31 Gifts For History Buffs

Gifts for history buffs

Many history buffs love to collect memorabilia from their favorite time periods. Whether they are a Civil War buff, an American Revolution buff, or a World War II buff, there is always something that can be collected! If you know someone who loves nostalgia and wants to live in the past for just one more day, then this article is perfect for you. Here are 31 gifts that will make any history lover happy.

1. History T-shirt

It's a history buff's dream to wear clothing that is not only comfortable but also makes them feel proud of the fact that they are history buffs. This t-shirt does just that! Is there anything that shows clearly who you are and what you stand for other than a t-shirt? I don't think it is. So go ahead and gift this "History Buff" t-shirt to that special person. 

2. This Day In History Calendar

It is never too early to start planning for the future and this calendar helps you keep track of what day it is on a given date in history. This might make someone who has an overactive imagination feel better about life because they can take solace that "this" was not all there was! A perfect gift for someone like that, isn't it?

3. Victory Blanket

Everyone needs something warm to snuggle up with when their thoughts are wandering or they need comfort, especially during the winter months. What could be more comforting than a fuzzy blanket? Especially if it reminds them of victory! The colors show off patriotism while also being bright enough to give hope for the new year ahead! A perfect gift for anyone.

4. History Bracelet

This is a great gift for any history buff. It will help them commemorate the day of women's independence. These bracelets can fit most wrists and are made of stretchy elastic that can be adjusted to make them tighter or looser. You can give three bracelets that you can give to your favorite three strong women. Best gift ever isn't it?

5. Yorkie Doodle Dandy

This is a great book for any history buff. The author William A. Wynne is a scholar and historian. His book is about the everyday things you might find in your home that actually date back to Ancient Greece, Rome, or Egypt. If you love reading about ancient civilizations this is a perfect read. The author does such an amazing job with research; he makes everything so interesting without making it seem boring. Great find!

6. Presidential Slogan Coffee Mug

Made of ceramic, this mug features a presidential slogan on both the front and back. And not just one. On the front for instance, you'll find "Make America Great Again." Flip it over to see what they really meant: "Keep America American!". A perfect gift for people who love American history and who want to learn any slogan from all presidents. 

7. Novelty Socks

These socks are great for anyone who loves American history. They come in a bunch of different colors and patterns, but the most popular seem to be blue with white stripes that say "American" on them. Now they come with a new design - you can see all the presidents of different socks. Funny and cool, this makes one of the best gifts you could ever give.

8. Antique World Map

You're reading about what kind of gifts people might like if they love nostalgia and American History! If you want to explore the history of different countries, this map is a good way to do it. It's old and beautiful, but still accurate. You can get lost in looking at all of the names that are written on it from centuries ago or just find your country for fun.

9. Search History Card Game

What kind of gifts do people often give if they enjoy American History? Well, for instance, this fun card game! You're given different events from history and you have to figure out the date they happened. It's good for kids or adults who love trivia games, because it tests your knowledge of American history in an easy way. Perfect and fun gift.

10. Brass Sundial Compass 

We found this really cool compass that has been turned into a sundial! Now you can tell what time it is just by looking at where the sun's rays are shining through on top, although there's also an hourglass-shaped marker if you want more precision with telling time (or maybe someone else does?). A perfect gift!

11. Life Cover Collection Puzzle

Fun and educational, this Life Cover Collection Puzzle is a perfect gift for someone who loves to reminisce on the past. The puzzle includes 170 pieces and comes with an information booklet that details each of the covers in chronological order - starting from 1843 up until today's cover! You can give this one to someone who loves puzzles, as well as history!

12. Alexander Hamilton Card Game

Named "Deal or Duel", this card game is a fun, educational game that teaches about history through games. The game starts with one player being dealt five cards as in poker; they then choose two cards from their hand which is played against the dealer's face-up card or another opponent's face-up card. You have three choices: "Deal", "Duel" or "Stand". 

13. Timelines of Everything Book

This book is a fun way to learn about history. The book is chock full of facts, timelines and photos that are perfect for any age level. It has over 500 pages with hundreds of topics including the world's first civilizations, wars and revolutions through today's headlines. Now you or your history lover can examine 13 billion years of history at home.

14. Empire State Building Lego Kit

This kit includes everything you need to build your own version of this iconic landmark building in miniature! You get step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the LEGO bricks into an Empire State Building complete with detailed exterior features like windows and railings as well as interior details like atrium columns, staircases and even part of Grand Central Station across the street from the skyscraper. 

15. American Trivia Cards

These cards are another fun way of learning history. The game has over 1000 questions that span from the earliest colonial years to the modern-day. Players can enjoy a friendly challenge, or play against themselves for an educational and enjoyable learning experience. Fun and games with your family and friends will come wonderfully in this time of crisis. A perfect gift for them or yourself.

16. Historical Novels

Historical novels are a great way to learn about history in an entertaining manner. History buffs will adore these books by historian David McCullough about fascinating moments in American history like John Adams becoming our first vice president or what happened on D-Day during World War II. Another perfect gift for those who love history and most importantly, are in love with books!

17. Boston tea Party Sampler

For those who are in love with history and tea, this sampler would be a perfect gift. If your friend is passionate about the Boston Tea Party, a sampler featuring black tea from around the world that come together to create the perfect blend for your inner rebel. This exquisite, royal sampler consists of five types of loose leaf teas. They come in four individual tins and are the perfect introduction to tea culture!

18. "I Love History" Mug

This mug is made especially for individuals who like background, which incorporates the vast majority of human beings alive nowadays given that's all they understand hahaha! Supply her or him this great searching cup with a message written on it ūüôā !!! The specific message being " I Love History". That line will seem pretty weird to some folks but honestly, there isn't any denying nonetheless amazing our historical past has become.

19. The Unemployed Philosophers Coffee Mug

A humorous gift that is actually a coffee mug with an image of all the history philosophers imprinted on it. This particular jobless philosopher is worried about what he might do when he runs out of his savings, not to mention if any company will ever call him again! Hilarious, yet useful, this coffee mug is great for anyone that loves coffee, philosophy and history.

20. Arthurian Knights Bookends

These Arthurian knights bookends will look amazing on any office desk. They are cast in a bronze finish and measure 12 inches tall x 8-inch wide x 18 inches deep, which is large enough to hold even the largest of books or binders. The Arthurian knights' Bookend set would be perfect for anyone that loves history and appreciates the work of one of the UK's most famous emperors!

21. Civil War Box Set

This box set includes a People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn, then Lincoln, A Very Short Introduction by David Herbert Donald (Paperback). Another thing you can find here is Abraham Lincoln and Soldiers' Home Civil War Tokens Packet. With this packet you will receive two rare tokens from the soldiers' home in Waukesha, Wisconsin during the civil war. The perfect present for any history buff.

22. National Geographic Visual History of the World

National Geographic is an American nonprofit, non-governmental organization founded in 1888. This book includes 150 key images from 12 centuries of history with text that explains how these events shaped our life today. This box set also includes World History: Ten Eras to Remember by Ronald Wright (Paperback). A perfect and complete gift for one's family or friends who love history!

23. Magicians of the Gods Book

In the second book of Magicians of the Gods,The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, author Michael Scott discovers the secrets of the immortal Niccolo Machiavelli. This book is a part of the New Yourk Times best selling series. If you have a friend who is in love with history, this book is a must-have! The ideal gift for your history buff.

24. "A History of Cookbooks"

In this cookbook, popular author Henry Notaker shares his passion for food and cooking with full-color photographs representing different periods in history from ancient Rome to Victorian England. This book includes recipes as well as stories about the people who cooked during these times. A perfect gift for young adults or friends who enjoy reading about history and are in love with food.

25. United States Declaration of Independence Print

This print has a white-washed background with hand lettering of the Declaration of Independence. The words are black and engraved in an antique-style font on this wood panel for great effect. It also comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by George Washington! A wonderful gift for someone who loves their country and who wants to own a copy of the Constitution.

26. History Teacher Travel Mug

This travel mug is a perfect gift for a history teacher. It comes in various colors and has the inscription "History teachers - always bring up the past" The mug holds approximately 16 ounces of liquids, perfect for most people during their morning commute or while catching up on coffee breaks at work. So, if you have a friend that is a history teacher - this would be a gift for them.

27. The Historical Atlas Of Ancient Rome

This book contains maps from 200 BC to 1453 AD (the fall of Constantinople). Maps show distances between ancient cities, rivers, mountain ranges as well as roads connecting them all together. Additionally, there are buildings depicted by small sketches with key information like what kind of building they were and how much power/influence they had within the Roman Empire over time.

28. Abe Lincoln Badges

These pins are a great way to show your love for Abraham Lincoln. For everyone who is trendy, fashionable, and loves Abe Lincoln, these badges would be a perfect gift. If you have someone like that in your life, who is also a history buff this is an affordable, simple and festive way to show them some love. An ideal gift!

29. History Books

History books are a great gift for history buffs as they can learn more about the past in depth. If you have someone with a lot of knowledge on world events or even just US presidents this would be a fantastic present so that they could continue their research without having to spend hours looking for these resources themselves!

30. Family Tree Chart

For those who are interested in researching their family tree, a Family Tree Chart would be the perfect gift to help them do so. This is an excellent way to get your loved one into genealogical research and it could lead to new discoveries that they never knew before! This is one fun way to connect with your family and find out more about your family history!

31. Ancestry DNA Kit

If you want to give your loved one a gift that will last for generations, then try the Ancestry DNA kit. With this kit, they can get their own personal history and find out where they come from while also learning more about themselves! This is an excellent way to connect with family members who might have passed away or are living far away and it's something that anyone would enjoy receiving as a present.


Rose Parker

If you were not sure what you should choose for your friend, relative or colleague who loves history, we hope we helped you a bit with this list that will make them happy and excited about the past.