Gardening Gift ideas for Dad

gardening gift

Does your dad have a green thumb? These gifts are perfect for an avid gardener. Dads that spend a lot of time in the garden are always on the lookout for certain items. Keep these suggestions in mind when you're gift shopping.

1. The Farmer's Almanac

Even if your dad isn't a big fan of gardening, it's likely that he'll appreciate this handy resource. Make sure you buy the latest version of this guide. It contains yearly weather reports, gardening advice, and so much more.

2. A Quality Canvas Gardening Apron

Your father will really appreciate a sturdy gardening apron made from canvas. When shopping for the right apron, you'll want to look for something that has plenty of pockets. That way, your dad will have an easy way to store his gardening tools. It would also be a practical gift for DIYers.

3. Unusual Seeds

Your dad might appreciate a new gardening challenge. Why not find some unusual seeds that he can cultivate. Brightly-colored produce, like rainbow-colored carrots, can be a great option. Chia seeds can enhance a garden's appearance, and they can also attract birds. Try to find something new that your father can grow.

4. Personalized Garden Stakes

When you order personalized garden stakes for your dad, he'll be able to claim his garden as his own! Since you'll be able to customize the stakes that you order, you can pick out a message that he'll love. This is also a great option if your dad tends to buy a lot of the gardening supplies he wants. When you give him a personalized present, you won't have to worry about giving him something that he already has!

5. Indoor Gardening Gear 

In some climates, it's difficult to garden in the winter. If you give your dad indoor gardening supplies, he'll be able to enjoy his favorite hobby year round. Herb gardens are a particularly great option.

6. Wind Chimes

Many men pick up gardening as a hobby because it's a great way to relax and unwind. If you know that your dad has a lot of stress in his life, why not give him wind chimes that he can hang in the garden? The sound these chimes make is extremely soothing. The sound of wind chimes is said to be spiritually satisfying.

7. A Steel Watering Can 

It's likely that your dad already has a watering can, but he may not have one that's made from steel. Steel is known for its durability, which means that a watering can like this will hold up well over time. Your dad will really appreciate this sturdy, high-quality gift.

8. A Wooden Birdhouse 

bird feeder is a fun way to attract birds to your yard! The birdhouse can be a wonderful way to enjoy a garden even when you're indoors. Look for a sturdy wooden birdhouse with a design that appeals to your dad.  Make sure you buy him plenty of food for the feeder as well. You may even want to give him seeds so that he can grow his own birdseed.


Rose Parker

These are some gift ideas for a dad into gardening. Even if your dad is hard to shop for, it's likely that he'll appreciate these great gardening gifts. In fact, once you start shopping, you might find yourself wanting to spend a little more time outdoors!

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