34 Gifts For Male Boss


A male boss is a busy man. He's running the show and balancing all of his responsibilities on top of that. Sometimes he needs just one more thing to make life easier for him at work. If you are looking for a gift idea, we have got 34 gifts that will make any male boss happy!

1. Digital Alarm Clock 

It's a little too much to ask for your boss to set their alarm on top of the coffee maker, so make it easier by purchasing this digital alarm clock! Bosses are always running late, but with the help of this handy gadget will never have an excuse again. This clock has a stylish wooden design decor and is a perfect addition to any desk. This clock also has a temperature and humidity detector, so when the boss starts to sweat, they will know why and can make a change in their surroundings. It must be a nice Christmas gift for a male boss.

2. Two Minute Morning Journal

The Two Minute Morning Journal will be a great way to make sure the boss is prepared for their day. This journal can be set up with anything that could benefit them, such as tasks they need to complete today or something they want to achieve by the end of this week. This journal is a unique way to increase happiness and set themselves up for success every day. This gift for a male boss is a perfect stocking stuffer or small gift for his desk.

3. Deep Kneading Massager

If you are looking for a useful gift for a male boss, a heated massage pillow is great. The heat from the pillow will help relax any tense muscles and get them ready to start their day. The Deep Kneading Massager is the perfect gift for a desk worker who spends their days sitting on their bum. This massaging device will reduce stress, improve circulation and help with back pain caused by prolonged periods of sitting. All the boss needs to do is take five minutes out of each hour at work to use this product! This product also has a heat option where it can be heated to help soothe an injury or relax the muscles. It would be a practical gift for any busy person.

4. Calligraphy Pens 

For the boss who needs to sign a lot of paperwork, you can gift these beautiful calligraphy pens to him. These calligraphy pens come in a set of two and perfect for writing important details of any contract. Its black ink color is also permanent so that it won't fade. Your boss will love these pens and appreciate the thought put into this gift. They can also use it to draft presentations, sketch out ideas on a whiteboard, or just write notes. It is good gifts for male boss and they will love to use them.

5. Monogrammed Mug

If you want to give farewell gifts for male boss then it's hard to go wrong with the monogrammed mug. When he goes in for coffee and sees his name on this personalized mug; his day will start with many smiles.

This is an excellent gift because it's something that he will use every day and the copper color adds to its durability. The mugs are dishwasher safe, so they should last for quite some time! 

6. Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

There are many ways that you can personalize your boss's desk, but one of the more useful things is a cell phone stand. This will give him easy access to his messages while he works and also make it safe for him to look at other apps on his screen even when driving! These stands come in various colors so you can choose according to his taste and they are also made out of a sturdy material so that it won't break easily. This will keep your boss's devices at an optimal viewing angle to prevent neck strain from looking down too often! It's perfect holiday gifts for a male boss who is always checking their cell phone for messages.

7. Ron Swanson Figure

When your boss is so stressed out, he needs a break. And what better way to take it than with Ron Swanson? This is the perfect desk toy for your boss! They can laugh at Ron's antics before returning to their high-stress work. Your boss deserves some laughter in their day to keep them going with all that work pressure.

The Ron Swanson Figure features a detailed sculpt and paint job, capturing the look of America's favorite former parks director. It stands at about 12" tall and will make your boss chuckle when they're feeling down. This would be a funny gift for your male boss so he will enjoy the office.

8. Portable Charger

Some of the best gifts for a man are those that will keep him charged up. This portable charger is an excellent option because it's small and lightweight enough to carry around in their pockets but powerful enough to charge an iPhone or Android phone from 0% battery life with just one 30 minute charge. It also has two ports so that it can charge two devices at the same time. This useful device can be charged with the included micro USB cable. This unique gift for a male boss must be a good asset while he is traveling.

9. Cold Brew Coffee Maker 

A cold brew coffee maker can be a birthday gift for a male boss who loves coffee and wants to start drinking iced java instead of hot brewed tea or coffee. Because it doesn't need to cool down before being served but still tastes freshly made with less acidity and more flavor than one gets from hot coffee or iced tea.

This cold brew coffee maker is made of double-walled borosilicate glass that can hold up to 64 ounces, and it includes a stainless steel mesh filter which allows for brewing coffee without even needing paper filters! The cold brew process takes 12 hours or overnight, but the result is worth waiting for this type.

10. Faux Fur Throw Blanket

The faux fur throw blanket is a perfect gift for that special someone appreciating both style and comfort. It's so cozy; you'll want to curl up with it every day. We like this fake fox fur one because it has such an elegant design element while still being very soft in feel. Your boss must appreciate this particular option because he needs a blanket for that extra warmth on his body at home.

- especially if it is December night when the fireplace is on and it's getting dark outside. It will make that person feel like they are in a den of their own, making you want to give this gift even more because you know how much they appreciate these feelings!

11. Ceramic Coffee Dripper

If your boss is always on the go then, then they don't want to spend time waiting for their coffee to brew before they can take a sip. This ceramic coffee dripper will get your boss' caffeine fix right in their hand when they need it most! The heated ceramic carafe retains heat to keep the coffee hot during the brewing cycle. A fast-moving stream of water changes the flavor of a cup of coffee. This cool gift for male boss must make their life easy.

12. USB Power Strip Surge Protector 

With a desk full of gadgets, your boss has to be plugged in at all times because one device might not have enough power to handle everything he needs it for. A desktop charger will ensure that none of his devices run out of battery while he's away from an outlet and running late with the deadlines.

We think your boss will appreciate a desktop charger because it's a perfect convenience to have when he leaves his office for meetings or lunch. It has enough power to charge multiple devices at once, and since they're all in one place, he doesn't need to be glued to an outlet. Anyone who uses multiple gadgets at a time will appreciate this device.

13. Personalized Docking Station

Your boss always looking for ways to be more productive? This docking station is one of those gifts that will help him get the job done. This docking station has space to put wallet, glasses, phone, and keys while charging the phone. He can organize all the essentials in one place so that he can always find what he needs—the best thing it can be personalized with initials for a personal touch.

14. Netflix Gift Cards 

Though your boss is always on the go, they deserve to be rewarded for their hard work. Netflix is one way that will help him relax with some movies and TV shows at his fingertips. The best thing about this gift—it can't get any easier than sending an email! You can find a gift card on their website and then send them an email with the redemption code. Moreover, you can suggest to him a high-quality VPN like NordVPN stream Netflix content without restrictions.

15. Men's Socks

Do you think your boss's feet always get cold in the office? This is a problem that many people have. With these socks, he will never have to worry about being too warm or too cold again! These are very practical and simple gifts. You could get them multipack socks that will match with everything. These socks are soft, breathable and can control moisture. They are easily washable and come in different colors!

16. Personal Air Circulator Fan

This is a gift that any person who spends most of their time in an office will love. A personal air circulator fan can help keep you cool and feel refreshed during the day - no matter how hot it gets! You could even get one for your boss, so they won't have to use the noisy electric fans anymore. These small fans have a sleek and stylish design and can be fixed to the desk with a clamp.This gifts ideas for a male boss must inspire them.

17. Travel Shoe Deodorizer

If your boss is always complaining about the smell of their shoes, then this is a great gift for them. It's important to stay fresh and clean throughout the day, especially at work! This clever travel shoe deodorizer can be put in different places, so it releases an odorless spray that will keep smelling good all day long. It can use in closets, gym bags, suitcases, and more! Your boss will love it. Any sports player will also love to use them.

18. Instant Pot

This is an excellent gift for the boss who loves to cook at work or home for their family. It's a pressure cooker and slow-cooker in one! It has ten different functions to use, so your boss can make anything with it. They will be able to whip up great tasting meals for themselves or their family every day. This helpful kitchen appliance will save your boss time and energy, which they will appreciate.

19. Mug Gift Set

This gift set will be very useful in many ways and it might even inspire your boss about the goals they want to reach in life. This gift set includes a ceramic mug with a lid, one golden spoon and a handkerchief. The mug has beautiful and inspirational wordings for the boss, so he will be reminded of his goals whenever he drinks coffee in the morning. It comes with a greeting card, so you can write blessings for boss.

20. Personal Mini Heater

Your boss always feels cold? This personal mini heater is the perfect gift for a boss who always feels cold. This product will make his desk so much warmer to work at all day long. He can set it on his desk and use the included cord to plug it into a socket. The heater will keep him warm for hours! This small heater is so portable that he can even take it with him on the go!

21. Travel Coffee Tumbler

This mug is perfect for a male boss who loves coffee and needs an extra jolt in his morning routine. The mug has a cool design but also keeps beverages hot or cold for hours at a time too! The coffee tumbler would be a wonderful gift for the male boss who doesn't like to drink their coffee at home! They can take it on the go with them or drink from their desk! The sleek and stylish design will be a great asset to their desk. It is made with high-quality stainless steel and has a powder-coated exterior that will be no scratch or chip, even with everyday use!

22. Smart Thermostat

He might be a very busy man who needs to monitor his home temperature remotely, and this thermostat is perfect for that. This smart thermostat learns your habits and automatically turns off the heat when you're away or asleep. This innovative device is also compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control. This smart thermostat is perfect because your boss can control it remotely. It's also available in both black and white!

23. "29 Emoji Faces" Desk Toy

This desk toy will bring a smile back to your boss's face. It has 29 emoji faces that light up, and you can even customize different moods! This desk toy will surely make your boss laugh! These funny, hilarious emoji faces are perfect for the office environment as they can be used to show any emotion he wants - from happy or angry. With 29 different emotions available, there's something for everyone! He can change his mindset to show any emotion he wants.

24. "World's Best Boss" Wine Glass

This wine glass is engraved with "World's Best Boss." The boss can use it to show how much he appreciates his employees or as a gift for someone else who deserves recognition! This customized wine glass will surely make your boss feel appreciated. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. The wine glass can hold 15oz made with high-quality material ensures that it will not easily break when in use. 

25. Silicone drinking straws

Does your boss like to drink with straws? Get him these silicone straws for his desk! These are flexible and durable with a universal size. They can be used as a regular reusable drinking straw. These silicone drinking straws come in an assortment pack that includes five different colors. These silicone straws are 100% dishwasher safe and BPA-free. Now he can drink his coffee or juice without worrying about the straw melting or getting stuck in his teeth.

These silicon Drinking Straws would be perfect for anyone looking for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic reusable drinking straws.

26. Neck Fan

If your boss is always hot and bothered, or if you just want to feel like a cool kid with an air conditioner on your neck, this Neck Fan is perfect. It's made of soft fabric that's gentle against the skin so it won't irritate him while he works in his office. The fan also features three speeds for different levels of air. This neck fan is perfect for anyone who doesn't have a window in their office.

27. Scented Candles

Scented candles can be a great way to help your boss de-stress after a hard day. It will also provide them with some aromatherapy that they may not even know about. These jar candles from Chesapeake Bay Candle are made with natural soy wax and essential oils. They're also unscented, so they might work for those who suffer from allergies or have a sensitivity to scents.

The best thing about these is the frosting jar design that features different colors of light, which can help your boss relax even more after a long day at work.

28. Coffee Spoon

This cute product is perfect for those who love to enjoy their morning coffee. This stainless Steel Coffee or tea Spoon with Cat Handles and a scoop on the bottom is perfect for stirring coffee or tea, and it's also dishwasher safe. It's perfect for any cat lover. He can stir his coffee with this and have a happy morning. The little coffee spoon gift might also be just enough to make him smile.

29. Happiness Jar

This jar is an adorable way to keep track of all the happy moments in your day - and it's perfect for any male boss who needs a little more happiness!

The lid on this jar has the line "You are beautiful. You may not see it, but others do" written in text. This ceramic jar includes 365 positive thought cards inside for one year of happiness. Your boss can enjoy positive thoughts when he feels down.

30. Ferrero Rocher Chocolates Gift Set

Who doesn't love chocolate? This Ferrero Rocher chocolate gift set is a delicious way for your male boss to enjoy the finer things in life.

The Ferrero Rocher chocolate gift set is a decadent and sweet way to show your male boss how much you appreciate him. This gift set includes 24 individually wrapped chocolates in an iconic gold box with the red ribbon tie on top. The gif box contains assorted flavors such as hazelnut, milk chocolate with crisp wafer, and Nutella. Your chocoholic boss must love this gift.

31. Power Systems Strength Band

Does your boss regularly go to gym class or like to do home workouts? Consider giving him the Power Systems strength band. This band is a perfect gift for your boss who wants an easy way to get some exercise at work. It comes with 10-35lb resistance levels, and it can be used anywhere thanks to its super compact shape. The strength band is durable and works excellent when doing exercise with a partner.

32. Touchscreen Leather Gloves

Getting your hands cold while typing on a keyboard is never fun. Stock up with some touchscreen leather gloves to keep your boss's fingers warm this winter! These gloves are made of soft neoprene materials and have an anti-static coating, so they won't leave any icky residue behind when he uses his phone or tablet device at work. These handmade gloves are suitable while cycling or driving.

33. Pocket Secateur

If your boss love gardening, this pocket secateurs is the perfect gift for him! The design of these scissors is meant to fit comfortably in their palm and are durable enough to cut through thick branches. They come with a protective sheath so he can transport them easily without damaging the blade. This handy tool is perfect for the hardworking gardener in your life. With this tool, they can care for their indoor office plants too!

34. Home Office Working Desk

A home office desk is a great gift for any man that works from home or has a dedicated space. If your boss spends hours at their desk each day, this will be extremely helpful in keeping them comfortable and productive! It can also help him to create boundaries between work time and personal time. This product has space for a laptop, a mouse, and a cell phone.

This gift to help your boss set up their office at home or make adjustments to their current working environment!


Rose Parker

A boss's mood can be challenging to understand. This should not deter you from trying your best as an employee and making the time for them in order to see what they need or want. You never know how much that will mean to them, but you could always try! You can choose from a variety of gifts that will be perfect for any male boss and surprise him on any occasion.

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