33 Gifts For Pontoon Boat Owners

gifts for pontoon boat owners 

Pontoon boats are great for fishing, tubing, skiing, or just relaxing at sunset with a nice cocktail. Pontoon boat owners are always looking for new ways to enjoy their time on the water. They are always looking to add new boating accessories to their boat. They want pontoon accessories that provide new conveniences and increase the safety of boating. This list of 33 boating gifts will help them out to get ready for boating season.

1. Pontoon Boat LED Light Strip

A beautiful LED marine light strip looks great to add under the gunnels or across the interior walls of a Pontoon Boat. This light strip is waterproof with an IP65 rating. This LED light features one 5m strip and 10 LED strip clips and screws. It has a flexible design, so it will bend to fit the contours of any pontoon boat or yacht. It also comes with double-sided tape and adjustable clips making installation easy anywhere on your vessel. This great gift for pontoon owners will help them to enjoy boating at night.

2. Grill 

Grilling while spending time on the water is a great way to enjoy boating. This Cuisinart Grill has been modified for pontoon boats and features two stainless steel burners with push-button ignition. It also includes an Arnall's stainless steel bracket set that works on most pontoon boat rails or decks made of fiberglass, wood, or metal. This grill for pontoon boats is perfect to use on a boat with limited space. This great gift for boaters will have them grilling up some delicious food while enjoying being out on the water.

3. Son of a Btch Funny Pontoon Motor Boat T-Shirt

This funny boating t-shirt is a great boating gift for boat owners and will put a smile on their faces. This T-shirt comes in multiple colors and sizes, so it is perfect to fit any pontoon owner. It has a screen printed with a graphic of a pontoon boat and has a funny saying, "son of a btch" and "motorboatin." The shirt is made of soft, 100% cotton, so it is comfortable to wear anywhere boating. This shirt would make a great boating gift for the pontoon owner that likes to have some fun.

4. Boat Captain Costume Accessories Set

This boat captain hat and costume accessories are perfect for any pontoon owner that wants to look like a true sailor while enjoying their time on the water. This great gift comes with a boating cap, wooden pipe and aviator sunglasses. This kit also includes a vintage anchor temporary tattoo, so your boater will be ready to sail into fun. This great gift is perfect for any pontoon owner that likes anything nautical or wants to look like a true boater.

5. Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speakers

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker doubles the fun of boating. This pontoon boat gift is perfect for boaters that want to listen to their favorite tunes while enjoying being on the water. It has a built-in microphone, so it doubles as a hands-free speakerphone allowing you to answer calls with just your smartphone or take calls through Bluetooth from your friends and family without having to touch your phone. This speaker is waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof, making it perfect for use while enjoying time on the pontoon or anywhere around water.

6. Fishing Rod Holder 

A fishing rod holder with a rail mount is ultimate for any pontoon boat owner who loves fishing. It has an easy installation process and uses one mounting bracket making this fishing pole holder simple yet effective. This pontoon fishing rod holder can hold up to a five-foot pole and is compatible with most round rails, including the #243 Square Rail Mount that comes with it, making this gift perfect for boaters of any size boat. This pontoon accessories idea will make people's time on water more fun while catching fishes.

7. Boat Registration Numbers Plate

This luxurious pontoon boat gift is perfect for boaters that want to add their personal touch to their boats. It has a high-quality design with die-cut vinyl, making them durable and long-lasting. This white number comes in chrome outline and has 16 pieces that come with it. It is easy to apply and can be removed without leaving any residue behind, making this gift perfect for boating enthusiasts who like to change their boat's look now and then. This great pontoon boat accessory idea will make a wonderful addition to the boats of anyone who loves being stylish on the water.

8. Telescopic Boat Hook

Sometimes you drop your belongings in the water and you want an extra hand to grabbing stuff out of the water without getting wet. This heavy-duty telescopic boat hook is perfect for pontoon owners that want extra help on the water or just like having an extra tool to grab stuff. It extends up to 25 feet and has a non-slip grip. Its rust-resistant aluminum builds and a three-stage pole, making this pontoon boat gift idea perfect for boating enthusiasts.

9. Pontoon Double Drink Holder

Why not enjoy drinks while on the pontoon boat trip? This double drink holder is perfect for boating enthusiasts who want to keep their drinks close while on the water. It has two cup holders that are adjustable to fit any size of container and built-in straps at both ends, making them compatible with most round rails. It is made of stainless steel and a marine-grade vinyl frame with a powder coat, making it an essential pontoon boat accessories.

10. Cooler

A cooler keeps your drink and food fresh for a long time without ice or mess to drain out. This cooler is durable, leak-proof, and stylish with its flip-open lid. It keeps items cold up to ten times longer than a traditional cooler and has an ice retention ability of two days. With an adjustable shoulder strap and a large main compartment, this cooler provides easy access to everything. It features high-performance insulation and a zipper less design, making this cooler a useful accessory for a new boat owner.

11. Bungee Cords 

For temporary docking of your boat, these dock lines are a wonderful accessory. The cord has a tensile strength of 2150 pounds per string and an overall load capacity of 4000 pounds per set. It features four feet in length and can stretch up to 7 meters. It is perfect for boaters who need temporary docking and has a secure attachment. This pontoon boat accessory has a good stretch capacity, so it won't break or slip off hooks. Bungee cords are an essential part of any RV owner's toolkit.

12. Boat Utility Table

A boat trip is incomplete without fresh girl fish and drinks. This boat utility table is just the accessory to have with its two cup holders and a mount for rods. It can be attached in rod holder sockets, making it perfect for boating trips as you can eat or drink while staying on board. This pontoon boat gift idea comes with a mounting system that allows users to place it anywhere they want and is made of stainless steel. It will be a great accessory for boating enthusiasts who like to dock up and eat or drink simultaneously.

13. Nautical Sailing Theme Pillow Cover 

A nautical sailing throw pillowcase will show off your love for sailing and the sea. This blue anchor pillowcase will fit nicely in any nautical-themed home or boat. It features a light color pattern and is made of cotton, making it extremely soft and comfortable to touch. These pontoon boats add ons features different patterns blue anchor, navigation, compass and a sailboat. You can choose any pattern for your loved one. It has a zipper closure and is machine washable. This best housewarming gift must inspire a mom.

14. Pontoon Boat Party Christmas Ornament 

Pontoon boat party ornament is a lovely way to show off your boating appreciation every year during the holidays. It is made of resin and has silver trim on its rails, making it an ideal gift for new pontoon owners who want to decorate their boats with holiday spirit. It features Santa and reindeer in pontoon boat party and has a red, white and green color scheme. This lovely accessory can be hung on any tree with its golden string hanger for an elegant holiday display.

15. Captain And First Mate Hats Gifts Set 

A beautiful caption and first mate matching hats would be an awesome addition to your nautical collection. It can be worn with various outfits, making it an excellent pontoon boat accessory for boaters who enjoy fishing or going on dockside trips. This gift set features two blue color hats, two can coolers, and two bottle coolers. These gift items are embroidered across the front for an elegant companion look. It must be a great addition to your pontoon boat apparel collection and you can enjoy boat trips with your partner.

16. Boat Trash Bag 

A medium hoop mesh trash bag is a must-have pontoon boat gift for all boaters. This accessory fits most pontoons and can fit in the existing or standard engine compartments of your boat. It allows you to throw away any garbage without having to leave your boat. This pontoon boat accessory is made of heavy-duty mesh steel and has strong elastic hoops, making it a long-lasting product that you can use for years to come.

17. Boat Cleaning Kit

Keep your boat just like new with these cleaning accessories. The boat cleaning kit comes with two microfiber sponges, a cleaning cloth, a mesh sponge bucket and a storage bag. This cleaning kit can be used on any surface of your boat, such as fiberglass, decks, windows, engines. This gift pack features two large microfiber cloths that wipe off dirt quickly without any scratching or streaking. The kit also comes with a small mesh sponge bucket for washing rough areas of the boat's exterior. It would also a practical gift for Harley Davidson fan.

18. Premium Marine Polish

Marine polish is a must-have pontoon boat accessory that you can use to keep your boating equipment looking great. This premium marine polish features micro-abrasives and cleaning agents for polishing all types of fiberglass surfaces, antifouling paint, stainless steel fittings and teak wood. It rejuvenates the look of old faded fiberglass surfaces and cleans oxidation, light rust stains, salt spray and weathering. The premium marine polish can be used on boats kept in freshwater or saltwater for a long-lasting sparkling finish.

19. Waterproof Clear Playing Cards

Playing cards, listening to music and relaxing with your partner in the pontoon boat are great ways to spend time together. These waterproof playing cards come with a plastic carrying case so you can store them easily when not using them. This pack of 52 standard poker-size premium paper cards comes individually wrapped for freshness and sealed inside non-PVC polypropylene film that offers resistance against water, grease and grime. This cool thing for pontoon boats can be used in all weather conditions and will not tear or break.

20. Pontoon Slide

Make your boat trips memorable with this slide. This pontoon boat accessory offers a unique way for your family to enjoy the water. The slide is made of heavy-duty molded plastic and comes in bright colors that are easy to spot from land or sea. It attaches easily to stainless steel hardware, making it an ideal gift idea for boating enthusiasts who want something different on their boat rides. The slide allows you to drop into the water or onto a dock for easy entry and exit. You can also use it as additional support when your boat is anchored in rough waters, making sure everyone on board stays safe at all times. 

21. 10-in-1 Boat Gadget

This cool gadget for a pontoon boat includes all the essential tools you need to keep while boating. It is made of high-quality materials that ensure it lasts long and works as expected. The tool comes with an adjustable wrench, flashlight, waterproof storage case and many others. This handy gadget is the perfect size for keeping in small spaces and is light enough to carry. This boating gadget helps keep all boating gears in one place, allowing you to have a better time on the water.

22. Shorty Wetsuit  

Does your friend enjoy snorkeling or other water sports? If they do, a wetsuit is one of the best gifts to give them. This three-millimeter shorty diving suit will fit most people comfortably. The material makes it very flexible and lightweight, allowing your friend or family member to move around with ease. It also has sleek lines that streamline water resistance. This suit provides excellent protection against cold water and marine animal sting. The diving suit is easy to care for and dries quickly after use. It comes with a free carrying bag that makes storage easier when not in use or during travel.

23. Fishing Tackle Storage Boxes

Fishing equipment needs space to stay organized and easy to access when in use. This tackle box is the perfect gift idea for pontoon boat owners who like fishing. It comes with three 3560 stowaway boxes that can be angled at different levels, allowing you to store all sorts of equipment without worrying about them getting lost or damaged. The boxes are easy to clean and store everything in one place for convenience when not using them. This boat warming gift also protects against damage from falls and high winds.

24. Life Vest

A life vest is an essential boating accessory to prevent drowning accidents. This life vest is made of synthetic material with neoprene comfort pads that provide buoyancy and insulation to last long in water. It has adjustable shoulder straps for a secure fit, as well as quick-release buckles for easy use. The design includes the latest technology to provide flotation even when submerged underwater or during boating activities. This Christmas gift for boaters is a must-have item during boating trips. 

25. Boat Sand Anchor

What good is a boat if it keeps drifting away from the shore? A sand anchor will help secure your pontoon in place. It has two screw auger anchors that dig into the sand to provide stability and safety while boating. The durable nylon straps ensure this anchoring system holds on tight, even during high winds or high traffic boating areas. The anchoring system can be used in shallow water, sandbars and on the beach without any problem. They also fold up when not in use for easier storage.

26. Pontoon Boat Fender Hanger

Another great pontoon boat gift is this Python fender hanger. The durable clip has a rubber coating that keeps it from scratching or marking the surface of your boat. These fender hangers are made of high-quality aluminum and stainless steel, so you can use them for years to come. It secures fender lines to the boat to keep them from tangling or moving around during boating activities. It can also be used with other boats, including kayaks and paddleboards, for added convenience.

27. Floating Beer Pong Table

Pontoon boat owners can enjoy more than boating with this floating beer pong table. It's made of high-quality, durable vinyl and has a wide surface area to hold cups for playing the popular game. This is an inflatable model that takes less than five minutes to set up. The size is compact for easy storage. This gift idea comes with a carrying bag to prevent getting dirty or wet during transportation and storage. It's sure to provide lots of fun times on the water this summer!

28. Standard Pilot Chair 

Comfort is essential when on a pontoon trip out in the sun all day long. This pilot chair has a high back and thick cushion padding for added comfort. It can be used with or without the included mounting plate, depending on how much legroom is needed while boating. The strong aluminum frame ensures it will last many seasons to come. This pontoon boat captain gift can be a great addition to the boating vessel.

29. Marine Boat Flag 

Every boat needs a flag, and this is one you will love having on your pontoon! It's made of heavy-duty nylon fabric that won't fade in sunlight or get ripped easily by wind gusts while out on the water. This flag kit comes with a durable four-piece aluminum pole that extends from 20 to 36 inches for easy visibility on the road, lake, or river. The universal clip attaches easily and safely to any boat railing for quick installation.

30. Kayak

Your pontoon boat may be equipped with inflating such as tubes, but this two-person model is another great option. It's made of Polypropylene and has a multi-layer PVC construction to hold up against water pressure well. The inflatable kayak is comfortable and the adjustable foot braces ensure your legs will be in a good position while paddling around lakes. This best gift for sailing enthusiasts will provide lots of fun on the water. Good gifts for hunters as well. 

31. Diving Board

One of the best gifts for boating enthusiasts is this diving board. It can accommodate up to 250 pounds and has a strong, durable model that offers excellent stability due to heavy wall aluminum with stainless steel hardware. It's easy to attach and remove using the included mounting hardware. The heavy-duty nylon strap with a rust-resistant buckle is long-lasting as well, ensuring your diving board will remain safe for many years of boating trips!

32. Marine GPS Navigator 

You can get lost while exploring a new coastline, but that's a worry of the past. This GPS navigator gives peace of mind while cruising in unfamiliar waters or exploring nearby islands. Thanks to its clear mapping features and easy-to-use interface. This Garmin device is designed specifically for marine use and has been tested extensively on fishing boats and larger vessels. It features a high-sensitivity internal and external Global Positioning System as well as WAAS capabilities, making it ideal for use on boats in open waters.

33. Pontoon Captain Tumbler

This special gift for a pontoon boat owner is double-insulated with stainless steel construction. It's designed to keep drinks hot or cold while out on the water, and it comes with two lids - one solid top that doubles as a coaster! This tumbler features a pontoon captain and anchor logo and provides optimal temperature control. It can hold up to 20 oz liquid, so it's perfect for any beverage. It would be best boat accessories for dad on his birthday!


Rose Parker

Pontoon boats provide a great way to explore the water and relax with friends. These popular boats are perfect for fishing, cruising, or simply admiring nature from a different perspective. You can double the fun with these 33 gifts for pontoon boat owners. The items on the list are designed to improve your boating experience and ensure you have a great time out on the water.

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