? You can give it to your favorite person as a gift or keep it for yourself because there’s no shame in that!

24. Molten Lava Mug

If you know anyone who loves science and fun experiments, this mug may be their soul mate. It looks like molten lava with an orange peel-like shape at the bottom of the mug giving off steam just like when real magma melts rock from its core before spewing onto Earth's surface. One of the coolest and the most creative coffee mugs ever made!

25. Shark Mug

Shark lovers will love this coffee mug because it features the mighty shark. The eyes of the shark are detailed and its mouth is open as if to say "Aaaarrrgghhh!" This fierce mug would be great for people who can't get enough of Jaws or building their own underwater theme in their home! If you have someone like this in your life, this would be perfect for them.

26. Nerd Mugs

There's nothing wrong with being a nerd, especially when you're drinking your morning brew from one of these cute mugs that feature some famous nerds like Mr. Spock, Boba Fett, Darth name them there's probably a mug here they'll enjoy! These nerd mugs make awesome gifts for any occasion whether someone just loves science fiction movies or comic books.

27. Coffee Pot Mug

You can not go wrong with a good coffee mug. This ceramic mug with a coffee-pot image on it will keep your morning joe warm while you drink it and its ergonomic handle is easy to hold. It's also dishwasher safe so cleanup duties are minimal! A perfect cup for you to buy or a present for your favorite people!

28. Iced Coffee Mug

If you're someone who likes cold brew or iced coffee then this stainless steel travel mug might be perfect for you, especially if you need to take your beverage on the go! One thing we love about this particular model is that it has a dual-wall vacuum insulation system which ensures that any liquid inside stays cool for up to 24 hours without needing an ice pack.

29. Periodic table Mug

Your favorite subject, right? No matter what your science fanaticism- level is, this mug will be perfect for you! This tea or coffee mug features an illustration of the periodic table and a quote that says "The periodic table of elements". It's made from ceramic and it holds 11 ounces. Great gift for a teacher or a student who loves chemistry.

30. The Chameleon Mug

If you want to make sure people know what they're getting into when they get off work with you then this insulated travel tumbler might just do the trick because it changes colors depending on how hot the liquid inside is, so if there are still some dark cravings leftover in someone after their day at work they'll have no problem seeing them through! 

31. The Professional Mug

This mug is for all those people out there who need to be reminded of how important their work really is because let's face it: in the grand scheme of things what you do may not seem like much but at least when you're drinking your coffee or tea from this cup you'll know that without a professional job then we wouldn't have any professionals!

32. The Pug Mug

If anyone knows anything about these adorable breeds they know that pugs are always smiling so why not give them something on which to smile each morning with this oversized mug? It features an image of one such pup smiling and making everyone's day better! Perfect gift for a pug and coffee lover. Now you have it all in one place!

33. Coffee In The Morning Mug

This mug is perfect for anyone who needs a little pick-me-up in the morning. It features an adorable sleepy octopus pictured in black and on the inside of the mug it is written: "Seize the day". He's probably dreaming about what he'll be doing soon, but we all know that it will involve drinking coffee, same as the person you will give this to!

34. Coffee Mug with Funny Quote

Sometimes you just need a good laugh, and this coffee mug is perfect for that! It features the text "Mom, thanks for putting up with my stuff. Also, sorry I swear too much." on one side of it. This should be given to someone who deals with stress really well, especially if that stress comes from their kids. And that would be your mom!

35. Sarcastic Coffee Mug

Give this gift to somebody if they are absolutely addicted to caffeine and can't function without it! The coffee cup is perfect for every adult who is tired of adulting and solving everyday problems. When you give this gift to your loved ones, you might see them drinking from this every morning before work or during their break at work.

36. Central Perk Mug

If you're a Friends fan, then this mug is perfect for your home. The design features some of the most iconic phrases from the show including "Central Perk" and "You want coffee? I got coffee". This gift could be given to someone who's leaving work so they can remember their job while sipping on coffee at home or when somebody goes away on vacation because it has Central Perk written all over it!

37. Gamer Mug

A dream for every gamer! This gold-rimmed coffee mug is a perfect gift for gamers who want to sneak in a few minutes of their favorite game while enjoying a hot drink. No matter what the occasion, giving this mug to someone who loves gaming will make their day. So if you are thinking about the perfect gift for a gamer, this is it!


Rose Parker

We hope you liked these 37 funny and creative coffee mug ideas! We sure are glad if we were able to help you and make you laugh.