29 Gifts For Spiritual People

Gifts for spiritual people

Spirituality is a beautiful and essential part of life. It's important to make sure that we're taking care of our spiritual needs, even if it's just for ourselves. This can be difficult when the world around us is constantly pushing materialism onto us. How do you know what the best gifts for spiritual people are? Whether they're a new-age believer or just interested in spirituality, these gifts will resonate with anyone who appreciates peace and tranquility.

1. Chakra Crystal Bonsai 

Bonsai is Japanese technique to grow plants in a beautiful manner. This is a beautiful-looking seven-chakras crystal bonsai that bestows peace and balance to the environment. This would be a spectacular gift for anyone who wants to bring more spiritual energy into their home or office space. A gemstone tree includes gemstones as the leaves and copper wire for branches and a wood base. Something simply beautiful, such as a gemstone tree, can create a space where energy can freely flow and attract good things. One of the benefits of gemstone trees is that they encourage free-flowing energy. 

2. Incense Burner

This gift for people who believe in spiritual things would be a great gesture. Spiritual people can use the waterfall incense burner with an incense cone for holistic relaxation and meditation. The cone holder can be used in the living room, bedroom, office, meditation room, yoga studio and more. This aromatherapy ornament comes with one incense holder, one pad, 120 incense cones and 30 incense sticks. This waterfall incense burner helps to clean the air and gives spiritual benefits too.

3. Flame Angel LED Candles

Illuminate the prayer of Angel candles in a quiet way to heal, comfort, and protect people. This angelic and flameless candle will create a mystical ambiance when you're feeling down. This set of three flameless candles is perfect Christmas gift for spiritual people. They can use them as a beautiful and elegant decorative piece to enhance the ambience in any room or event. They are also an ideal decoration for wedding, Christmas celebration, birthday party or other holidays festival. It would also be a wonderful gift for people who lost a child.

4. Boho Blanket

Spiritual people believe in meditation, and they need a peaceful atmosphere and a meditation blanket during session. This reversible boho blanket is a woven throw that can be used indoors or outdoors. The material provides enough cushioning to ensure you stay comfortable during your practice session without getting too warm. And the best part is this bohemian blanket is lightweight and easy to carry. This boho blanket helps spiritual people to get full advantages of meditation.

5. Sandalwood Prayer Beads

These beautiful sandalwood prayer beads are perfect to use in prayer and meditation. It is handmade with original sandalwood. This prayer beads are 99 design featuring 99 beads 8mm in diameter, dividers between each 33 bead set, and 10 small beads on the tassel for additional counting. It would be an appropriate  gift for people connected to the Quran.

6. Meditation Mat 

Meditation is one of the best practices to get peace and relaxation. This meditation mat is best for people who are looking to get things done. This lightweight and portable meditation mat feature a premium velvet cover with a 100% cotton cushion. This durable mat with stitched edges provides best support for seating and kneeling positions. This gift for spiritual people helps relax on the meditation mat and say goodbye to muscle pain after prolonged sessions!

7. Essential Oils Set

Essential oils are used for aromatherapy Ayurveda, steam inhalations, skin care, massage therapy, natural perfumery, baths and other applications. This set includes 20 pure essential oils, including lavender, frankincense, peppermint and more! They are good for spiritual people to have on hand when they need it most. They give spiritual people a sense of clarity and peace. This impressive gift will help the person with their spirituality grow stronger by renewing energy levels and bringing new perspectives to their lives.

8. Wooden Crystal Shelf Display 

This wooden shelf is an awesome gift for any spiritual person who loves to decorate their crystal in a unique way. The mountain shelf wall decore from American Empire is perfect for stones and keepsakes that are sacred or have meaning in someone's life. It is made with high-quality solid wood and contains a coat of durable lacquer that will keep this shelf in great condition for many years to come. Any spiritual person will love this decoration item in their home.

9. Meditation Cushion 

Meditation or yoga practice gives many benefits to body and helps spiritual people to focus on what they want to manifest in life. This meditation cushion has a 16"x16" size and is made of high-quality cotton velvet material that will not get too hot when practising your meditation or yoga exercises. This cushion is a great gift idea because these are high-quality pillows that will last for years. This cushion provides superior support to the body, head, and neck when sitting on the floor for meditation.

10. Boho-Magic 925 Ring

This meditation ring will help people to deal with stress and anxietyFidgeters can also use this to relieve their nervousness or stress. This is the best gift for spiritual people because they are looking for ways to relax, and this spinner ring does just that! This wide-band ring is made of sterling silver and it is made to be durable and comfortable on the finger. This boho magic 925 ring comes in many sizes, so there is a size for everyone.

11. Guardian Goddess Statue

This Guardian Goddess of The Trees Statue is a perfect decoration for any home or office. This statue will provide good vibes, positive energy and inspiration to anyone who sees it! This statue is made with cold cast resin with metallic bronze finish. According to Celtic mythology, the Guardian Goddess of the trees protects trees, plants and humans. You can present this outstanding gift to your spiritual loved ones.

12. Crystal Rune Stones Set 

This crystal healing gift helps spiritual people to balance Chakra and provide crystal healing energy. The runes stones are engraved with Elder Futhark and have a 20-25 mm size, perfect for individuals who need an item that's easy to hold in their hand. This gift is usually used to wish for the increase of good luck, wealth and fortune. Use as a home decor item or for chakra crystal healing. This spiritual gift helps to convert negative energy into a more positive form.

13. Crystal Infuser Water bottle

This remarkable spiritual gift is a great way to help people keep their water energized. The double-walled crystal infuser bottle provides a relaxing and calming effect by adding gemstone into water. This gift comes with rose quartz and amethyst stone, but recipients can use different crystals according to their preferences. This eco-friendly gift will surely bring love, peace, luck, prosperity, self-confidence and friendship into your life. 

14. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Salt crystals are believed to emit negative ions and purify air, while they can also help you relax your body and mind for better sleep at night. This gift will bring positive energy while using it during yoga or meditation. The Himalayan Glow salt lamp has a natural pink color made from salt crystal from the Himalayan mountain. This pink salt lamp is a gift for people who believe in spiritual things. It helps them create a comfortable environment, clean the air, and help release mental stress.

15. Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy diffusers for essential oils are a gift to those who believe in the power of scent. A body can't be at peace without inhaling and exhaling good scents. This is why people use aromatherapy diffuses with their own blends or purchase them from stores. Mostly spiritual people like to make atmosphere calm and pleasant with good scents. This essential oil diffuser has two mist modes and an auto-off function. It's perfect for a bedroom or office room and can be used as an air humidifier too.

16. Scented Candles Set  

Good vibes scanted candles help spiritual people to create a calm and pleasant atmosphere with good scents. It helps people fight stress, anxiety and depression. This set includes six candles in various colors made out of natural soy wax blend mixed with essential oils and an enchanting fragrant smell. Each candle burns for a total of 18-20 hours and has a fantastic fragrance with the purpose to create a peaceful atmosphere at your home or office space. 

17. Geometry Wall Art 

This wooden wall art brings an elegant touch to your home and produces good vibes and positive energy to your living space. This set includes four pieces: Eye of Horus, Flower Of Life, The Tree of Life, Metatron's Cube. Each piece is made from quality wood with hand-painted lacquer for durability and long-lasting use. This set of four spiritual art decor pieces is perfect for an office or home. It will make you feel the blend of frequencies that each piece inspires and gives you tranquillity.

18. Tiger Eye Men's Bracelet 

The tiger eye bracelet is designed for spiritual people to relieve stress. It is composed of tiger eye stone known as an engraving stone with the power of emotional cleansing and maintaining balance of one's life. The bracelet will bring good luck and best wishes in life. This means bracelets have an adjustable rope that allows changing the size by pulling or pushing the knots at either end through one more hole on each side of the bracelet.

19. Crystal Figurine Statue

A crystal figurine statue celebrates the beauty of gemstones. This figurine statue is best for those who believe in the spiritual world. This hand-carved crystal pocket angel symbolizes the Guardian god, and they have healing benefits that aid well being. It has been said to support the stabilizing of mood swings, purification of blood and kidneys. This crystal statue brings a lot of benefits to a person's life.

20. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set 

This amazing gift must be appreciated by spiritual people who have a deep connection to the world. This sound is used in meditation, relaxation and holistic healing sessions. The set contains an eye-catching black singing bowl that will bring beauty into your home or office while giving you hours of enjoyment! The sound is soothing, deep, and full of natural vibrations that release tension from the body. Possessing this Tibetan Singing Bowl Set will allow you to feel connected on an emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical level. 

21. Sage Smudge Gift Kit 

The sage smudge Kit makes the perfect gift for those seeking improved intuition and calm. This gift for spiritual people will clear negative energy from their space, create a sense of peace within yourself, and promote clarity in one's mind to achieve optimum health and wellness! This gift kit includes three white sage bundles, a smudging feather, an abalone shell with a stand and a chakra bracelet. This gift item would surprise your loved one with its versatile use in homes, offices and spiritual practices.

22. Woodstock Chimes  

This gift will allow your loved one to experience the sounds of nature, which is said to be extremely healing. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee for tuning and sound quality. A single tap resonates into an untiring, singular sound that soothes our troubled soul. A gorgeous cherry finish and elegant ash-wood frame with an aluminum rod make this Woodstock chime stand out from the rest. These chimes must bring peace and relief to any person life who believes in spirituality.

23. Coffee Mug 

This mug is perfect for the woman who lights up your life. This inspirational quote, "Keep Shining Beautiful One, The World Needs Your Light," inscribed in golden lettering on a baby pink background and illustrated with colorful butterflies--will help her stay focused on what's important during even tough days. This marble coffee mug holds 14 ounces of piping hot coffee or tea. This mug makes every day feel extra special to your loved one. A spiritual foodie will appreciate more!

24. Healing Thoughts Throw Blanket

This spiritual gift helps to heal the body and the soul. The soft, plush cotton throw blanket provides a sense of warmth, while its inspirational phrases offer comfort to those seeking peace and clarity in their lives. This gift set includes a throw blanket, eye mask, socks, neck pillow and a tote bag. Some beautiful words such as love, hope, serenity, hugs, energy, spirit and strength are written on the blanket and bag.

25. Pyramid 

A spiritual person looking to add more luxury into their lives, this Abundance Orgonite Pyramid offers rare and exotic stones that attract an abundance of wealth, health, love, and happiness when paired with the Law of Attraction. This pyramid includes various stones such as Green Aventurine, Clear Quartz, Citrine, and Tiger's Eye. This gift for spiritual people would be a great addition to their collection of crystals and stones.

26. Zen Garden Kit

This spiritual gift creates healing, meditative patterns effortlessly. The Island falls home Zen Garden Kit is designed to allow anyone, even those without an existing green thumb, the opportunity to create a beautiful and lasting zen garden. It includes all of the necessary tools as well as 12 traditional features, including stepping stones, Cherry Blossom Trees, Zen rocks, bridges, lotus flower, Shinto Torii Gate. This kit will be a beautiful addition to any living room table. It would be a great housewarming gift too.

27. Mandala Angel Wing Necklace

If you are looking for a special gift to give someone, this necklace is a perfect choice. It features an angel wing charm with crystals of all colors and it also has heart charms on either side that says "a piece of my heart is in heaven." The best thing about this necklace is that it can be used as urns for ashes to scatter a loved one's ashes. Jewelry also makes it easier for someone to carry the ashes of their family member or friend with them and have that person close by at all times. It would also be a pretty gift for a widow.

28. Meditation Stones 

Spiritual crystals are a vibrant and earthy addition to any home. Spiritual people often seek out crystals to help them with their meditations and yoga practices, center themselves, or simply enjoy the beautiful colors. Crystal healing is an ancient form of alternative medicine that has been used for centuries by practitioners all over the world. This meditation crystal set includes seven chakra stones that give the person the power to heal themselves.

29. Energy Oracle Cards

This is a perfect gift for the spiritual person in your life. They can use them to answer any question, gain insight into their future, or even be used as tarot cards! The Energy Oracle cards will allow you to gain more clarity about both the energies that are in effect at this time and those that might soon be coming into play. You can also use these cards to reveal any hidden blocks that may be delaying your progress.


Rose Parker

Spirituality is a personal thing. One person's spirituality might be praying, while another person may believe in the afterlife or reincarnation. It is important to respect each other and their own beliefs. Sometimes people don't know what type of spiritual gifts they want to give someone, so we curated this list of spiritual gifts for people who believe in spirituality. We hope you will find the perfect gift for your loved ones in this list.

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