31 Gifts For Knitters

gifts for knitters

Knitters are always looking for new ways to improve their knitting craft and make it easier. If you know a knitter, then we have good news! This article has 31 gift ideas that will help them on their journey. From yarn ball winders to stitch markers, there is something here for everyone. We hope this helps our readers to find a wonderful gift for their favorite knitters.

1. Knitting Needle Set

If you are looking for a gift that will help your knitter friend improve their craft, we recommend this knitting needle set. Knitters can use these to knit or crochet just about anything they want, and they have many sizes of anchors to choose from for their projects. It comes with everything needed in one convenient package that includes a case for needles and cords.

2. Yarn Tote Organizer

Finding the perfect gift for someone in your life who is obsessed with knitting and crochet can be tricky. If you're looking for something to give that person, consider a yarn organizer like this one. This particular one has a lot of storage space and giving them plenty of room to store all their supplies in an organized fashion. That way, they won't have to spend time looking around for materials. A half-open design on the top allows you to put your unfinished projects into the bag without cutting away the yarn. 

3. Addi Express King Size Knitting Machine

This machine helps knitters to work at a relatively high speed without sacrificing quality. The machine is so easy to use that even beginners and experienced knitters can get some great results. It also can create ribbing, which is not something all machines are capable of doing. This comes with 46 needles, and five replacement pins, and one threading tool, along with four feel-2 clamps. This is a gift that can make the hobby of knitting more manageable and more fun for someone you love. 

4. Yarn Ball Winder and Umbrella Swift

This item will be an excellent gift for any knitter who wants to end the frustration of winding balls and skeins. This compact, lightweight unit can wind up yarn without breaking, creating tangles or knots. This small unit is easy to install on a working desk or bench. It offers a low-noise operation, easy to transport and carry anywhere. This yarn ball winder and umbrella swift is a great tool for knitting and crochet.

5. Wooden Yarn Storage Bowl

The wooden storage bowl is an excellent gift for any knitter who needs the convenience and organization offered by this product and anyone who loves handmade items. Large and sturdy, this bowl can hold yarn while knitting.

It is handmade from sustainably sourced wood with a natural finish that will age over time, giving it an organic look to match any home decor style.

6. Tailor Scissor

The tailor scissors are a perfect gift for any knitter who spends time sewing and cutting while working on their project. The rounded tips make it easier to cut the fabric without snagging or fraying the material, making it an essential tool in a knitters' kit. These tailored scissors are made from quality stainless steel and have precision-formed scissor blades that can cut through various fabrics.

7. Set of Yarn Balls

This yarn ball set is appropriate for any skill-level knitters because they are good quality and suitable to make an excellent piece of knitting. Your knitter friend will love this and cherish it for years to come. This collection of different skeins of yarn is ideal for anyone who wants to do a project with multiple colors.

8. Luxury Cable Knit Throw

A knitter will love the luxury cable knit throw for lounge time. It's a cozy and comfortable way to keep warm on those cold winter nights. This is one of those items that could last a lifetime because it's so well-made, durable, and cute! Plus, they'll be able to use this in their living room. This beautiful, decorative accessory will bring a new kind of flair to any room. It will also be a nice gift for any lady who needs a warm hug.

9. Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set 

Your knitter friend will love this because it has a set of needles with all different sizes, a needle gauge for help selecting the right size, and information on how to use them. There's also an instruction booklet with helpful tips about knitting techniques. This is such a great gift idea because it has everything they need in one place! This tool lets knitter create endless knitting projects without switching different needles as they wear down.

10. Knitter's Pride Knit Blockers & Pin Kit

Knit blockers and pins are a must-have for any knitter, but they can be difficult to find! These knit blocker tools can help them create neat edges on their knitting projects. The set also comes with a handy storage box to keep them all together in one place for easy organization. Knitters will feel like they've hit the jackpot when they get this gift!

11. Foam Knitting Block Mat

This knit blocker mat is made from a high-density foam that will help them keep their knitting blocks in place without skewing the measurements. The block mats are available in sets of two, four, and six, so they'll have plenty to work with!

 This knit blocking kit includes everything needed for perfect squares on any project; It's an affordable yet thoughtful gift idea for anyone who enjoys handwork.

12. Knitter's Pride Magma Knitting Fold-Up Pattern Holder

The Knitter's Pride Magma pattern holder is a great way for knitters to keep their patterns and books open without using hands. Paper patterns can be hard to transport without bending or creasing, so they'll love having them in their own carry case. It also provides a soft surface that won't damage paper, so they can use it while reading in bed or on the couch as well! The fold-up design makes it easy to carry around from one knitting project to another!

13. Funny Crochet Knitting Coffee Mug

"I love knitting", coffee mugs are a wonderful way to show your appreciation for someone who loves their craft! This ceramic coffee mug is microwave and dishwasher safe, making it a great option for those on the go. The words "I Love Playing With Bals Yarn" will have anyone with an affinity for yarn gasping in delight when they see this hilarious mug sitting at their desk or kitchen table!

14. Neck Reading Light

This hand-free reading light helps to knit without having to hold a lamp or torch. It's great for reading in bed, knitting on the couch, and even sewing projects by hand! The Neck Reading Light is so flexible that it can be worn around your neck like a necklace when not needed, but flip over and bend into any position you need to use as a lamp. The light features two brightness levels with an auto-off timer of 15 minutes after being idle (no motion detected) to save battery life.

15. Knitter's Keychain Multi-Tool

This key chain is perfect for knitters and crocheters everywhere. It features a small ball winder, yarn needle, crochet hook, scissors (needle nose), thread cutter, fabric ruler in cm or inches, and a seam ripper all on one handy little tool! The Knitter's Keychain Multi-tool folds up into the size of any regular housekey so it can be carried anywhere. Your knitter friend will love this idea.

16. Maker's Keep Magnetic Slap Bracelet

This bracelet helps knitters keep their knitting needles, crochet hooks, and any other metal tools close at hand. It also features a magnetized clasp for easy opening and closing, ensuring your items are secure during use. The Maker's Keep Slap Bracelet includes a brushed steel-plated magnet, measuring lines for inches and centimeters on the underside. It fits any size wrist and is made of silicone. It comes in different colors.

17. Travel Yarn Storage Tote

Your knitter friend can easily move with her knitting accessories and work on her project efficiently. This travel knitting tote bag includes a zipper closure for safety, an elasticized top handle that makes it easy to carry on shoulder or across the body. It is made of durable and lightweight polyester fabric with reinforced stitching. One thing knitters want when traveling is to take their craft along. A side pocket in the garment bag will contain tools like knitting needles, a crochet hook, scissors, weaving needles and sewing accessories to put them right where they belong.

18. Wool Wash

It's not just about knitting. Knitters usually have their own way of doing things, including caring for the wool they use to make their projects. Wool wash is a great gift idea because it allows knitters to clean their yarn simply by dipping it into water with some soap or detergent in there. The best part? The Laundress New York - Wool & Cashmere Shampoo is made with only plant-based, biodegradable ingredients. This shampoo is free of dyes and fillers that can cause allergies.

19. Yarn Scissor Set

This gift is helpful than other items on this list because many knitters find that they have to cut their yarn when it becomes tangled. The scissor set includes scissors for a variety of projects, including knitting and sewing. It also features titanium bonded blades that are 3x harder than stainless steel. These blades stay sharper, longer, durable and easy to clean. 

20. Weaving Loom Craft Kit

This is a perfect DIY gift for your knitter friend who is into crafts. This simple kit makes anything from simple, small purses to interesting larger items with intricate patterns. Your friend can knit customizable phone cases, scarves, skirts, cuffs, headbands, baskets and placemats, crochet pillows covers, knit throws, and rugs. Endless possibilities indeed amaze your friend.

21. Plush White Sheep Ottoman

The sheep ottoman is a festive yet practical gift for the knitter in your life. This sheep ottoman is soft and plushy with a removable cover that’s machine washable. It has comfortable armrests, which can also act as storage space when not in use. This stylish sheep ottoman is perfect for adding both function and style to the home. Kids will love to sit on this beautiful ottoman while reading books.

22. Needle Arts Caddy Knitting & Crochet Organizer

One of the most difficult things about knitting and crocheting is keeping the needles, hooks, and other tools in one place. This caddy makes it easy to keep all supplies close by without getting lost or misplaced!

Another challenging obstacle is keeping needles organized when a knitter in the middle of a project and needs just one more needle or hook out of a set but can’t find it. With this handy knitting caddy, they will organize all knitting stuff in one place.

23. Lite Knitting Needles

Knitting is a hobby that can be as simple or complicated as the knitter wants it to be, but there's no denying how nice it would be if the tools themselves were more user-friendly. These Lite Knitting Needles are designed with simplicity in mind for all skill levels of knitters! She can even knit by the light of the needles themselves. The tips of the knitting needles she uses have light-generating bulbs so that they can still work even when it's dark.

24. Women's Slippers 

The women's slippers are a necessity for keeping the feet warm and cozy. These cute knit slipper shoes come in many different sizes, so you can find something that matches her winter wear style or just to brighten up her day! When your friend wears these slippers on cold winter nights, their feet stay warm and comfortable with all the extra snuggly Sherpa fleece.

25. Knitting Tools Accessories Set and Case

Let your knitter friend know that how do you care for her by giving this comprehensive knitting tool accessories set. Although we choose this kit mainly for its convenience and plastic carrying case, there’s actually a lot more to it than just that. The case includes everything knitters need to keep up with their projects! It has needles, crochet hooks, knitting accessories, stitch markers, needle gauge ruler (in both US & UK sizing), and the all-important ball winder. It comes in a super small package, which makes it easy to store and keep on hand.

26. Sock Doll Workshop

This sock doll workshop includes various projects to crafting dolls. Your knitter friend will have the opportunity to make a sock doll of their own. The projects are irresistibly easy- there is no doubt they will add interest and entertainment to any knitters day. They will delight their senses every time they reach for them!

The workshop also includes pattern-making, sewing, and some easy embroidery techniques to use when making dolls at home.

27. Arthritis Hand Compression Gloves

These gloves are made for people with arthritis. They reduce swelling by up to 40%, and they can also help with pain relief, improve circulation, and maintain joint flexibility. These compression gloves will keep knitter's hands warm during the wintertime too! This gift is versatile because you may never know when your knitter friend might need this type of gloves.

28. Retractable Measure Ruler

There are many good times to use measuring tools, including office-based and construction companies. However, a friend in the knitting industry should have an adorable tape measure for giving them a break from the ordinary.

The handy thing about these measuring tapes is that they measure up to five feet (60 inches) with a retractable design, so she doesn’t have to worry about trying to roll it up and put it away when she’s done.

29. Universal Knit Count

One of the more difficult parts of knitting anything is counting stitches, and losing count can have severe consequences for a knitter. When counting knit stitches, miscounting or losing count can create an unsightly mess, which could result in a ruined project. With this teeny tiny gift, your knitter friend knitting will never get boring ever again! This little gift might seem small, but it will save on valuable time.

30. Needle Point Protector

This gift is perfect for both beginner knitters who are just learning to use their knitting needles as well as more experienced crafters who need a point protector so they can work with different yarn weights without any problems. Needle point protectors prevent knitting projects from falling off of needles with Knit Keeper. This helpful tool is designed specifically to fit around and stay on the needle while knitter works on any project.

31. Personalized Satin Sewing Labels for Knitting

A completed knitting project is a beautiful thing. Many of the people I have known over the years would tell you they are proud to put such a personal item on their loved ones, and they want them to feel the same way when it’s offered as an almost-instant gift to them. These satin seeing labels help your knitter friend to label the item with the right date and recipient. They are easily ironed onto any knitted garment (with a little help from an iron), making it easy for them to see what they need to do next!

Your knitting friend will want these personalized sewing labels for their project. It’s a great idea that is simple enough.


Rose Parker

To present gifts to your loved one is a beautiful feeling. From the moment they open their gift, you want them to feel a sense of joy. This is why it’s important that whatever you give can be both sentimental and useful so your loved one will never forget what this present means.

Hopefully, you will get inspiration to please your knitter friend. You can choose any item from this list but be sure that you add a personal touch to it. Your knitter friend will like your effort to make her feel special.