32 Gifts for German Shepherd Lovers

Gifts for German Shepherd Lovers

There are lots of popular and intelligent breeds in America, but the German Shepherd has risen to the top. They are loyal, loving and protective. They have a reputation for being active and intelligent, making them an ideal breed for families with children or sports enthusiasts who want to keep their canine companion happy and healthy. If you're looking for gifts that will wow your German Shepherd lover, then this article is for you!

1. Coffee Mug

A wonderful gift for a German shepherd lover who spends a lot of time in the morning with their furry best friend. This is such an awesome idea because it allows you to get up every day and greet your dog before he has woken up from his snooze. It also allows him to have your company when you come back from work or school. 

2. Bag

This is a eco-friendly gift for German Shepherd lovers who are always on the go. It's perfect for carrying around supplies such as water, snacks, and medicines. With this bag, you won't ever be caught unprepared again! One of our favorites buys in this category is the tote bag with its collapsible design that just zips open to create an easy to carry shopping cart or grocery bag carrier. 

3. T-shirt

Every German shepherd lover needs a t-shirt with their favorite breed on it! There's something so satisfying about wearing your heart on your sleeve. A few of our favorites are the German Shepherd Dress Up T-Shirt, featuring two different breeds in cute outfits, or the German Shepherd Mom Shirt for anyone who feels just as strongly about this canine companion.

4. A Pillow That Brings You Closer to Your German Shepherd

The best way to get a good night's sleep is with your favorite pet next to you. This pillow features the likeness of one lucky German shepherd dog, and will allow you all the benefits that come from sharing space with an animal companion: less stress, more reduced heart rate, faster breathing! Plus it looks adorable on your bed or sofa.

5. A wine glass for the German shepherd lover

Bring your love of wine to life with this beautifully designed glass from Wine Enthusiast. A perfect gift for any occasion, it features a delightful design on both sides and is dishwasher safe. The best thing about it is that it has an image of your favorite breed on it. Not only that it has a cool design, but it will give a sophisticated look to your bar!

6. Grooming Tools

German Shepherds are active and require frequent grooming. You're sure to notice some change in short order within ten minutes of use! The FURminator deShedding Tool - For dogs with hair that sheds excessively, this tool will reduce shedding by up to 90%. It's also designed to remove loose hairs from sensitive areas like your pet's armpits or face. This one isn't just great for German Shepherds either- it'll work on most pets! 

7. Phone Case

Protect your phone with a case that has the breed's appearance on it! This cool gift will bring out an added sense of style to your everyday life. For those pet lovers who also love their dogs, this phone case depicting dog breeds all over contains a dry erase space in the back so you can change up what kind of pup appears as often as you want! 

8. Dog Warning Sign

This large sign is a great addition to any home. It comes in two sizes, small and extra-large so it can be placed anywhere inside or outside your house! The illustration on this product includes the shepherd's head with an illustrative warning - watchdog. This shows that you have a sense of responsibility for your German Shepherd while also displaying how much they mean to you as a pet owner.

9. Salt And Pepper Shaker

 Every dog owner deserves to have a set of salt and pepper shakers that they can be proud of. This kitchen piece is handmade, designed with your favorite breed in mind! The adorable dog figurine on the front will make you want to give them all sorts of love each time you use these for yourself or as a gift. A real deal!

10. Shepherd-opoly

If you love board games and your dog is the love of your life, this game may just be for you! This version has all breeds of dogs included as well. You can learn about their various personalities while playing, or use it to teach kids how to take care of a pet, or make a farm. You can get  Education and fun at the same time!

11. Key Chain

You can never have too many key chains! Brought to you by a German Shepherd and his family, this is the perfect addition to your keys. The piece holds a lot of weight, so it won't break like other pieces when there are holes in them. This little guy will last for years! Perfect for someone who is a german shepherd owner!

12. German Shepherd Ornament

The perfect gift for the German shepherd lover in your life. We know Christmas is not close, but it is never too early to think about a Christmas gift. If you have a German shepherd owner or lover, we suggest you give them this ornament. This German shepherd ornament is so cute and will be perfect on any Christmas tree!

13. Cake Topper

 If your pet's birthday is nearby, we figure that you would like to give them something. If you can not think of anything maybe a cake with a cake topper would be a great choice! Perfect to celebrate a German Shepherd's birthday, this cake topper can also be used as decoration at home or an office after their wonderful birthday. 

14. Charm Bracelet

A bracelet that has charms of all different animals including some really cute ones like cats and dogs- one being a german shepherd! It comes with two stretch bracelets, and you can customize them however they fit best for you! Great idea for anyone who loves animals (especially if it includes their favorite breed)! If you have someone like this in your life, this would be a great gift for them!

15. Mouse Pad

A mouse pad could always use an upgrade, and this one is a good way to do that! It has the German shepherd breed on it as well as some other breeds for you to choose from. The mouse pad itself is made of durable material so it won't rip or tear easily- perfect because everyone knows how much those can get used! It could be a nice gift for people who use a desktop computer for their job.

16. Wall Art

Who doesn't need more wall art in their life? There are so many different types of German Shepherd Wall Art to choose from. Whether you want something simple like a print or sticker, or if you're going for the big guns and getting an actual canvas made-there is definitely something out there that will fit your needs! The absolute perfect gift!

17. Wristwatch

Everyone loves a good watch! This one is perfect for the German Shepherd lover in your life. The design of this particular watch has been created with German Shepherds as the inspiration, and it's just too cute not to have on your wrist (or someone else's). If you have a german shepherd owner or if you are one, you would definitely love this watch!

18. Dog Toys

Another great gift idea for German Shepherd lovers is to buy them dog toys. There are so many types of games and styles out there, which can make it hard to choose just one! If you're looking for something interactive that will keep their child or family member entertained while they play with the toy, then this might be the right toy!

19. German Shepherd Socks

These are not your average pair of socks. They have a German Shepherd design on them and can be found in various styles, including crew length or ankle height, with different designs such as paw prints or stripes. This one, in particular, has a picture of a german shepherd sitting. It comes in more than 10 colors, so you can choose your favorite!

20. German Shepherd Book

This book is a perfect gift for any German Shepherd lover. It's an interesting read and has tons of pictures as well! The German Shepherd Handbook is 234 pages long and it is a must-have guide for anyone who loves and owns this wonderful creature. Since they are very affectionate, intelligent, and courageous, they can be trained to a very high level. 

21. Christmas Card

We know that Christmas is a few months away, it is never too early to think about a Christmas card. If you are looking for a Christmas card that is unique and special, then this German Shepherd Ornament Card Kit would be perfect. They come with everything to make your own handmade ornament in the shape of a dog! Excellent idea, right?

22. German Shepherd Wine Holder

Show off your love for German Shephards when you pour wine into this gorgeous handmade german shepherd dog-shaped wine holder. This is perfect for any occasion and will make a great gift for someone who loves wine or just add some flair to your home decor. Whatever the reason, this german shepherd wine holder will be a perfect gift for anyone!

23. German Shepherd Magnets

Show off your love for German Shephards with these adorable and colorful magnets. These are perfect to use on the fridge or any metal surface in your home, office, car, etc! You will get a set of 12 beautiful german shepherd magnet pictures that you can reuse again and again without damage. This particular magnet will show everyone who much you love your dog!

24. German Shepherd Pins

Show off your love for German Shephrds and sense of fashion with these fashionable pins. These are perfect to wear at work, school or anywhere that you want someone to know how much of a fan you are! You will get a set of a few beautiful german shepherd pin pictures and shapes that you can reuse again and again without damage.

25. German Shepherd Necklace

This necklace is perfect for any German Shepherd lover. The pendant itself features a beautiful german shepherd in a geometric form. It is made of stainless steel that has a shiny and smooth surface. A perfect gift for someone who is also a very fashionable person. This necklace is perfect for daily wearing in a combination with a shirt and jeans.

26. Dog Crystal Figurine

This is a beautiful crystal figurine of a dog. The Figurine itself has a total weight of 0.98 pounds and the height measures 17 cm or about six inches tall! It also has an 11cm width, which allows it to fit on any desktop space. This would be perfect for somebody who loves their dog so much that they want to bring them into their home all year round. 

27. German Shepherd Mask

This is a German Shepherd Mask. The mask has an adjustable strap in the back so that it can fit your head for hours of entertainment! It also comes with eye holes and stuffing to make the mouth movable, which adds character to this piece. It is perfect for a Halloween costume party, so if you want to be in your dog's shoes one night, this is the perfect mask for you. 

28. German Shepherd Blanket

Here we have a German Shepherd Blanket that will keep you and your pup cozy for hours. The blanket is on the smaller side, so it's perfect for lounging while watching TV or just playing with your canine friend. It has an adorable print of dogs in costumes celebrating Halloween at its center and features images of other popular animals around each corner: tigers, pandas, elephants, penguins, gorillas all over the world! 

29. Toaster

Every morning, you have a choice: toast or no toast? This toaster is perfect for those who like their bread crisp and brown. The non-stick coating, four browning settings (including defrost), and convenient cord wrap mean there are few spills - even when your dog's around. The best thing about it is that not only that you will like it, but your dog will want a piece of it too!

30. Fun Feeder

This is a great toy for your German Shepherd if you want to keep them occupied with something that can't be broken. The feeder has an adjustable opening and will dispense food continuously until it's empty, so this way you don't have to worry about filling the container! Your dog will love this since it stimulates their brain and they will work for their food.

31. German Shepherds Calendar

As someone who loves German Shepherds, it's important to have a calendar that includes beautiful images of this breed. This wall calendar will make the perfect gift for your GSD lover! This one, in particular, is a best seller and it is of high quality with great german shepherd designs for every month of the year. This one is a real deal. 

32. German Shepherd Pajama Pants

The most comfortable PJs you'll ever wear. These soft, cotton pajama pants are a great way to complete your German Shepherd lover's holiday gift-giving list. This model in particular is made for people who want to indulge their fun side and want high-quality wear. These pajamas are the perfect gift for adults who want to keep the childhood magic in their life.


Rose Parker

We hope we were able to give you some ideas for your German Shepherd lover. Keep looking through our website and find the perfect gift that matches their personality!