27 Gifts For Space Lovers

Gifts for Space Lovers

Space is the final frontier. These space-themed gifts are sure to please any space lover, whether they're a kid or an adult! From astronaut socks to galaxy dresses and alien oven mitts, these 27 Gifts for Space Lovers have it all. Whether you want a gift that's practical like a smartphone stand or something more decorative like wall art, we've got you covered with this list of our favorite space-themed items.

1. Spaceman USB Light

Talk about how astronauts use this light in their spacesuits--it helps them find things at night when everything else is dark without having to turn on bright lights and disturb sleeping crew members who need restful sleep . If your friend likes exploring outer space then he'll love this cool space gadget! A practical but fun gift for a space lover. 

2. Antique Moon Map

This Antique Moon map is a detailed map of the moon. It dates back to 1894 and is from an observatory founded by George Ellery Hale, America's first astrophysicist. The Moon Map comes with brass hooks on top for easy hanging without damaging what you hang it up with. This is the perfect decoration if your space lover also loves astronomy or history! A very cool gift idea for a space lover. 

3. Solar Orbit Necklace

This special solar orbit t necklace is a beautiful piece that any space lover lady would be happy to wear. There are three different versions of the Solar orbit necklace (Mercury, Venus and Earth) but they all have an antique silver finish with blue spacemen logo on one side which states "I'm traveling through space". This is a perfect gift for someone who has dreamed about being an astronaut as well.

4. Alien Hand Oven Mitt

If you are a fan of cooking and have a bit of an odd sense of humor, this is the perfect gift for space lovers. This set includes an alien hand oven mitt that is made out of 100% cotton and knitted polyester which can be microwaved or put in boiling water without getting damaged. The best part about this item? It's not just one but two!

5. Colonize Mars T-Shirt

This T-shirt is perfect for space lovers that are interested in colonizing Mars. The shirt features an illustration of the earth with a woman's head and the words "If we can't live together, let's at least grow apart." This is one of those shirts you'll want to wear when watching sci-fi movies or reading about space travel. The best thing? It comes on 100% cotton t-shirts made by American Apparel! 

6. Heat Changing Constellation Mug

This Heat Changing Constellation Mug is an excellent way to keep track of what you drank all day, as well as offer a glimpse into the beauty and mystery that lies in space. This mug is made with ceramic material, so it will not only heat up your drink but also add some warmth to your favorite beverage while looking cool at the same time!

7. NASA Meatball Logo Gray Pullover

A NASA Meatball Logo Gray Pullover great way to show your space love is through casual wear. This NASA Meatball Logo Gray Pullover features a soft cotton blend and will keep you warm while showing off the other side of your geeky personality! Therefore, if you have a space or NASA lover in your life, this would be perfect for them.

8. NASA Shirt

This unisex shirt works for all sizes fits both men and women, short or tall. It’s perfect as an outerwear piece in the cold weather to help you stay warm by wearing it under your coat or jacket (or even on its own if you like). Its best feature? The iconic NASA logo never fails to make people smile when they see it. 

9. Moon Lamp

An extraordinary gift idea for someone who is in love with the Moon. This celestial lamp is made of fiberglass and hand-painted. It has a timer, so you can enjoy the moonlight for hours without having to worry about it going off in the middle of your sleep. The best part? You don’t have to go all the way up into space just to see one!

10. Galaxy Space Lover Dress

For the stylish space lover in your life, this dress will be a great gift idea. The beautiful colors and patterns are perfect to wear for any occasion! Get them something they would never buy themselves but can't stop thinking about. It is made of stretchy fabric with an elastic waistline that fits most body types comfortably. A great gift for any woman who loves modern trends.

11. Spaceman Sheets

You can never go wrong with a sheet set. These sheets are really cool and will make any space lover happy. They have an adorable print of your favorite NASA astronaut on them, making it the perfect gift for someone young or old who loves space stuff! This particular one has an astronaut in space on them, that will fit perfectly in your room. 

12. "Galaxy Girls" T-shirt

This shirt is perfect for anyone in love with outer space! This t-shirt has "galaxy girls" printed across the front chest area. The colors are soft and feminine while still being boldly galactic at the same time, a great combination that makes it easy to dress up or down, depending on the occasion. A fun piece for their wardrobe that they'll be wearing all year round once they realize how versatile it is! It would also be a nice gift for teenage girls.

13. NASA Backpack 

This backpack has the NASA logo printed in a bold, white font across its front panel. It's made with durable canvas and features two pockets for your most important items like phones or tablets. A fun way to secretly show off their love of space! One truly wonderful gift for a space lover. They will definitely be happy and will appreciate your gift. It would also be a practical gift for a geologist.

14. "The Nasa Archives" Book by Chris Carberry  

A great gift for any space enthusiast is this book about all things related to NASA, one of the world’s best-known agencies that deal with space exploration research and aeronautics development. This hardcover edition includes 240 pages full of images from what they call “the family album,” and explores the history behind some of America’s greatest accomplishments in space flight technology.

15. Space Wall Tapestry 

An affordable and decorative gift for space lovers is this tapestry featuring a distant galaxy in the night sky. This particular one will make your bedroom look like you’re lying in an open field, gazing up at the stars. If you yourself are a space lover, or maybe you have someone who is in love with the Universe, this would be the perfect wall tapestry. It would also be a decent gift for a Muslim family.

16. Astronaut Crew Socks

The crew socks have NASA's space shuttle emblem on them and are a fun way to add some personality to your space-themed ensemble! Plus they'll keep your feet warm! These particular ones do not look crazy cool since they are in 3D. If you have someone who is a sock and space lover, it is the one true gift for them. 

17. Enamel Space Pins

Hanging on your backpack or jacket, these pins from Etsy are a simple and inexpensive way to show space pride. They come in many different designs like NASA's Apollo missions emblem, the U.S. flag with an astronaut helmet pictured within it, The Hubble Space Telescope design, and other space-themed symbols for lovers of all kinds! The perfect gift for a space lover. 

18. Moon Phase Yoga Mat

For every yoga practitioner, this yoga mat is a must-have. With its fun, space-themed design and high-quality materials, you'll be able to practice your favorite poses with ease while feeling patriotic in the process! This particular one has a black background with the moon phases imprinted on it. You will feel lovely and comfortable while working out. A perfect gift if you are a moon lover. 

19. Planet Purse

A space-themed purse is a great accessory for any woman who loves the stars. The best part of this style is that it can be dressed up or down depending on what she's wearing out. This one features metallic embroidery and has "Galaxy" written across both sides in mirror script with silver studs to give it an extra edge. This particular bag comes in pink. 

20. Nebula Laser Projector

A Nebula laser projector is a great way to show any space lover their dreams came true! This is a perfect gift for anyone who has trouble sleeping because it projects the night sky onto the ceiling of your room. The projector comes with an LED remote control, a built-in timer that turns off after 20 minutes and can project up to 100 stars at once.

21. Astronaut Bandaids

These Astronaut Band aids are a fun way to show your love of space! This little box comes with a total of 12 different band aids that represent the various missions in which astronauts have flown. Each mission is represented by one design and each astronaut has their name on it for added detail. These are perfect for any space lover who might be prone to cuts or scrapes in hard-to-reach places while also being fun!

22. Astronaut Stickers Set

An Astronaut Stickers Set is a great way to decorate your space-themed room with the perfect sticker for any occasion! There are a number of different sets available but this one is specifically designed for an astronaut-themed background, so these stickers would be best suited on a bedroom or playroom wall. The selections in this set include various astronauts, planets and some other space items that you might need.

23. Constellation Map

A constellation map is something that every space lover should have! There are a number of different kinds to choose from but the one I found has two parts - an actual map and also some stickers. It's perfect for kids or adults, it doesn't matter because you can just put whichever sticker on your area that is missing (or not as populated) so they know what constellation goes where.

24. Telescope

This is the wish of every child and adult space lover. This is the perfect way to view and explore space, it's like a time machine! Telescopes are essential for any space enthusiast or aspiring astronomer who wants to get close to their favorite celestial objects. The Telescope has both aperture size and focal length of 1200 mm which means that it offers more high-power observation than many comparable telescopes on the market. Bird watchers can use this telescope to observe birds.

25. Aeromax Astronaut Gloves

These Aeromax Astronaut Gloves are a great gift for space lovers. They are designed to withstand the extreme temperatures of space and also have a grip that prevents slippage on any surface. The Aeromax Astronaut Gloves come in large or small sizes, so they can be worn by anyone from little kids up through adults! This is a perfect gift for a space lover. 

26. Aeromax Youth Astronaut Helmet 

This Helmet is a great way to let space lovers live out their dream of being an astronaut. This helmet has enough room in the inside for kid's heads and can be worn over any regular clothing, so it's perfect for transforming into astronauts! The Aeromax Youth Astronaut Helmet comes with a plastic visor that transforms moonlight into light or filters sunlight from reaching your eyes while you wear this helmet outdoors on sunny days.

27. Galaxy Duck Tape

A galaxy duck tape is something that many space lovers would love to have around. This tape is perfect for decorating any space lover's room, and it can also be used in crafts like galaxy sky quilts or as wrapping paper on gifts. This duck tape has the following dimensions: 12mm x 55 meters (0.47"x19 yards). A great idea of gifts for space lovers. 


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If you had any doubters that space was cool, this list is proof. It's got something for everyone: Star Wars fans will love the vintage posters ,movie props and puzzles; children can dress up like an astronaut with a replica suit or Halloween costume-it doesn't have to be in October! Adults can enjoy a glass of wine by the moonlight while wearing these NASA socks.

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