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15 Get well soon Gift Ideas for women after Surgery

Get well soon gift ideas for women after surgery

Major surgery is a big deal in a woman’s life. If you are in the market for sweet and thoughtful women surgery gifts, you’ve come to the right place. Choosing the perfect gift for this difficult occasion can be challenging, but we’ve compiled a list of 15 Get well soon gift ideas for women after surgery. The trick to finding the perfect after surgery gifts is to think outside of the box. Sure, flowers, balloons, and stuffed animals are thoughtful. But let’s be real! Flowers and balloons will only survive for a short time and grown women don’t want stuffed animals. You’ll want to come up with a post-surgery functional gift idea. Remember that following major surgery, there will be a period of rest and recovery. She will likely be spending a lot of time on the couch or in bed. So consider buying a gift that will make that rest-time more comfortable. If you need some specific inspiration, here’s a list of 15 Get Well Soon Gift Ideas for Women After Surgery:

1. UGG Scuffette II House Slipper

What’s better than warm and cozy house slippers? Adorable, colorful slippers, that’s what! These classic slip-on UGGS are not only super cute, but they are super comfortable. They are available in 6 playful colors and are constructed of suede, sheepskin fur, and a rubber sole. These are great after surgery gifts for women to pack in their hospital bags or for recovery at home. What’s better is that because of that rubber sole, they can be worn both inside and outside. They retail for around $90, which is a great price point for UGGS. It would also be a great gift for pregnant women.

2. Parachute Classic Robe

This robe is a winner! Available in 4 soft colors and made of 100% Turkish cotton, this robe delivers in comfort. It is a super plush and cozy robe, while not being too warm or confining. It’s made with two loose front pockets and a snuggly shawl collar that can be popped up for optimal comfort. The Parachute robe is another great idea for after-surgery gifts for women. It sells for about $100, but the luxurious feel of this robe will make it look and feel like you spent hundreds more than that. Any mother will love to use this robe to relax her body.

3. Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket

With over 6,000 5-star Amazon reviews, the Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket is sure to keep your best gal cozy and toasty while she recovers from surgery. It’s available in 6 colors and ranges in price from $40-$90 depending on the color you choose. The blanket is made of soft microplush fabric, is washer/dryer safe, and is equipped with a 6-foot power cord. Further, this blanket has 3 temperature settings and a 3-hour automatic power-off setting. This blanket is sure to keep your patient warm and cozy during long recovery hours on the couch or in bed. It would also be a good gift for people living with arthritis.

4. Therapedic Oversized Backrest Pillow

This backrest pillow is sure to make a bed the most comfortable place to hang during surgery recovery. Your patient can use this pillow to prop herself up in bed to read a book, eat or drink, or just reposition for optimal comfort. Constructed of supportive foam and a micromink cover, this pillow will not only do its job of propping her well, but it is also soft and cozy. The Therapedic Oversized Backrest Pillow is also outfitted with a pocket for your phone or remote. This pillow retails for around $40 and will surely be an essential recovery item as one of many desirable after surgery gifts. Accident survivors will also use this pillow during the recovery period.

5. TIKTIK Women’s Pajama Set

This versatile pajama set is sure to wow any woman recovering from surgery. Available in more than 35 colors and prints, this lightweight, thermal, and moisture-wicking jammies are just what the doctor ordered. These pajamas are a non-constricting, loose fit that will sit gently on surgery wounds or sites. They are stretchy, loose, and have a drawstring waistband for optimal adjustability and comfort. TIKTIK is so sure you’ll agree that these pajamas are the ultimate in comfort, that they provide a full-refund warranty if you’re not satisfied. For only $40, this PJ set is a perfect gift for women recovering from surgery.

6. Honeydew Intimates Star Seeker Lounge Set

This stylish loungewear set is not only exceptionally comfortable, but it’s also super cute. This two-piece lounger set is made of lightweight, jersey-knit that consists of a crewneck, long-sleeve raglan, and joggers with an adjustable waistband. When the recovering patient finally musters up the strength to get out of her pajamas, this will be the perfect set to lounge around the house in. But the Star Seeker Lounge set is appropriate for public appearances too. The perfect balance of fashion and comfort, the Star Seeker retails for $54. Trust us, she will love this set!

7. Hatch For Sleep

The Hatch For Sleep does it all. It is a night light, alarm, and sound machine all built into one very sleek console. Operated with her smart device, the reading/night light can be adjusted to desired color and brightness, the alarm can be set to ring with a plethora of noise and light combinations, and the sound machine can run meditative breathing and relaxation exercise before softly playing your favorite white noise all night long. Although this is a great system for anyone, it would be especially useful to someone recovering from surgery. Using the night light to read or winding down with the meditations for supreme relaxation will surely aid in the recovery process. The Hatch For Sleep sells for $130 and is worth every penny.

8. Nekteck Foot Massager with Heat

Self-care is important any time of the year, but never more so than following major surgery. One of our favorite ways to pamper ourselves is with a good old foot massage. But if you’re confined to the home and can’t treat yourself to professional reflexology, the Nekteck Foot Massager is the next best thing. One of the best after surgery gifts for women is the gift of a relaxing foot massage. This product has 6 massage heads whose 18 rotating nodes relax tension, alleviate sore muscles, and encourage blood flow. It can also be adjusted to 3 height levels so that no matter her height, she can comfortably massage her feet. The Nekteck is also equipped with a heating function that is heavenly but can be turned on and off if heat is not her thing. This “Amazon Choice” product retails for around $60.

9. Mont Marte Calligraphy Set

Why not a new hobby during the long homebound hours following surgery? A super fun, low-impact hobby to pick up is calligraphy. The Mont Marte Calligraphy Set will provide her with all the materials she needs to get started. Including in the set are an introduction book, a workbook, pens, and ink cartridges. Calligraphy is a fun, low-impact way to fill the long hours of recovery constructively. This new hobby may be exactly what the healing patient needs to challenge her boredom. The whole set is only $26 which is a steal considering all that’s included.

10. Apple AirPods

Wouldn’t we all swoon over a pair of the hottest earbuds on the market? So why not give these beauties as women surgery gifts? The Apple AirPods, with noise-canceling properties, will allow the recovering patient the quiet they need to rest peacefully. They’d be perfect for a noisy hospital room or at home too. They can also be used to listen to her favorite tunes or the audio to her new book. The wireless technology works so well and makes them so convenient to use. What’s more, is that the Apple AirPods deliver up to 5 hours of listening time with only 1 charge. But even if that’s not enough, the charging case will have you back in action in no time. The Apple AirPods start at $159 and would make a really special gift.

11. Kindle Paperwhite

A Kindle is a great gift, period. But as a get-well-soon gift, it is perfect to help a recovering patient pass the time. The Kindle Paperwhite is a lightweight, backlit tablet from which she can read all her books and play lots of downloadable games. Available in 4 colors and equipped with 8GB of storage space, this device is sure to please. What’s more is that the Kindle comes with a free 3-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited, through which she can download and read books free of charge during that period. The Kindle Paperwhite retails for $130 and is a super get-well gift.

12. Send a Meal

What better way to say get well soon than with a delicious meal? The last thing your recovering patient wants to worry about is mustering the strength to prepare a meal. Save her the trouble and send a delicious, chef-prepared meal mailed directly to her front door. With Send a Meal, there’s no subscription required, so simply choose the meal and surprise your gal with yummy comfort food. The cost varies depending on the meal you choose and how many people you’d like to feed. Either way, this is a get-well gift that is sure to please.

13. Simple Modern Classic Tumbler

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, but doing so is even more important when one is recovering from surgery. Nothing says “drink up” like a pretty and functional tumbler. The Simple Modern Classic Tumbler is an insulated drinking cup that keeps your beverage either hot or icy cold for hours. Available in 10 colors and 4 sizes, the Simple Modern comes with a vacuum-sealed lid and drinking straw. This tumbler is a perfect bedside tumbler for a woman recovering from surgery. Depending on the size you choose, the price ranges from $19 to $25.

14. Heloideo Portable Charger

The Heloideo portable charger is an awesome battery pack with 4 connector types: USB type c, micro USB, USB, and lightning cable. This device can simultaneously charge all of your devices. The Heloideo, when fully charged, holds enough power to completely recharge 3 devices. Nobody wants to fuss with charging cables from the bed. So the convenience of this power pack can not be overstated. This is a great gift that retails for just under $40. It would also be a nice gift for busy moms.

15.Hulu Gift Card

How about a whole new library of shows and movies to choose from? With a Hulu gift card, the recovering patient can cozy up on the couch with a gifted subscription to this premium streaming service. Hulu gift cards can be bought in $25 increments beginning at $25. Hulu streams the hottest shows as well as Hulu originals. Catching up on some good tv or movies is the perfect way for a woman recovering from surgery to spend her time resting.


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Hope you enjoyed our curated list of gifts for a recovering lady in your life!