Gift Rosetta Stone or Duolingo

gift rosetta stone or duolingo

Rosetta Stone and Duolingo are actively competing against each other to secure the top spot. Both are online language teachings platforms that have several impressive features to choose from. However, the two platforms each have a unique value proposition and we will attempt to break it down so that you can make a good decision for yourself.  

Rosetta Stone
This has been in the teaching world for a long time and many choose Rosetta Stone to learn new languages. It has 28 languages you can choose from, the expert teaching pattern is prepared for the newcomers and navigating through their website is also very easy. They focus on introducing the right pronunciation of the word, how it is written and the way you can use it in different sentences. Gradually, the contextual meanings of words are also taught.

More learning hours
More learning duration - 24 months
Good teaching plan
More language choices

It is costly
Single person access

You can learn 21 different languages without leaving the comfort of your house. IT mainly focuses on translations and how the phrases in your language are spoken in other languages. It can translate individual words or long sentences. It is available on android and iOS as well.

It is free of cost
Learn forever
No specific learning hours

No Asian languages
No human tutors

Both of them are equally capable of teaching you your foreign language. But the choice you make depends on how deep you want to learn your language. Duolingo depends on bilingual translation and helps you learn your language quicker. But Rosetta goes deeper and tries to get the perfection out of you. There are several pronunciation tests and it doesn't involve your native language to teach you. But Rosetta is very pricey and can burn holes into your pockets. On the other hand, Duolingo teaches for free without any questions asked. However, Asian languages are absent on Duolingo. I would prefer to go to Rosetta instead of Duolingo. Even though it is pricey, you get to learn your language with perfection. The classes will push you to work harder and you have more diverse language choices than Duolingo. Since Duolingo is free anyway, I can always go there and learn a few things. But if you are looking for absolute perfection and proficiency in your language, go for Rosetta. They have lessons that you can download or subscriptions that will let you learn your language anywhere you go. Though both of them seem like tempting options, the serious learners should go for the senior teaching platform - Rosetta Stone