Gift Babbel or Rosetta Stone?

gift babbel or rosetta stone

Rosetta Stone and Babbel are both leading platforms in the sector of online language learning. They provide the most comfortable ways to learn a foreign language. However, on a keen comparison, the better one amongst the two can be identified.

Rosetta Stone

They offer you the best language learning experience for 24 months that will have 250 hours of classes. That will be 20 minutes in class per day. You can access it through any device and anywhere. They allow access only to one person. They charge $167.76 for the entire session and the payment is hassle-free.

More learning hours
More learning duration - 24 months
Good teaching plan
More language choices

It is costly
Single person access


Babbel offers you the choice to learn any language from their 14 options. The lessons can be bought for a duration of 3, 6 or 12 months. The price for each of them will be charged accordingly. The 12 months plan has the highest price of $74.99. They will be providing 15 minutes class per day and you can access it anywhere on any device. A pdf form with the code will be sent on the purchase that can be printed and saved.

​An easy learning experience with good teaching sources
No recurring costs that you need to pay later or extra taxes that are dropped on your head

You can access on any device and from anywhereLess pricey

Lesser duration of lessons compared to Rosetta (12 months)
Lesser languages to choose from (only 14 languages)
Only one person can access the lessons


When you compare both of them, I personally prefer Rosetta to be a better option. though it is on the pricey side, it offers more language options to choose from and the lessons extend for a longer time. A person who wants to learn something new will invest more time in it. 20 minutes a day is not a big deal for enthusiasts. The price is also appropriate, seeing how they have 250 hours lessons for 24 months. The payment options are easy. You can immediately start off learning once you buy it. However, Babbel can be a good option too but the lesser language options and only 12-month duration is a drawback. If you aren't good and a fast learner, you will have to come back to learn again and you will be investing more than you expected. It is good to learn in one stretch and not break the learning process into parts. Rosetta will be a better option seeing how they also have better user reviews and brand recognition.