31 Best Gifts For Swimmers

Best gifts for swimmers

Swimming is a great way to stay in shape and have fun. Whether you are just starting out or have been swimming for years, there are plenty of gifts that will help you improve your skills. Swimmers need their own gear so they can train as well as swim recreationally. Gifts like goggles, training hand paddles, skinny necktie, water-resistant headphones, and hairband set will all be appreciated by any competitive swimmer who wants to look good while competing!

1. Swimming Kit  

Gift For Competitive Swimmers - The most common gift that is given to swimmers who want to stay on top of their game is a swimming kit. This includes Speedo training suits and goggles, but can also include other essentials like swim caps, ankle trainers, or even waterproof headphones! This is a good gift for swimmers because it contains everything they need. A perfect gift!

2. Backpack

The best way for a swimmer to carry their stuff is with an awesome backpack. This makes carrying things like water bottles, goggles, towels, and much more easy as well as stylish. It's also great because you don't need to use both hands on one side so now they are available for whatever else comes up during practice! A nice gift that will make swimming easier.

3. Personalized Wall Print

Not a classical swim gift for swimmers, but a perfect one for the swimmer's family and friends. It can be an artistic picture of the person in action with their name printed on it or any other way you want to personalize it! This is something that will look great at the home, office, dorm room, etc. It will make their room more beautiful!

4. Swimming Guides

We found some of the most popular guides and books out there for swimmers. These are great gifts that can be their go-to resource when they need information on strokes, training, personal bests, or anything else related to swimming. One of the best swimming guides is the "Open water Swimming Manual" by Lynne Cox. This is not only educational but also one of the best sports gifts for swimmers.

5. Phone Grip Socket

We can't imagine a more appropriate gift for swimmers than this. The "Grip Socket" is an awesome accessory that will keep your phone from slipping out of your hands when you're swimming or in the water. This is one of the best, as well as clever gifts for swimmers. So, if you have a swimmer in your life, this is something they will definitely need. 

6. Swim Caps

Top gifts for swimmers. If you're looking for a gift that will make your swimmer happy, look no further than this. Swim caps are always useful and they come in many sizes to fit any size head. They can be used in the pool or when washing up after swimming. This is one of the gifts they will always use. Perfect right?

7. Wetsuit Changing Poncho

 An amazing gift for competitive swimmers. This is useful in the pool and when they get out of it after a long swim, this will make changing into dry clothes much easier. So if you have a swimmer in your life that wants to compete and is in the pool day and night, this may be the best gift for them. It would also be a nice gift for surfers.

8. Goggles

Goggles are always a great gift. There are so many different types of goggles to choose from and it is important for swimmers to have one that fits their face perfectly. So if you know someone who swims, these may be the perfect choice as they will use them every time they go into the pool or ocean water. This is one of the best gifts for women swimmers, as well as men.

9. Swim Training Hand Paddles

A great set of hand paddles that help push off at the wall during those long sets on dry land before jumping back into the pool. Anyone who does competitive swimming needs a pair of these because they need to train all the time. this is one of the best gifts for competitive swimmers, so if you want to make your swimmer happy, give them some of these.

10. Safety Swim Buoy 

This is a buoy that can be attached to the ankle and it helps keep someone afloat, even if they are not swimming. It's great for kids who want to play in the water but don't know how to swim yet. This is also one of the greatest gifts for teenage girl swimmers who are starting to learn swimming just now.

11. Flippers 

Flippers are the "tadpole flipper" or a dolphin-style round blade. This is one of those gifts for swimmers that really helps people learn how to swim faster and more efficiently. This is a top gift for swimmers who are doing competitive swimming. It is also great for recreational swimmers who just want to learn how to swim more efficiently. A real deal.

12. Ankle Swimming Trainer

These have little weights attached to them which help you get better at swimming by pulling your feet down in the water as you're trying to move through it using just your arms and legs like a frog does when they swim on land without their tail! They also feel comfortable as they don't make contact with skin so there's no chaffing or irritation happens.

13. Goggle Replacement Straps

These are really handy if you have lost or broken your original straps on a pair of goggles and they're not available to purchase in the store. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes which makes it easy for people with all head sizes! If we talk about unique birthday gifts for swimmers, this is definitely it. A real deal.

14. Waterproof Headphones

For those of us who listen to music while we swim, these are important for staying safe in the water. It's a great idea because it will allow you to enjoy your favorite songs without having any fear about destroying your phone or risking getting hurt by dropping them into the pool or beach! One of the best gifts for swimmers both men and women!

15. Bangle Bracelet

Ok, so this is an interesting one! They come in different shapes and sizes which makes this gift perfect for people with all preferences when it comes to jewelry. I think that they're really cute too as well as being practical and useful if you choose not to wear anything on your wrist during swimming practice/competition anymore (if you were very used to doing so). 

16. Swimming Award Binders

These are a great idea for the competitive swimmer in your life, they hold all of their medals and ribbons in place on one binder. This way when you go to an event or meet up with other swimmers from different clubs/teams - you can show off what you've achieved so far! It also really helps people who want to keep track of how many medals they have compared to others.

17. Watches/Trackers

The ultimate gift for swimmers. Some of the best ones on the market come with a swim-proof design, GPS system, and alerts for lap times. These activity trackers come in a few different designs. They also have great features like measuring heart rate and intensity. They also come with a training guide. Not only that it is a cool gift, but it is also very helpful.

18. Skinny Necktie

A new way to show your love for swimming! These ties are made with star wars designs. They might not win many awards, but they are definitely a real deal. This is perfect if you want to wear something that people will recognize but not be able to figure out what it means. A perfect hall of fame gift for your swimmer!

19. Customized Hershey Kisses

A great gift for the swimmer in your life! Even though swimmers are people who generally look out for their health, they also deserve a treat sometimes. Buy a personalized Hershey Kisses and they will be reminded of you every time that they indulge in their favorite chocolate treat. Or, if you can't find some, we would recommend HERSHEY'S HUGS Ki.sses Candies

20. Super Soft Microfiber Towel

If you have never used one before, then this is what you have been missing out on! These towels are amazing because they don't scratch up surfaces like some other types do (like cotton). Plus it does not take long to dry off with them either! This would make an awesome present for any swimmer or parent who stands at pools all day looking after children while also keeping themselves cool. 

21. Hair Band Set

Not only that this is one of the best swim gifts for high school swimmers, but it is also a great gift for adult swimmers. These hairbands are so amazing because they don't snag your hair and it doesn't hurt when you pull them off! A perfect gift for any young woman that can be used on a daily basis.

22. Supportive Crew Socks

These crew socks are a MUST HAVE for any swimmer. They provide great support and comfort while working out or training in the water. The anti-slip soles help to keep feet from slipping on wet surfaces! So, if you have a swimmer in your life, no matter if they are doing competitive swimming or recreative swimming, these would be perfect for them!

23. All Natural Hair Conditioner

After a long day of swimming, it is important to take care of our hair. However, you can not wash the hair with a shampoo every day, and not use any conditioner, because it will make it dry. This conditioner helps with that! Great for swimmers who have thick/curly hair or just want their locks to be shiny and soft after they get out of the pool.

24. Training Kickboard

If you are a swimmer who likes to improve your technique, this kickboard is great for training. You can use it to do front crawl, backstroke, or breaststroke kicks on the surface of the water with perfect body alignment and control. If you are someone who does not swim professionally, and you have such a friend, this is a great gift for competitive swimmers, therefore it will be perfect for them. 

25. Comfortable T-shirt

We prefer t-shirts, so if you are looking for a gift that is either swimmer or not swimwear-related, this one will be perfect. It's easy to find a comfortable shirt with good quality by simply searching in the online stores or shopping centers nearby. If you have a friend who is a swimmer, they would like to wear something comfortable when they go swimming.

26. Stability Snorkel

A stability snorkel will help the swimmer to be more confident and enjoy their time in the water. So, if you have a friend who wants to swim in open water, this might be a perfect gift for them. This is one of the best gifts for ocean swimmers. We are certain that if your friend loves the ocean, they will love this gift!

27. Buoyancy Shorts

Buoyancy shorts are a good gift for swimmers who want to practice their balance in the water. These swimming equipment items help them become more stable and buoyant while they swim, giving them an easier time in the pool! This wonderful gift is perfect for swimmers who are doing competitive, as well as the ones who swim creatively. A real deal. 

28. Inspirational Necklace 

This is a great gift for swimmers who love to share their accomplishments and inspire others. The necklace displays the phrase, "Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters the most" It's perfect for any swimmer girl or boy! This is one of the best ideas for Christmas or birthday gifts for swimmers that is easy to make.

29. A Mug

This is a perfect gift for swimmers who have trouble waking up in the morning. The swimming lovers who are also coffee and tea lovers will love this mug that says "Education is important, but swimming is importanter". This is one of the best custom gifts for swimmers. So, if you have a swimmer who is also a coffee/tea lover in your life, give them this unique funny mug!

30. A Bottle

The bottle is a good gift for swimmers. Just because they are in the water all the time, it does not mean that they do not have to drink water. On the contrary - drinking water is a must! It can be used to carry water, Gatorade, or other sports drinks with them on long runs and in the pool to stay hydrated.

31. A Juice Maker 

A great gift for swimmers is a juice maker. They can use it to make their own fresh fruit and vegetable juices that they are going to consume, often as part of an athlete's diet or just because they like drinking them! This will give them more energy that will get them through the day! If you want to keep your fitness-conscious swimmer healthy, make sure to buy them this gift!


Rose Parker

We gave you 31 awesome ideas for swimmers! What are some of your favorite gifts to receive or give to your loved ones? Let us know in the comments below!