29 Gifts For Italian Man

gifts for italian man 

What makes an Italian man unique! They are passionate and fun-loving people who love food and family. An Italian man is always ready for a good time with friends over delicious pasta dishes or cocktails at the local cafe. He also enjoys being well dressed in his best suit or casual wear on weekends but never goes anywhere without his best shoes polished to perfection! If you're looking for great gifts that he will cherish forever, here are 29 of them!

1. Italia Track Jacket

Running exercise keeps you fit and healthy. Why not give your Italian friend an Italia track jacket which keeps them warm and comfortable without adding extra bulk or weight! It's made of 100% polyester, so it breaths well while you sweat out on your run! They can also wear it casually with jeans and boots to show off their best assets. This track jacket features the Italy flag on front and Italian logo on back. This black track jacket would be the best gift for an Italian man.

2. Funny Italian Pride Coffee Mug

This funny Italian present shows a unique Italian pride. It features an Italian flag on front and back with Italian sayings that are sure to put a smile on their face every time they drink from this mug. This white ceramic mug has engraved with a funny saying, and I'm not yelling I'm Italian. This funny saying must bring a smile to their face when they read it. This best gift for an Italian man will be great to take to use every day at home! The best part about this mug is that it's safe from breakage and dishwasher-safe, too, so no fear of ruining the perfect design.

3. Italian Flag Phone Case 

If you have a friend or family member that's Italian and proud of it, this vintage Italy flag design cover will be a major hit. It has Italian flag colors with a vintage design. You can see this unique style on front and back, so there is no mistake that it's all about Italy. The best part of this phone accessory is that it is made of soft gel, making it easy to slip on and off their phone. It's compatible with the iPhone SE 2020, so they can keep up with new technology without buying a new cover! 

4. Italian Flag Embroidered Cap

This Italian flag baseball cap is one of the best gifts for an Italian man. They will love showing off their unique style every time they wear this hat. It's also great because it can be worn all year round to show support for Italy in any season, so get them two colors and mix and match their wardrobe with this Italy flag hat. This hat is adjustable to fit it into any size of head, from small to extra large. It also features an embroidered design with the colors and symbols of the Italian flag all over it! This hat makes a best gift for an Italian man.

5. Singing Floating Pasta Timer 

Italian loves pasta, and who doesn't? So this unique Italian present is a fun gadget that can be used in the kitchen when cooking pasta. This singing floating pasta timer will help them choose the perfect timing for boiling their favorite kinds of pasta. It has different tunes to sing, so they don't have to guess when it's ready! It's made from BPA-free plastic and has a safe temperature range for boiling water, too! This best Italian gift will be fun to use in the kitchen when they cook their favorite meals!

6. Classic Italian Menu Gift Basket

Pasta is a staple food of Italy and this Italian present is a gourmet gift basket with all the ingredients needed to make this delicious dish. This gift basket is filled with delicious pasta, tomato sauce, spaghetti and olive oil made in Italy! It also comes with a recipe book to help them recreate the flavors of Italy. This gift basket also comes with a card to write your message, so it's perfect for any occasion. It is the best gift made in Italy that can be used to celebrate special occasions.

7. Italian Handcrafted Leather Briefcase

A laptop bag is an essential item to keep safe documents and other items while traveling. This Italian leather briefcase is durable and made from 100% full-grain leather that will last long. It features two main compartments and additional small pockets for smaller items. It can hold up to 15 inches laptop, so it's perfect for men that are always on the go! Its vintage design will match the style of any Italian man who loves to receive gifts made in Italy.

8. Pizza Socks

Every Italian loves pizza, so this best Italian gift is a funky, fun box of pizza socks! What? Yes, These socks are made with soft cotton and feature different kinds of toppings on them. They will love wearing these unique pizza socks to show their quirky style while keeping their feet warm. This cool present comes in a decorative pizza box that can be used as storage for little knick-knacks! This gift for Italophiles is the best way to show off their love for pizza. Also lovely gift for that lovely Italian aunt!

9. Bialetti Express Mocha Pot

This made in Italy espresso maker will remind them of their roots every time they make a cup. It is a small, lightweight coffee pot that can make rich, flavorful espresso in just minutes! So many Italians have used this best-selling product since 1946. It's made from aluminum and features a sturdy handle to hold it securely while pouring the hot water into the container with finely ground coffee beans inside for an amazing cup of espresso. This perfect gift for old Italian man remind them of the olden days when coffee was made with this classic, traditional espresso maker.

10. Tombola Bingo Board Game

Tambola originated from Italy and is played on a board that has six columns of numbers. It's the best game to play with family, friends or even large groups of up to 24 people! There are 90 tombola tiles in the set, along with calling boards for each number thrown out during the game. This Italian pastime will bring back memories of playing this game with their family during the holidays. This Italian-themed gift lets Italian men rediscover the fun and excitement of playing the game with their friends.

11. Italian Parmesan Cheese Grater

Cheese is an essential ingredient of Italian cuisine and they use various types of cheese in many dishes. This Italian cheese grater is made from wood and features a stylish design with a hanging loop for easy storage in the kitchen when not in use! It's perfect for grating hard, dry cheeses like Parmesan or Grana Padano. The holes on this wooden grate are large enough to fit even big chunks of cheese into them. This best gift for an Italian man will inspire Italophiles to experiment with cheese and come up with new dishes using this wooden grater!

12. Barnett’s Biscotti Cookies Gift Basket 

Italians Love Biscotti Cookies - Biscotti comes from Italy, which means twice baked. This rich cookie is cooked once before cutting into shapes, including round wafers or sticks after cooling down completely, then baked again until dry and lightly browned. This Italian biscotti is made in the USA with only premium ingredients. It's crunchy and sweet at first but then turns into a soft, chewy texture that delights everyone who tastes it!. Each box contains twenty-four assorted cookies, so this best Italian Christmas gift has plenty to share with family members and friends during holiday celebrations!

13. Graphique Italia Wall Calendar

A wall calendar with historic Italian landmark photos is a great way to inspire Italophiles to learn more about Italian history. The historic photos featured in this calendar show the architectural brilliance of Italy's past, including magnificent churches, monasteries, castles and other historic landmarks! This gift for Italy lovers features holidays celebrated across three continents so they can enjoy marking their favorite days throughout the year with beautiful photographs from Italy.

14. Funny Quote Apron

Italian men have great cooking skills, so they are the best chef you'll ever meet! Give him this funny apron, and it will make any Italian man laugh and want to cook for his family. The print on this cotton-linen blend is stylish with black font over white background, making it easy to read when cooking or serving food at home. This apron has a funny saying printed on it, "I don't need recipes; I am Italian." This funny Italian gift has two pockets that are perfect for holding a cookbook or dish towel.

15. Musical Italian Santa Figurine 

This Italian Santa figurine is an amazing gift for your son's teacher, the school bus driver, or anyone who will spend Christmas in Italy. It plays O' Fortuna and it stands at ten inches tall. The perfect ornament to celebrate Christmas; this Santa Claus figure will make everyone happy! This holiday season surprise, send this musical figurine before December 25th so you can see their face light up like a Christmas tree! This would be a best Italian Christmas gift for an Italian Santa lover!

16. Italian Deruta Hand Soap Collection 

Italian hand painting artisans have been creating timeless designs for centuries. This Italian-themed design bottle set features four different hand soap scents beautifully packaged in an Italian-themed box. The best thing about each bottle is that it is refillable! These hand-painted designs will last a lifetime with proper care instructions included in the box. This small Italian gift set is perfect for Italian friends and anyone who loves fine scents.

17. Gourmet Food Gift Basket 

Italian love to cook and eat, so why not give them an Italian food gift basket? Food is always a great way to bring people together, and this gourmet assortment brings the best of Italy's flavors to one place. It features a variety of cured meats, imported cheeses and Italy's elegant specialties Taralli, Tapenade, and Italian Olives. This Italian food gift idea must provide a way to bring people into one place over food.

18. Leather Gloves

These beautiful leather driving gloves are perfect gifts for Italy lovers who want to feel like true Italians on the road! These best-selling Italian driving gloves are made with 100% pure Nappa leather that is soft and durable. They have an adjustable wrist strap for easy on/off, fleece lining to keep hands warm in cold weather, an elastic wrist strap for a perfect fit, and logo detailing. These gloves are the best things to get from Italy so that you can buy them in various colors and sizes.

19. Lovely Italy Coloring Book 

This best-selling coloring book features hand-drawn landscape and cityscape illustrations from Italy that are full of beautiful details. It is filled with 30 minimal patterns that are perfect to color in. This Italian gag gift is best for Italy lovers who want to relax and be creative. They can color images and use them as a daily stress reliever. This coloring book will give them multiple ways to express themselves, and it will also make them feel happy to know someone cares about their well-being.

20. Chocolate Gift Set  

Who doesn't love chocolates? And what about a chocolate gift set that tells your about popular Italian gestures. This milk chocolate gift set includes nine squares of delicious chocolate. Each chocolate square is individually wrapped with a different Italian gesture printed on it. This Italian gift for him is the best way to brighten his day with chocolate and Italian gestures. The box is covered with an Italian flag cover. 

21. Glittered Italy Christmas Ornament

Everyone loves ornaments on a Christmas tree, and this Italian-theme ornament is best for Italy lovers. It features the city of Rome with glitter embellishments that give it an elegant look. This best gift for him from Italy will brighten up his Christmas tree as he gets to remember all of his favorite places in Italy every time he decorates! The best part about giving someone else a piece of your heart by purchasing them something you know they'll love? You can't help but feel good inside when you see their face light up at the sight of it.

22. Candied Amarena Cherries

Nothing says Italy like candied cherries. And best of all, these best Italian gifts are made from the Amarena cherry—a variety that is popular in northern regions and known for its distinctive aroma and tart flavor. These best gift ideas from Italy can brighten up a cheese board or dish with its rich red color! This jar contains about 21 ounces/600 grams which you can use to decorate your favorite desserts, cheeses, salads, cocktails, ice cream sundaes, as well as savory dishes such as pork tenderloin or roasted turkey breast. You can also top off fresh fruit parfaits with it! It will be easy to indulge by bringing this bestseller candy into your life on any occasion

23. Italian Flag Neck Ties

An Italian flag-themed necktie will best suit an Italian man who loves his nation very much. It is a best gift idea from Italy for him as it looks best when worn with a suit on special occasions. This best gift from Italy is made of 100% polyester and comes in many colors that complement any Italian fashion style. It is a perfect gift to bring to Italy and made of the finest quality material that does its job well and looks classy and professional no matter what occasion he wears it at.

24. "I'm Not Yelling, I'm Italian" T-Shirt

This best gift is a different kind of shirt that best suits an Italian man. It features the phrase "I'm not yelling, I'm Italian" across the chest and it will make your friends laugh when they see this shirt. This shirt is made with 100% cotton fabric to keep its best quality and best fit. The best part about this gift idea is that it has a ribbed crew neck to provide the best comfort and durability you deserve! It best suits men of any age and can be worn on almost every occasion, whether casual or formal.

25. Pasta Machine

This Italian cooking gift will help him create the best dish he's known for with this pasta machine. This bestseller comes with a cutter that attaches to its front and has adjustable dials, making it perfect for beginners or professional chefs! You can choose your desired thickness through its different settings. This machine is made of stainless steel and it has a hand crank, so you can choose to use your hands or attach it with an electric motor for best results.

26. Wood Sign

This wood sign is a perfect way to show your love for the country and its people! It features three lines that say," We are Loud We are Proud, Italian. "This wall decor best suits an Italian man's home and best gift idea from Italy to decorate your kitchen with this contemporary look. This sign is made of high-quality wood material, which allows it to hang proudly on any surface or place you place it. It has been painted by hand, so every sign contains unique markings no other piece will have!

27. Leather Bifold Men’s Wallet 

A leather wallet will suit an Italian man who loves to be classy. This Italian leather bifold wallet can hold up to eight cards and has two main pockets for cash or receipts. The wallet is slim in size, making it easy to carry around without feeling too bulky in his pocket or bag. The leather itself makes the wallet durable and ensures its quality lasts long enough, so he won't need another best gift idea anytime soon! This Italian stuff best suits men who are business-oriented.

28. Italian Word Puzzle Book

Word puzzles are a simple and fun way to teach your Italian friend or loved one some important words in their language. This puzzle book includes 100 different puzzles that range from easy, medium difficulty to challenging with over 200 foreign language vocabulary words! This book best suits an Italian man who loves word games and learning new things about his culture with its high-quality paper material. This best gift for Italy lovers best suits men of all ages.

29. Ground Coffee Blend

This Italian brand coffee will help him kick off his morning and keep it going throughout the day! This best gift idea for an Italian man is ground specifically to provide its best quality and flavor. With a medium roast, you can enjoy this blend of Arabica beans with every sip without any bitter taste or aftertaste that some coffees have. It's easy to prepare since it only takes two minutes in your espresso machine for best results. This product comes as a pack of four, so he'll be able to share with others or savor them on his own over time.


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When you think of best gifts for Italian lovers, the first thing that comes to mind is something unique and classy. These presents will make your loved ones feel like they never want to leave Italy! Italian man loves his culture and tradition, so buying an Italian gift can be tough. However, if you stick to this list of 29 best gift ideas for an Italian man, you're sure to find the perfect present! With these unique gifts that fit any age or interest, your special someone is guaranteed to love their new present.

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