Useful Gifts For Visually Impaired People

gifts for blind visually impaired people

Buying a gift for any friend can be stressful, but it is especially challenging to get the perfect present for your friend with visual impairments. It's important to make sure that your gift is fully accessible to them, so they know how important they are to you! Whether you're looking for a gift for someone with mild visual impairments, or you're looking for a gift for a blind friend, it's important that your gift still reflects their personality and the value you place on your relationship. Finding the perfect gift for your visually-impaired friend will definitely be worth their smile.


Gift Idea

Why is it a Good Gift?


Bradley Classic Watch

This is good gift for visually impaired who love to travel and explore. With simply a touch will tell you the time. The perfect ball bearing design is a classic impression of perfection for the atheletes.

  • No light access
  • Good durability
  • Sports look
90 % Editor Score


Echo- Smart speaker with Alexa

While all other women fail to listen to you, Alexa here will get the work done at the snap of your fingers. This is a perfect gift for people who have problems with their vision and who like to get something done while they are busy with some other important chores.

  • Quick voice detection
  • Fast connectivity
  • Good sound
92 % Editor Score


Voice Labeling System

This one makes life easier for a visually impaired person who finds it difficult to track his necessities and other objects. The audio labels are rightly read by the device so that you can keep all your things within your reach, all the time. 

  • Audio re-recording
  • Good object recognition
  • Helpful to blind
90 % Editor Score


Wearable Assistive Device for Visually Impaired.

With the transforming world, Artificial Intelligence brings you a masterpiece that allows the visually impaired to do things that a typical man does in a day. From reading newspapers to recognizing faces, this one allows you to do everything.

  • See the world
  • Recognize people
  • Read and detect
95 % Editor Score


Digital Clock

This clock piece is going to keep the track of time for you while you explore everything that the world has to offer. This gift is great for the visually impaired folks who need something to remind them of their surroundings.

  • Good design
  • Clear display
  • No abbreviations
85 % Editor Score


Braille Playing Cards

The cards are a great innovation that allows the visually challenged individuals to enjoy the game of poker and spend some quality time with their loved ones. They are of the right size and stay by your side for longer than you've assumed.

  • Poker for blind
  • Realistic and neat
  • Fun-filled
89 % Editor Score


Cool Item Finder

With the everyday hustle and a lot of confusion, you end up forgetting where you've dropped those tiny keys. The device with its beep system allows you to keep track on any keys that you have and quickly finds them for you when you need them. 

  • For alzheimers patients
  • Quick finding
  • Clicking guide sound
93 % Editor Score


Nest Learning Thermostat

You can stay in a place only when you like the environment around you. Use this thermostat to get that ideal temperature that you like and control how it functions with your smartphones. Once you are comfortable, it gets the message and shuts down.

  • Adjust temperature
  • Auto shut down
  • Quick action
90 % Editor Score


Transparent Braille Computer Keyboard Overlays Stickers

Even the visually impaired can have the same life as that of a normal person with tools like these. This braille keyboard sticker is great to use, easy to peel off and helps them type in and work on the computer system just like anybody else. 

  • Easy peel off
  • Accurate braille
  • Good computer access
94 % Editor Score


Braille Bracelet

This elegant, silver-colored bracelet is an innovative and creative way of making a visually disabled person happy. A personalized name is written in braille and the specially blessed ones will love the thoughtful gift given to them.

  • Elegant silver color
  • Personalized braille name
  • Beautiful on wrist
90 % Editor Score
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