17 Gifts For Quran Teacher

It is always a joy to celebrate the accomplishment of our teachers. The job they do in teaching us, guiding us, and supporting us through life is not an easy one. They deserve all the appreciation we can give them! We've compiled this list of gifts for Quran teachers with you in mind - take some time to peruse these wonderful ideas for celebrating their happiness.

1. Islamic Themed White Mug

Your Quran teacher must drink coffee or tea, right? Why not give them a personalized mug that appreciates their hard work and dedication?

This coffee mug is a very thoughtful and lovely gift for your Quran teacher. The mug can have their name on the front and say their name to show them how much you appreciate what they do. A beautiful gift to give any Muslim teacher!

2. Gold Plated Coin Showpiece

This Gold plated coin with Allah in a transparent case must be a wonderful gift for your Quran teacher. It's a token of your appreciation for their years of service and the guidance they give you on a daily basis.

A teacher is deserving of any gift, but we want to recommend this beautiful Gold plated coin with Allah in abstract decoration as an idea. It might be the perfect gesture that conveys how much you care about them.

3. Prayer Beads

The prayer beads are a simple way to remind your Quran teacher that you are always in their back and praying for them. What better gift than the prayer beads?

The perfect set of prayer beads are beautifully decorated with colorful glass, ornaments made out of natural materials such as wood and stone. The ornate look will be enough to make any Quran teacher happy.

4. Muslim Prayer Rug and Prayer Beads Set

A Muslim prayer rug is a great gift for a Quran teacher. If you know that their floor is hard, this will make them happy with an added comfort. The prayer mat also helps those who are in the habit of not sitting on chairs or benches while they wait to pray during Jummah.

This beautiful prayer rug is made in Turkey. This premium quality rug is easy to wash and can be folded up after use.

5. Digital Finger Counter 

A Digital Finger Counter makes it easier to count the prayer beads and say their prayers without looking at them. For those who have difficulty counting, this will help make things easy with no effort on their part whatsoever.

The downside to this product might be that it may distract some people who use their hands as they pray, especially if they have not been introduced to digital counters before. Definitely, your Quran teacher will like it.

6. Turkish Coffee Making and Serving Gift Set 

This coffee-making serving gift set is perfect for your Quran teacher that likes to have their morning cup of joe. It's traditional Turkish coffee making and serving set in a beautiful wood case. It consists of 2 cups, a Turkish coffee pot with an engraved design on it, a sugar bowl with a spoon, and a tray to serve all tasty treats! It looks classic in copper color.

This is also perfect for Eid celebrations as well. Your Quran teacher will love this gift set while they enjoy their morning cup or afternoon tea break!

7. The Du'a Journal

The Du'a Journal is a unique and beautiful gift for Quran teachers. It features two sections: one for short duas, consisting of 27 different prayers in English that cover all Muslim occasions; the other containing long dua with Arabic text. The journal also includes notations on when to say certain prayer types as well as explanations about different dua. You can choose from a variety of colors for the cover and binding. This journal helps Muslim kids to learn duas.

8. Scarf

If your Quran teacher is a lady, then you should opt for a scarf as a gift. There are many different designs and styles to choose from, which means you can find an appropriate one for your Quran teacher's personality type.

They come in all different colors, and you can choose from various styles, too! Scarves are easy to wrap up as well, so they're the perfect last-minute idea.

9. Eid Mubarak Table Runner

Eid is the most important religious holiday in the Islamic calendar, and it's a day of celebration for Muslims. If you have an Eid coming up soon, why not get your Quran teacher a table runner to use on that special occasion?

It decorates with the golden star and crescent moon, which is considered the traditional Islamic element for Eid Mubarak decorations.

Not only will they love this gift, but they could use it to decorate their tables during Ramadan or just all year round! 

10. Muslim Prayer Hat

If your male Quran teacher is always wearing some form of head covering, then why not gift them a Muslim prayer hat? Featuring the traditional colors and symbols of Islam, this hat will be both functional as well as stylish. All while providing warmth to their heads during those cold winter months!

They'll love it because they can wear it while praying. Your teacher will love it even more, when they know you helped them find a quality, stylish hat to wear.

11. Islamic Wall Table Decor

There are many Islamic wall table decor items available to give your Quran teacher as a gift. All of which will help promote the Islamic faith and culture.

This beautiful wooden table decore will add instant style and personality to any room. It is hand-painted with symbols of Islam, meaning your Quran teacher will have their faith around them all the time!

It would make a great gift for someone who has an office in their home. It can be used as decoration on top of the table.

12. Shining Gold Star Moon Lantern Ramadan Garland

You can surprise your teacher with a Ramadan gift that will brighten up their room. This beautiful moon and star lantern garland are made of high-quality material, so it can be used to decorate any surface!

This hanging lamp with Islamic symbols on the shade would look great in your Quran teacher’s home office. It can be hung around the windows, across doorways, or inside a small hall. The stars on this meter-long garland are made from paper and lit by LED lights, so they shine brightly in space.

13. Portable Quran Stand

This portable Quran stand is made of high-quality material! It's a great way to display Quran and add some style while reading the Holy book. Your Quran teacher will love to have this one.

This portable stand is designed with beautiful Arabic calligraphy on the front and folded down for easy transport! It's perfect for someone who travels or spends time outside their home, like your favorite Quran Teacher.

14. Scanted Candles With Dried Flowers

Your Quran Teacher will love these scented candles! We can't think of a thing more relaxing than having one of this lit while reading the Holy book. It's a great way to create an ambiance that feels cozy and inviting for your favorite teacher. These come with dried flowers on top, which creates extra beauty and decoration. They come in four different scents, including mint, vanilla, lemon and rose. 

15. Digital Quran Reading Pen

The Quran reading pen can read, record, repeat and translate different recitations for Quran listening. This is a really innovative device for Quran teachers. It's also very affordable, so it would make the perfect gift for someone who has a lot of patience and loves for Quran! This Beautiful digital Quran reading pen has a built-in speaker, MP3 display, built-in Li-battery, and built-in 8GB memory so it can easily connect to PC via USB port.

16. Ramadan Mubarak Coffee Mug

Ramadan is a time for giving and sharing joy with friends, family and loved ones. The Ramadan Mubarak coffee mug can be the perfect gift to give your Quran teacher who loves to drink coffee but stop it during fasting hours. The Ramadan Mubarak coffee mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, so it's perfect all year long.

17. Beautiful Names of Allah Flash Cards and Memory Game

This Islamic gift is perfect for the Quran teacher who loves to teach children. These flash Cards and memory game teaches children about all 99 names of Allah, which are so important in Islam. Children can practice a variety of skills with this set as they learn about their Creator's beautiful names! Your Quran teacher will love this gift because it will help him teach students about Allah's names.


Rose Parker

Giving a gift is be a beautiful practice to show love for someone. You can show your love for Quran teachers with a gift they will use and cherish. We have tried to cover a range of different types of gifts so there is something that everyone will enjoy - whether it's a scarf, Islamic coffee mug. We hope you will find a suitable one for your Quran teacher and surprise him or her!