33 Gifts For Pool Players

gifts for pool players

Pool or billiards is one of the famous indoor sports in the world. Playing pool is very interesting but it needs best accessories to play well. Pool players are best known for their love of the game. They enjoy playing pool and they always want to improve their skills so that they can play better. Getting pool player gifts is not an easy task, but we have put together a list of 33 unique gifts that your best friend will love!

1. Pool Stick & Ball Floor Stand 

Cues are an essential accessory to play pool and keep them safe with a stand or rack is one of the best gifts for a pool player. It will help them protect their cue sticks from dents and damage as well as increase their life span by keeping them away from dust, moisture and direct sunlight. This mahogany rack is designed to hold up to eight pool cues. It has a dark oak finish to match any decor, and its neutral color will blend in with the room’s theme. Its compact size gives you more space for other items on your table or sideboard top while keeping everything organized at arm’s reach! It would also wonderful father's day gift for grandpa.

2. Pool Cue Sticks Set

Pool cue sticks are the best gifts for pool players as they love buying new sticks and playing with them. This set of Aska L-Series Pool Cue Sticks is made from 100% Canadian Maple wood, so it looks nice, feels good in the hands, and has a long life span without any dents or cracks. It features an elegant design, and it comes with a black nylon wrap that helps you control the ball, while hard rock maple inside gives these sticks their strength. With a rubber bumper and white ABS ferrule, this cue is best for both home use or pro-games.

3. Leatherette Pool Table Cover

A waterproof and tear proof cover is best gift for pool table owners as they require protection for their beloved table. This cover is made from high-quality leatherette material that protects against unwanted damage and gives your billiards table the best look it deserves! It features a waterproof Teflon coating, so no water or moisture can penetrate to ruin your pool tabletop or exposed felt. It offers excellent value for money because not only does this heavy-duty leatherette material protect your billiards table, but it also provides the best look for your game room.

4. Custom Cue Ball

An accessory gift for pool players is a custom cue ball, which they can play games on their table. This sterling gaming cue ball comes with your choice of text or logo laser engraved onto it! They are solid yet lightweight and have an accurate roundness that you will find useful while playing pool. It has the right weight, not too heavy and not too light. This unique gift for pool players is affordable, attractive and has a high-quality construction that you can rely on to play games without any issues on any special occasion. It would be a nice personalized gift for him.

5. Hanging Pool Table Lamp 

This unique billiard light matches any decor theme. It has four metal shades in different colors, and it provides good illumination to play games at night or watch TV while playing sports on the table. The 59" hanging height allows enough distance between your tabletop and the lampshade, so you get full, even lighting without any shadows. It is best for pool and billiards players as it does not stress their eyes when they play with this light hanging above the table. This best billiards gift for a pool player will be an asset to your game room, living room, or home bar!

6. Pool Ball Shot Glasses Set

This unique shot glasses set gives your pool party a pleasant look. Each glass has a number base and a different billiard ball symbol. It is best for people who want to play games when they drink with their friends and family at home or in bars. This best billiard gift for pool players is made of high-quality glass and comes in various colors. This shoot glasses set comes with a serving tray so that you can enjoy your drinks without any hassle. This glass set would be a wonderful gift for a friend on his birthday.

7. Men's Fun Crew Socks

This pool ball features fun socks is best for pool players because it makes them feel good and comforted when they wear this during a family game night. It is best for Christmas, birthday parties, or any holiday that you celebrate with your family. This sock comes in various sizes available so that it can fit men of all ages and shoe sizes. The stretchy cotton makes this pool ball socks set durable enough to wear during games without any issues at all!

8. Harwood Break Pool Cue

Experienced players use break cues for best results. This best break cue is made of Canadian maple wood, which provides a solid hitting surface that can last longer than other materials on the market today. The pool stick has a black stained finish with a textured handle, so it does not slip from your hand during games. It comes in weights of 23 ounces and a standard 58"length to suit different players. This break cue would be a deemed snooker gift for dad and give him a wonderful experience.

9. Wall Mounted Wood Chalk Holder

Keep pool accessories near table saves time and energy. This best billiard gift for pool players helps keep all the things within reach. It is made of wood and has a mahogany-finished base, which matches any decor theme. It features an easy to mount design that does not require any tools to set up. This chalk holder would be a great addition to your game room and help you keep clean space while making best use of space!

10. Hard cue case 

Keep pool cue in case prevent damage. This best billiard gift for pool players helps protect your cue from any damages and scratches when it is not being used to play games. It has a black color with an easy zipper design, so you can open/close the case without hassle or struggle at all! You can bring this hard cue case anywhere because it comes with a comfortable strap that you can carry on your shoulder, making this the most convenient accessory to have around!

11. Pool Table Felt 

Pool tables look rough after continued usage. This practical gift for people who play pool helps restore the look and feel of their pool table with this felt cloth. It is made from pre-cut pieces, so you can easily cover any size table without having to worry about uneven edges or anything like that at all! With its high-quality construction, it provides a smooth fabric that offers best bounce for best performance. It comes in various colors so you can choose according to your preference.

12. LED Neon Sign Wall Light

An LED neon sign is a great addition to any game room. This unique gift for pool players is an ideal choice to decorate their game room. The neon sign has a palm design and comes with bright LED lights that may be used as accent or night light, bringing flair to your space in a unique way possible! This pool shark neon sign would definitely catch anyone's eyes and make them notice this game room.

13. Pool Table and Rail Brush Set 

Prevent pool table from dust and dirt is essential to maintain the life of a pool table. This brush set helps clean the dirt and dust on their favorite game tables to prolong its lifespan as well as protect it from damages so you can continue playing for long without any worry! It is made with high-quality wood, making this brush sturdy enough to not break easily after some use. This set includes a rail brush, a table brush and cue shaft cleaner to make cleaning a breeze.

14. Pool Cue Chalk Cubes 

Pool chalk is a great accessory for pool players. It helps provide excellent grip on the cue stick during game time! The chalk cubes come in blue and red color and it comes with twelve-packs per box, so you can have enough pieces to last you for some months or even years depending on how much you use it at home or anywhere else! This Pool chalk improves accuracy and avoids unnecessary misses during games, providing a better experience for the players.

15. Pool Table Cloth Cleaning Tool 

Keep pool table clean is important to extend its life. This cleaning tool is perfect for those who often play pool at home or in a club because it cleans the table well, helping remove dirt and stains so you can have a clear view of your game! It helps prevent damage on your favorite tables as well as boost the quality of games! This pool cloth cleaning tool helps remove dirt and stains, so your favorite pool table can look new again.

16. Billiard Quartz Clock 

A pool-themed creative clock is a great addition to any game room. This clock is designed with quartz analog movement and it comes in 13-inches diameter, so you can easily spot the time on this pool table clock from afar! It has a solid wood frame, making it sturdy enough for long-term use without breaking or losing its quality, as well as providing an elegant look that blends seamlessly with any decor. This clock is a perfect gift for pool players who have their game room and it can be a wonderful piece of decoration as well!

17. Vintage Faded 8 Ball T-Shirt 

This vintage faded ball-eight t-shirt is a perfect gift for pool players who love to have an artistic shirt with a cool design. This black shirt with a white ball-eight print gives stylishly depicts the image of a well-known billiards icon, giving it a unique look! It has short sleeves, which are ideal for wearing in summertime or other hot seasons. Its soft fabric lets you enjoy comfort and ease, allowing it to give that perfect look.

18. Cue Tip Shaper 

Care your pool cues is a must-have item to improve their performance and extend their useful life. This cue tip tool is the perfect billiards gift for those who want something sturdy with a metal case, making it long-lasting! It has round edges and flat surfaces on opposite sides of the head, giving you various choices when shaping or repairing your pool cues. You can use this tool whenever you want to fix your cue's tip, so your game will always be on point!

19. Moosehead Bridge Head 

This Moosehead bridge will help you make the best shots and win during games! It comes in black color, which is perfect for those who want something unique without going overboard. The slip-on design gives it a sleek look that makes this billiard accessory stand out from other similar products available on the market. This bridgehead offers nine shooting positions and is made of high-quality plastic material. This pool gift for him boasts a unique, stylish design that will stand out in any game.

20. Ball 8 Keychain 

This keychain is a great accessory to have for those who want something useful and fun at the same time! It comes with an attachment loop, which makes it easy to attach your keys. This best-selling eight-ball key chain has a solid black color that resembles a real pool cue ball! This little snooker gift for him is durable since it is made of plastic material that will not break or bend easily. Your friend can attach it to his car keys or anything that he wants.

21. Professional Balls Set

If you are searching for best gifts for pool players, consider this awesome set of balls! It comes in multiple colors that may vary. This best-selling product includes a complete set of sixteen regulation billiard balls, including two white cue balls and one red ball to use as the Eight Ball during games. These balls feature resin composition, making them durable and smoother than most balls available on the market. Each ball has a weight of 6 oz, which makes them ideal for any skill-level player.

22. Pool Glove

Pool gloves gives you a better grip and prevents the pool cue from slipping. The left or right-hand design is ideal for those who want something unique! Made of high-quality material, this billiard accessory features soft, breathable fabric that makes it flexible and easy to wear. These well-design gloves offer open finger and anti-slip design, which makes them best for various pool games. This glove fits most people. Your friend will be able to move around the table confidently and win more games thanks to its unique design that makes this billiard accessory stand out on the market.

23. Pool-Ball Handle Coffee Mug

This funny coffee mug is unique and stylish since it features a pool ball handle! It can hold 11 ounces of your favorite beverage that will stay hot for a long time. This mug is made of high-quality ceramic material, which makes it durable and resistant to stains. This coffee cup has a funny pool ball handle that is easy to grip, making it perfect for home or office use. It also features billiard balls and a cue ball with funny words 'lucky break' printed on the front side.

24. Ceramic Tealight Candle Holder

A pool ball-themed tealight candle holder set is a wonderful decorative gift for a snooker fan. This unique candle holder features a billiard ball design with a black and white color way. It comes in assorted colors and is made of ceramic. This candle holder comes with a wooden tray that is easy to carry around. It fits for most standard tealight candles that are sold worldwide. This pool ball candle holder set has a rustic design with the billiard balls pattern, making it ideal for your man cave!  

25. Hardwood Triangle

A triangle on a pool table is a necessary accessory since it helps players make accurate shots. This wooden triangle is perfect for any pool table and comes in hardwood material with eight ball racks at the bottom of this product! It holds standard size balls that measure two inches or one and a half-inch. It would be a practical gift for pool players and provide a stylish look on the table.

26. Canvas Wall Art

A gallery-wrapped art print of billiards with pool balls in the foreground is a wonderful wall decor for any enthusiast. It features a black and white color scheme and colored pool balls. This framed artwork would be perfect for game rooms or man caves! This unique artwork comes on canvas material, making it best to match your home's theme since most homes have a modern design. It comes in three panels which makes it e. more stylish. It can be hanged with ease and has a width of  12 inches, which means you don't need any additional support!

27. Billiard 32 Pieces Accessory Kit

It would be best to give a complete accessory kit for a pool game for a new player! This set comes with 32 pieces, including all the essentials you might need to make your billiard game enjoyable and more interesting! This product comes with pool cues, a pool ball set, bridgehead, ball diamond rack, and cleaning accessories. This complete kit is best for people who are just starting to understand how the game works!

28. Dartboard Cabinet Set 

A dartboard cabinet set is best for people looking to add a classy touch to their billiard room! This unique product comes with a magnetic steel-framed d and features a realistic walnut finish. It has storage space underneath the board, which makes it best to keep all your accessories inside. This dartboard is made of self-healing paper wound fiber to keep your new board looking new longer. It has magnetic door closure that keeps the dartboard door closed and safe from any accidents.

29. Magic Billiard Ball Rack Combo

The magic ball Rack is best for people who want to rack the balls uniquely. This magic ball allows you to stack and un-stack, making it best as an addition to your billiard room! The product comes with two racks, one small size that can hold up to eight pool balls and another large side that can fit nine to ten balls. It is best to give this unique product a gift for pool players, making their game more interesting and enjoyable! They can show off their skills in a professional way.

30. Playing Pool: Book

This book answers all quarries for new players who want to learn more about how the game works. It covers 20 things that every player should know to win their games! This book will help players look like a pro without spending too much money on tips and tricks they don't need. The author Patrick Baumann has plenty of experience playing pool himself and he best explains how the game works for new players.

31. Space Saver Billiard Table 

A space saver billiard table is best for people who have a smaller room. This pool table is best to save space with its unique pull-out drawer that conceals the balls, making them useful when they are not in use. It comes with a classic green nylon cloth and automatic ball return so players can focus on the game without having to pick up balls every other shot! The product also features leg levelers, making it best as a gift for pool players because they won't have to worry about anything on the table moving around.

32. Billiards Eight Ball Hoodie 

This billiards hoodie is best for people who love wearing casual clothes even in the cold weather. This hoodie features a classic eight-ball design that shows off your passion for a pool! It also has two pockets to conveniently store things while going on a walk or spending time with family at home. The product fits true to size. The fabric is very soft, so it's nice to wear casually even in the cold weather! It comes in various colors, making it best as a gift for someone you love!

33. Billiards Themed T-Shirt

This billiards t-shirt is best for people who love showing off their passion with casual clothes. It features the real revolution of man pool player that means showing the learning process of a pool game. It is made of soft, high-quality cotton fabric, so it's best to wear on casual days. This t-shirt gives an amazing feeling when it's worn. It comes in various sizes and colors, making it a great gift for your loved ones! This pool-themed shirt is great for any pool player who loves showing off their passion with casual clothes!


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Billiard is an interesting game that requires a lot of practice and learning. Although it is an old game, the recent trend shows that people are still interested in it because they like to relax in their free time! As pool players spend most of their time practicing or playing games with friends, giving them gifts will show you care for them more than anything else. This blog post will help you know what to gift a pool player for their birthday or any special occasion.

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