30 Gifts For Women Runners

Gifts for women runners

Planning a gift list for someone who is an active woman can be hard. They might already have everything they want, and it's difficult to know what to buy them. But not if you're a runner! There are so many gifts that runners will love, and we've compiled 30 of our favorites in this blog post!

1. Brooks Carbonite Gloves

Brooks Carbonite Gloves are great for those who want some extra warmth during winter runs! They come in all colors, making them perfect for any woman runner. These lace-up gloves also have an added liner which will help give runners that little bit of extra heat as they're running outside. It can get cold, windy, and wet on the run, so these gloves have a touch of heat to keep their hands warm.

2. Running Shorts

Everybody loves running in shorts. They are so comfortable, even on long runs or hot days. This is a really popular product with runners of all levels from beginners to marathoners. These Running Shorts were designed with comfort as their number one priority-even if you do wear nothing underneath! This makes them perfect for every lady runner. A real deal!

3. Wireless Earphones

These earphones have noise cancellation and allow you to enjoy your music without being disturbed by the outside world. The sound quality is just incredible, which will make them perfect for running or any other activity that requires a lot of focus on one thing (like a workout). From now on, you or your runner lady friend can enjoy this activity even more!

4. Lights-Up Running Shoes

If there was ever something designed specifically for runners, it's these shoes! They light up in different colors when they are used with an app. That means you can customize your kicks at home before heading off on a run. You'll never be able to lose your way again... if they're still lit up, then you know where to go! These lights also act as safety features during night runs or morning workouts. It could cool stuff for skateboarders.

5. Personalized Finisher’s Poster

A special present for the runner in your life. You can make it look like a marathon, a half marathon, or even a short run - whatever they prefer. You can personalize it with their name and put a photo of them crossing the finish line on the back. We are sure that this will be one of the best gifts they will ever get and it will have a special place in their heart. 

6. Personalized Shoe Tag

This is a gift that will make your lady runner friend feel like they are a part of the team. It's stainless steel, so it won't break on long runs and has room for their name as well as plenty of information about what running gear you should be wearing with each season. A great present for someone who loves to go for a run. 

7. Smartwatch

This one is great because it not only tracks distances but it also tracks calories burned in workouts and during daily life, which means less time spent calculating when there is an easier way to do things! Plus this model comes equipped with sleep monitoring technology too. Now you can track your sleeping patterns and improve your sleep! We are all for more restful nights!

8. Runner’s Measurements Stemless Wine Glass

Perfect for those wine drinkers out there who want to indulge without having to worry about if they are getting too much sweat in their glass. Even better for those who simply love drinking! This is a great gift because if someone likes to drink wine while running, this will make it easier for them! So why not surprise your friend with one of these?

9. Sport Polarized Sunglasses

These glasses block out glare from the sun and make seeing clear when you’re outside. They also come with interchangeable lenses so that you can either use polarized or non-polarized depending on your needs. You will love these sport sunglasses not only because of how well they work but also because of how fashionable they look as well! A perfect gift!

10. No Bounce Waist Bag

This one item is essential for women runners. As a woman, you have the need to wear a lot of things with you, and this small bag that you carry on your hips to hold any items you may need during the race. This includes identification, keys, and cash for water or snacks. You will love this gift because it eliminates the bouncing of anything in your pockets while running or walking.

11. Foam Massage Ball

This is a small, portable ball that you can use to massage your tense muscles while on the go. The foam-sensitive design doesn't have any hard edges so it won't rub at your skin and irritate it as you roll this ball over the knots in your muscles. Perfect gift for someone who has stiff muscles after a long run (which is almost everyone).

12. Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Cookbook

This book includes healthy recipes for every occasion from breakfast dishes to dinner entrées. There are also a lot of pages dedicated to desserts! If you want to surprise your runner lady friend, give her a new favorite recipe with these tried-and-true favorites from runners around the world who love cooking up tasty meals after their long runs or races!

13. Lite-Show Winter Zip Top 

This lightweight, breathable top is perfect for a chilly morning or night run. The zipper detail also makes it easy to slip on in the middle of your workout! Therefore, if you are thinking about what would be a good present for a friend who loves running, probably this would be one of the best choices. She will be thrilled to have this in her closet!

14. Running Socks

These running socks are designed to have gentle cushioning for more comfortable and less impact. The socks are also made with sweat-wicking technology, which will make the runner feel dryer during their workout. The running socks come in different colors so that you can match your outfit. This also makes a great present for a person who goes for a run every day.

15. Sun Serum SPF

As women, we take care of our skin. This sun serum will keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays. It is oil-free so it won't clog pores and doesn’t leave any stains on clothes due to sweating or activity. The ingredients are all-natural, which means that you can use this with confidence knowing there are no harsh chemicals absorbed into your body when applied. Also can make a perfect gift for surfers or swimmers. 

16. Foot Creme and Exfoliator

Feet are often the most neglected part of our body, but they need care too! This foot creme and exfoliator is a perfect way to start. It cleanses your feet with a gentle scrub and leaves them feeling soft and moisturized. The ingredients include glycerin which will help hydrate dry skin as well as shea butter for deep moisture. The perfect treat for your feet after a run!

17. Travel Stick

For women who love to run and travel, this product is an absolute necessity. This product was created by two sisters who were seeking relief from their jet lag symptoms when traveling overseas for work. It has an anti-fungal ingredient that's clinically proven to kill odor-causing bacteria for up to five times longer than other sticks do, so your armpits will feel fresh and smell good even if you've had them under layers all day!

18. Bandana

Another perfect gift for a runner! This neck wrap is made from 100% cotton and comes in many different colors. It's lightweight, breathable, machine washable, and easy to tie around the head for a quick sweat escape! The hot, humid weather can really damage the skin and cause irritation. It's a little bit more challenging to sweat it out in this weather but using a bandana or will help cool things down!

19. Headband

This is on the list of must-haves for women runners. It is an accessory that will help keep the hair out of the face while exercising. It's also a great way to stay cool when running, especially on those hot and humid days! If you have a friend who loves to run, keep in mind that a headband is something they will always need. So it will make a perfect gift!

20. Wall Calendar 

Wall Calendars are often referred to as a “gift that keeps on giving.” This is because once you purchase the calendar for your friend they will be able to use it year after year. Plus, in each month there are different pictures or quotes which can give them something new and interesting every day of the week! They can also use it to mark the days when they want to go for a run.

21. Arm and Ankle Bands

These are perfect for any type of runner! The armband is great because it will keep your phone secure while you’re running and the ankle band can be used to hold keys or a debit card. The arm and ankle bands are also used to prevent injuries while running. A wonderful, plus extremely useful gift for any lady who loves running.

22. Barefoot Running Sandals

Yes, there is such a thing as this! Barefoot running sandals are the perfect thing for runners because they allow your feet to feel more natural and not constrained with a shoe or boot on them. Plus, when you’re wearing these shoes you don't have to worry about slipping on wet surfaces! A very creative gift for a woman who runs in hot weather. 

23. T-shirt

Yes, this is a gift for runners of all levels! You can find T-shirts with fun sayings on them or support messages. The most popular one would be the “yes I’m running because my uterus doesn't work” shirt which was created to empower women who are battling endometriosis and as well as other female reproductive issues that cause infertility. Another option - a Nike "Just do it" t-shirt. 

24. Water Bottle

People who run need to drink water all the time. When they run, they lose a lot of calories and the water of their body vaporizes and makes them dehydrated. Because of that, they need to have a bottle of water with them so they can stay hydrated. Therefore, if you are still thinking about what gift to buy for your friend who loves running, then this is a good choice.

25. Backpack

Active people often have a lot of things they take with them when they are running. They need water, food, and clothes to change after the run. Unfortunately, they have too much stuff sometimes, so wearing a waist bag is not enough. Therefore, getting them a backpack is an excellent idea. We are completely positive that they will love this present!

26. Blogging Platform

If you want your friend who loves running to be able to share their experiences online with others, then a blogging platform is just what you should get for her as a gift. Maybe you can design one for them, or better - just buy them a book that will help them create it on their own terms. It will be fun, plus they can earn extra money!

27. Running Shoe Bracelet Charm 

This is a small little gift that will make the runner in your life feel extra loved. It's not expensive but it still looks pretty and has meaningful meaning behind it: "I'm with you, always". This charm makes for an amazing keepsake when the distance between you and your friend grows longer than you could have ever imagined.

28. Wet Wipes

If you have a friend who likes to squeeze a run on their lunch breaks when they are at work, give them wet wipes. This will save them from a sweaty, smelly post-run. Plus, as you already know, pores clogging isn't the only reason your skin is looking worse than it's ever done before. Something as simple as skincare maintenance should be taken seriously!

29. Personalized Marathon Mug

Like the runner in your life? If so, then you may want to rethink how you are currently presenting them with their coffee. A personalized mug is a thoughtful gift that they will use every day and can't help but feel special when drinking from it. So make sure you are being creative when you create that unique mug for your runner!

30. Workout Leggings

The perfect gift for the active woman in your life. Get her a pair of leggings and she will be most appreciative. If you don't know the type and the color you want to choose, our recommendation is Ewedon's Yoga Pants with Pockets. Not only she will look good in them, but she can wear them to the gym, when she is running and for everyday use!


Rose Parker

Made with love and especially for women, this list is a great way to show your love and appreciation for that active woman in your life!