Creative Gifts For Engineers

gifts for engineers

Engineers share a lot of the same personality traits, no matter whether they're of the software, chemical, mechanical, civil, or biomedical background. They're always curious about the world around them and planning ahead. They love efficiency and try to minimize the clutter around them. That can lead to disputes with a spouse when some of the clutter is dear to that spouse. But they are generally open minded and easy to get along with.
As they see the world in with a mindset like none other, buying gifts for them is almost impossible. If an engineer wants something, he or she goes and gets it, always preferring to make his or her own selection.If you love one of these wonderful, brilliant, difficult people, we have a list of gifts, perfect for your engineer; a gift that is sure to please that dear, efficient, complex engineer.


Gift Idea

Why is it a Good Gift?


Engineer's ballpoint pen

The pen has all that you need to be a responsible engineer. It has a stylus that helps you scroll through your phone. The ruler has accurate measurements, the screwdriver is strong and bend-resistant. The pen has great fluidity and runs smoothly.

  • Good quality ink
  • 5-in-1 tool
  • Great build
100 % Editor Score


Remote controlled paper plane

The basic paper plane you made in your childhood can be transformed into a remote control device. You can control it with your smartphone too through Bluetooth connectivity. It comes with a spare propeller and is very fun to use.

  • Reminds childhood
  • Smartphone control
  • Long-lasting
90 % Editor Score


Engraved Folding Knife

This knife is made to remind the engineer in you that you are badass and the best among the lot. It is a bendable knife that is sharp and does its work efficiently. It is handy and portable. The handle is made of soft rosewood and looks spectacular.

  • Single hand control
  • Portable
  • Good engraving
92 % Editor Score


Pen for Self defense

This is more than a typical pen and does a lot more to make your life easier. It has tools that help in seeing around the dark, break windows and retrieve things. It can open your beer bottles and comes with extra ink. It is an engineer's choice.

  • Good for defense
  • Nice quality

  • Bright flashlight
89 % Editor Score


3D Printer

The printer gives high-quality and defined 3D prints. The slide-in plate makes it easy for you to remove the printed product. The operation is simple with the touch screen and it quickly accepts commands. It is a good gift for engineers.

  • Perfect 3D prints
  • Quickly accepts commands
  • Good touchscreen
88 % Editor Score


4 mathematician glasses

These glasses will challenge the mathematician in you. They have well-defined carvings of the mathematical measurements and you can statistically measure the drinks you are having. They are good gifts for engineers who love decoding the numbers.

  • For calculus experts
  • Nice finishing
  •  Enhances gross motor skills 
85 % Editor Score


Hand coffee maker

This is your compact solution to making an espresso on the go. All you have to do is add the coffee bean and hot water. It allows you to make different types of instant coffees, It is light in weight and operation is very easy to understand.

  • Easy operation
  • Tasty espresso
  • Portable and compact
87 % Editor Score


Glass mug with nutritional facts

This is a funny coffee mug focussing on the traits of an Engineer, making it a good gift for them. It displays the character traits of an engineer in the name of nutritional facts and is sure to tickle the bones of the ones who see it.

  • Doesn't break easily
  • Funny print
  • Strong handle
86 % Editor Score


Gold framed Aviator glasses

These trendy and nerdy aviator glasses are going to be a good gift for the Engineers. The frame is made of gold-colored metal and it feels light on the bridge of your nose. The lenses protect your eyes from sun rays and are scratch-resistant.

  • Good gold frame
  • Protects eyes
  • Scratch resistant
89 % Editor Score


Mini LED Projector

This is a no-fuss, mini projector that makes movie streaming in your home an easy task. It has a clever design that looks compatible with your house set up. It has diverse multimedia connectivity and offers good synchronization. It is portable.

  • Portable and small
  • Good connectivity
  • Great synchronization
86 % Editor Score