Gift Ideas for Wood Workers

gifts for woodworkers

Woodworking is a fun and unique hobby that has been enjoyed by many people throughout the generations. Wood is the most common material used in furniture and interior decor. Woodworkers can take interior decor to another level, using their own creativity and ingenuity. So what gifts could you give to the imaginative woodworker in your life? It can be a perplexing thought.

Finding the perfect gift for the diyers in your life can be stressful. Unfortunately, there is no manual for gift-giving. However, all it takes is a little thought of items that can be useful to them. There are many items that they don't know they need until they're right in front of them. Gift-giving doesn't have to be so complicated when you look at it from another perspective. Read on as we dive into the top gifts for the woodworkers in your life.

Functionality and Versatility

Looking at things from their perspective can be beneficial. If you were a woodworker, what tools would help you to turn your ideas into products?

Carpenters and woodworkers can never have too many supplies. There are many gadgets and kits that they can use to make some incredible stuff. Just think of all the impressive antique furniture created for hundreds of years. If your loved one enjoys woodwork, then they could use items that would help them to exercise their talents.

Stick to the basics and get them standard tools they'll use for any wooden projects they want to start. You really have endless possibilities.

Carpenter pencils are one of those go-to tools for woodworkers. This gift can serve them in a couple of different ways. They can use them to mark measurements and create plans for large pieces. Many of the best ideas can start with a pencil. Carpentry pencils with specially printed rulers are an excellent gift for woodworkers. So, if you want to give a useful and thoughtful gift, this one is perfect for you. However, don't forget to include the sharpener.

Premium Vector | Yellow pencil on white background.

The multipurpose tool is another excellent gift. A multipurpose tool pretty much defines versatility. These come fitted with so many different functions that it works for just about everything. It is something that a carpenter can always keep handy to fit any purpose. It even comes with a built-in level. A woodworker would be very grateful after receiving this gift.

Woodworkers are talented artists that might also paint their items. How about giving them a brush set? In a set, the different sizes can help them to paint all the details. They may also use different techniques with the individual brushes to make their products stand out. Amagic Fan Brush Set - Hog Bristle Natural Hair - Artist Soft  Anti-Shedding Paint Brushes for Acrylic Watercolor Oil Painting, Long Wood  Handle with Case, Set of 6
If your loved one made a career from woodwork, then they’ll likely be looking for tools to give their products that high-quality look. Even if they are not into painting, they can probably still use a set of brushes.

A router is very versatile. Routers can create different shapes in wood, using router bits almost like a drill does. A dovetail bit is one such bit. Actually, you might want to consider gifting your woodworker some router bits as well. They could make some great stocking stuffers.

Meihejia 1/4 Inch Shank Pattern Flush Trim Router Bit Set (4 Sizes) - -

Honestly, you can always research more into the specifics of what bits and woodworking tools do what functions. Many DIY tutorials explain what many of these items are and their functions.

Woodworkers use just about any tool that there is to use. So, why not gift them a digital protractor? Digital protractors will come in handy each time they need to measure and cut boards at angles. An engineer will also like to use this protractor.

16" Digital Protractor, Angle Finder & Level 0°-225° #677 - Construction  Protractors -

While on the topic of measuring and cutting, a new tape measure could also be a great woodworking gift! Many carpenters or roofers keep tools like this one in their toolbelt to be accessible when they are working. That brings up another excellent gift idea, a new toolbelt!

Smaller but also useful gifts can include chisels. Carpenters use chisels to chip small sections of wood out to create intricate details in toys or collectibles. Additionally, sandpaper is another gift that a diyer might need. Sometimes simpler is better.

Narex (Made in Czech Republic) 4 pc set 6mm (1/4"), 12 (1/2"), 20 (3/4"),  26 (1 1/16") mm Woodworking Chisels 863010 - Lathe Turning Tools -

Machines usually make things easier for people. However, sometimes they might only need old-fashioned hand tools to complete their tasks. Perhaps they could really use a handsaw, as well.

Small port vacuum hose kits can also make a perfect gift. It is common to use them for just about any situation. However, note that several dust collection systems can be rather expensive. Most woodshops have vacuums to clean up sawdust and other messes from crafting.

Vacuums can make clean up a breeze, which can also lead to higher efficiency. Efficiency is vital to an entrepreneur. It's much easier to clean up sawdust from a sander with a vacuum.

Also, you could give them something they can use while they work. Many people listen to the radio while they work such as construction workers. Woodworkers are appreciative after receiving something like a radio to keep a rhythm while they're working. Maybe a cordless radio could be useful as well! A cordless radio is portable, so they can take it with them when they must go elsewhere to complete their work.

Table-top Tools

The most popular table-top tool would be a table saw or a miter saw. Though these machines, like other power tools, can also be expensive. For some handymen, a table or a miter saw is a necessity.

A sander is another table-top tool that could be a wonderful gift. Sanding is often an essential part of making furniture and other wooden pieces. Especially if your woodworker makes a living from this hobby, smooth edges provide a high-quality product.

A bandsaw might also be a tool that they keep near their workbench. Many people use to make smaller cuts than a regular table saw. If they don't already own a bandsaw, this could be a perfect gift for them!


If you're looking for something that offers more help in the workshop, then bench cookies might be it. Bench cookies can make an exceptional gift since they are very versatile.

Bench Cookie Plus Work Grippers with Bench Cookie Cones - Special Offer

They can hold and elevate pieces without the need for clamps. These items are useful when working on a project that involves intricate details. Not having to hold a piece in place while doing delicate work is helpful. Carpenters use these for tasks such as painting, staining, standing, and much more.

Pipe clamps also make a great Christmas gift for woodworkers. Again tools that make work easier are very thoughtful. Pipe clamps are usually affordable, and there are literally no restrictions. Hence, you can pretty much place any size pipe in a pipe clamp.

IRWIN QUICK-GRIP Pipe Clamp, 3/4-Inch (224134)

Ratchet bar clamps make a neat gift as well. Woodworkers have just about every tool you can think of, but they never complain about having too many of these. Ratchet bar clamps make the perfect addition to an essential clamp collection. They can be useful to diy any project.

TEKTON 12-Inch x 2-1/2-Inch Ratchet Bar Clamp and 18-Inch Spreader | 39182

Another piece to add to the collection of clamps are jig clamps. Woodworkers all around the globe build drawers. The jig clamp makes it easier to attach things like drawers in a hurry. Your woodworkers will use these all the time.

E-TING 4Pcs Hand Tool Toggle Clamp 201B Antislip Red Horizontal Clamp 201-B Quick Release Tool


Since many carpenters work with glue all the time, you can gift them a silicone glue brush set. These are perfect, and they'll be able to spread glue with ease. The silicone makes clean up super easy as well.

Another extraordinary gift idea is a glue applicator kit. It gives them options for applying the glue to hold things together. It's the ultimate upgrade to regular glue bottles or glue sticks.

Additionally, they may be able to have more than one type of glue as well. Different projects may require different types of glue. However, regular glue bottles or glue sticks don't always measure up compared to advanced equipment.

Depending on the product they are making and the intended use for the product. For example, crafting a picture frame may need a different approach than that of a chair. A picture frame will probably have much less stress during use than a chair would. Also, an applicator ensures that glue applications are uniform and less of a mess. This gift can pair nicely with the brush set mentioned previously.

Whether you have a handyman or a professional furniture maker in your life, you can use this gift guide to find the best gifts for woodworkers. We all have loved ones that enjoy taking making things, like woodwork. Give them tools that they can use and will really appreciate receiving for Christmas. Woodworkers build so many things that they will likely appreciate any gift. Gift ideas for woodworkers explored here will surely make their lives easier!


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As we conclude, we have just looked at the top 10 gifts for woodworkers. Woodworkers build so many things that every gift will be cherished. Gift ideas for Wood Workers explored here will surely make their lives easier!