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gifts for tea lovers

If you are looking for a gift idea that is both practical and useful, then you might want to consider giving the right person a box of tea. Tea is an age-old drink that has been around for centuries and it seems like there are new ways to enjoy this all the time. That's why we have compiled this list of 31 different gifts that can be used by any tea lover in your life!

1. Socks

Pairing the tea with a nice pair of socks is always a great gift idea for a tea lover! This perfect couple gift will always keep your tea lover warm and cozy in the winter. You can always choose a creative design that will match their personality. We promise you - this gift will make your friend the happiest person alive!

2. Tea Infuser Necklace

 If your mom has Korean roots, then she must love to drink tea. A beautiful way to represent their love for this drink or just wear it as a conversation starter about how much they enjoy it. You can choose between using beads or crystals so you know that there will be no necklace alike. You can also order them a personalized necklace with initials or names included on the backside if desired too. If your mom has Korean roots, then she must love to drink tea.

3. Tae T-shirt 

Tea time is the best time and a t-shirt to express that sentiment is just what someone who loves tea would want!  There are so many different types of t-shirts to choose from, including a "Tea Time" one that is perfect for someone who loves tea. They can also get it personalized with their name on the front or back and any other text you want to! It would be a nice birthday gift for your brother or husband who is always looking for a warm cup of tea.

4. Honey or sugar cubes 

Adding honey or sugar cubes into their hot cup of tea will make it even more delicious. Nice for those who prefer sweeter teas like chai, earl grey, etc.  sugar cubes in different forms can be found as an extremely interesting gift. For those who prefer the other type of sweetener, you can buy a jar of honey and a wooden stir stick. Most Asian people will love to add honey or sugar to their teas.

5. A mug warmer

A mug warmer coaster can also be used as a gift idea for anyone who wants to keep their cups warm while they're enjoying some excellent herbal blends or black tea. The warmth from the mug warmer will add to the taste of their tea and will make the enjoyment bigger. Therefore, you should not hesitate if you are thinking of buying your tea friend this kind of gift! It would also be a practical gift for your busy boss.

6. Personalized Teaspoon

If you're in the mood for a more personalized gift, then this may be an option. You can engrave your friend's name or their favorite quote on one of these spoons and it will make them feel that they have something unique! Don't hesitate to get them this kind of present because they'll know how much thought went into it when they see their special words engraved on such a practical tool.

7. Phone Case

For the person who has a phone, this is an easy but thoughtful gift! You could find them a case that represents their favorite hobby or personalizes it with their name on it. And since they are tea lovers, find a case that has an image of a tea. This will be something they can use every day and remember you for giving it to them. 

8. Tea Kettle

The tea kettle is an essential part of the tea lover's life. They need a way to heat up water for their favorite beverage. This should be easy and affordable, but it will make an impact on them because they can use it every day! And if you get one that has a whistle or something fun like that, well then it really makes this gift shine.

9. Face Mask with Tea Ingredients

Who mentioned that the tea lover can't have a face mask too? They also have a day and night skincare routine, as everyone else. The masks on the market right now are made with all sorts of different ingredients, but this one is going to be full of their favorite things like herbs and flowers that will leave them feeling refreshed!

10. Candles

Usually tea lovers love candles. After drinking hot tea all day long, cold cocktails at the end of the evening can be a refreshing craving for some. Be sure that your tea lover will never leave their teapot without a candle nearby, or toast themselves with some warm light to finish out an amazing brunch party. So candles would be a perfect present for them.

11. Tea Set

You want your special someone to enjoy their tea with a company. Or maybe you plan on gifting it as part of a small-business scheme at work. Either way, Tea Gift Sets will be the best option for everyone in your life! This one has everything and it comes in different colors, along with matching cups and saucers! It's hard not to love this tea set! So make sure to get them one!

12. Tea Tasting Assortment Presentation Box

The best presents are the ones people feel like giving and want to give. Perfect gifts for tea lovers would include this box of teas from around the world! So, when you give this as a gift it's not only great tasting but also educational. Absolutely wonderful for someone who loves tea and wants to know more about it.

13. Tea Infuser

This is an awesome gift for tea lovers because they will not only get to enjoy their favorite cup of tea but also be able to make them! So, this infuser can sit in the bottom if a mug and create the perfect cups of tea that any individual just can't resist! You don't need leaves or anything else, which means there's no mess and everything tastes fresh as well as delicious. It must be an essential item in any kitchen.

14. All-Purpose Beverage Tumbler

This is a really great gift because it not only will keep beverages hot but would also be perfect for cold drinks as well. Any tea drinker wants their favorite beverage to stay at the right temperature, which is why this tumbler was created and should be gifted! Plus, they are dishwasher-safe so clean-up time or effort won't have to take place.

15. Tea History Book

This is one book that any person would love because it really delves deep into the origins of this beverage and why we drink it today. It's full of information on where the leaves come from around the world as well as what type of teas to have at different times throughout life. There are charts for all types of people whether they like their beverages iced or hot! Any history buff will love to add this book to his library.

16. Tea Accessories

Imagine a tea lover's delight! Gifting a basket full of their favorite teas is the perfect way to show your appreciation. Whether it be green, white, or black tea in the mix, they are sure to appreciate this mini-present and love you for it too. Combine this with tea accessories like a tea tray for instance. You will make them extremely happy!

17. Creative Tea Painting

Art and tea go hand in hand and can make a lovely present for any tea lover, because most of them enjoy art. You can try painting your favorite drink or even go crazy with some abstract art. If you decide to buy a painting, choose something that will bring light and happiness to the home of your tea lover!

18. Gift Card

Tea enthusiasts always want new flavors and more unique experiences. And so do you! One of the best gifts any tea lover could ever receive is a gift card for their favorite novelty tea shop, this is because they can't wait until your next visit to indulge in some great sugary goodness with that special someone, or just on their own!

19. Tea Towel Set

Wonderful present for wonderful and happy people. Tea towels are not only useful but they also make a house feel more homely and cozy to guests who come over often or visit occasionally. Your favorite tea lover might appreciate this thoughtful idea even more than another mug or cup set as well since it has been specially chosen just for them.

20. Pillow

Every tea lover needs a cozy pillow to rest their head-on. This way they can dream about all of the different flavors and aromas that they have experienced from drinking tea day in, day out, or maybe even imagining what is coming next. They may use this gift as a reminder for when it's time to go pick up some more tea bags, loose leaf tea, or any other type of hot beverage at the market. 

21. Blanket

Imagine sitting on the sofa, drinking tea, and being wrapped up in a blanket. It's not only cozy, but it feels like you're surrounded by love - the perfect warmth that can be shared with others. This feeling is one of the best in the whole world, and buying a blanket as a gift for your tea lover can help recreate that feeling.

22. Calendar With Loose Leaf Tea

This is probably the most useful gift for a tea lover. A calendar is usually on someone's mind all year long, but when you give them one with loose leaf tea that they can enjoy every day - it becomes something special. Use this to get the whole family involved in making their own custom blends and sharing ideas about what would best suit certain days (such as iced or hot).

23. A Purse

A purse in a form of a teapot is the perfect gift for a tea lover. These come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that is appropriate to your budget. When someone carries it around with them - they'll also be able to carry their favorite cup of tea with them as well! They will enjoy it!

24. Sweater

Not only that will keep them warm in the winter, but the cute sweater you will buy for your friend who is also a tea lover, will also be a present! Probably the cutest one they will ever get! The thought of you, the hot tea, the blanket, the pillow and the cute sweater will keep them warm every day! This warm sweater features a Santa riding a motorbike, making it a great gift for Christmas eve.

25. Teapot

The perfect gift for a friend is always the teapot. It is essential when it comes to making tea, not to mention that they will always be grateful to you. They don't need to be new, but they should be of good quality and preferably made of porcelain or glass so that they can keep warm long enough to enjoy! 

26. Tea Recipes

The recipes for all kinds of tea are out there, and it is just a matter of finding them. These are recipes in which tea flavors the whole dish, or at least an important component of it! This includes everything from soup to ice cream and every variation in between. There are some recipes with a lot more ingredients than others but don't worry because we have included them all for your gift!

27. Soap

This one is a great gift for anyone who loves tea. Your loved one will be able to smell like their favorite drink! There is a huge variety in soaps and this includes scents such as lavender, green tea, gingerbread sugar cookie, apple cider vinegar iced tea among many more. Every time they smell the soap, they will feel relaxed and recharged.

28. Tea Sampler

A sampler offers the chance for someone new to try out different teas without ever committing themselves too deeply into just one flavor before they know what they want. The best part about these gifts is that every person has a great way to find which type of taste suits them. If your friend just started drinking tea, this may be the perfect gift for them!

29. Cookie Box

Cookies are a type of food that you can never have too much of. They make great gifts because anyone who is on your list will be happy to receive them! This particular gift is wonderful for every tea lover because tea always goes great with a good cookie. Maybe you can think of a box that comes with a lot of cookies that are made from different types of flavors.

30. Matcha

Matcha has become very popular and is used in many different drinks, such as lattes. It’s a great gift idea for those who love this type of green tea because they will be able to use it when making their favorite drink! Matcha has great health benefits such as being a natural metabolism booster and helps with focus. A warm, yummy drink for the afternoon.

31. Green Tea Balancing Toner 

If your tea lover takes up their beauty routine as seriously as their tea, this toner is a perfect gift for any girl! It provides an even skin tone and is alcohol-free. Not to mention that it smells great! Their face will be smoother, cleaner and it will be thanking them for hours. Definitely one of the most luxurious gifts on the list.


Rose Parker

We hope we inspired you with some ideas for the perfect gift for your dearest. Who knows? Maybe your best friend or someone else may live by one of these, and then they'll be glad to receive it!