34 Golf Gifts For Women

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It's that time of year again! The weather is getting warmer, the days are starting to get longer and everyone starts thinking about heading out on the golf course. It's a great time for you to be out there too if it wasn't for one small problem: what do you buy for your female golfer friends? You know they have everything already and would never need anything else in their lives. But don't worry, we're here with 34 gift ideas that they will love!

1. Golf Ball Set

A Lady golf ball set is a great gift choice for your lady golf partner. Not only does Srixon golf ball set come with four golf balls in an attractive box, but these golf balls provide a larger than average amount of greenside spin. They also offer a soft feel on all pitches, chips, and putts.

You can surprise your lady partner by giving her a special gift. This is a great way to show your appreciation for the time she spends with you playing golf all day long!

2. Garmin GPS Watch

GPS watches are a great way to keep abreast of distances, shot tracking, and much more. GPS watches are perfect for golfers of all abilities, and prices range as low as $90 to over 1000 dollars per unit! If the woman you love has her eye on a new GPS watch, she will love Garmin Forerunner lightweight timepiece. This fantastic piece of technology calculates distances to the front, middle, and back of the green and hazards and automatically records the location and distance of each shot.

3. Women's Golf Package Set

A lady golfer needs her own special set of equipment, which includes everything from grips and tees up through divot tools-all in feminine colors like pink or purple that will stand out on. You can surprise your favorite lady golfer with this set that includes everything she needs to play the game.

Strata ultimate women's set is designed for ultimate distance and performance, with modernized golf technology to cover from tee to green.

4. Women's Leather Glove

Leather gloves are an excellent gift for the lady golfer who takes her golf game seriously. They provide protection from blisters and calluses while also providing extra grip on clubs that might need it- especially if she's playing in wet or slippery conditions! Callaway leather ladies' gloves come with either smooth palms to give her more control over. The perforations on top of the hand and fingers provide optimum moisture removal and increased breathability.

5. Crystal Golf Ball Marker

The golf ball marker is one of those gifts that might seem like an afterthought to some or even just something she could make themselves at home. The top of the list- especially if it's a special edition golf ball marker! The blue-red crystal markers are also good because they can be engraved with any message. It makes for an extra thoughtful present and will have her think about you every time she places that new tee in front of its mark. The exquisite act of designing and crafting each Swarovski crystal is a rare gift in itself. 

6. Women's Golf Polo Shirts

If you have a lady golfer in your life and want to get her something that will help her stay comfortable, we have some great ideas for you. Ladies love to feel good and look stylish on the course. Try giving a female golfer one of these classics, yet chic pieces with a modern twist. They come in colors like gray, black, or navy blue but something more personal- then why not invest in one of the many golf polo shirts available on Amazon? They're also great for giving as gifts because it's workwear that she can use this year or next! 

7. Golf Hat

Puma golf caps are great for the lady golfer who has to keep their hair under control. She looks a little bit more stylish than just wearing a regular golf visor. It will also help her stay cool on those hot days at work or play!

She can wear it as part of an outfit that she's already got together. It's a small gift to thank someone for being there with you on all your golfing adventures and making them memorable! The Puma golf women's cap is just what she needs to be designed, especially for ladies who love playing this game more than anyone else out there. 

8. Deep Kneading Massage Pillow

After playing golf for hours, she needs something to help her relax. A deep-kneading massage pillow is one of the best ways to do it! The cordless and rechargeable neck and back massager is the perfect gift for your favorite lady golf partner. It will help her to reduce stress and tension in the neck, back muscles.

It also helps relieve muscle spasms if she has a lot of pain from sitting or standing too much during work hours! It's easy enough that she can do it on her own without any help.

9. Nike Women's 3-in-1 Web Pack Belt

Ladies who love to play the game of Golf always need a good, sturdy, and well-fitting belt. Nikon belts are great for keeping pants up during playing hours! The Nike women belt gives your favorite girl a luxurious look and she can play the game in style. 

To give her pleasure, you can buy her a belt with the logo of their favorite golf apparel company. The fashionista will wear it proudly and show off who they love most- themselves or Golf?!

10. 14k Gold Female Golfer Pendant Necklace

Women love to accessorize, and that includes golfing. Adding some bling to her outfit can make a woman feel like she is unstoppable on the green! You can surprise her by giving her this 14 k yellow gold pendant.

Of course, this is an expensive gift but not more than her. she will always think of you when she wears it.

To make her day, give a gold necklace with your initials so that no one else can claim credit for the most thoughtful present! 

11. Mobile Launch Monitor

Your golfer girlfriend will also enjoy a new level of gameplay with the help of this device! If she has a swing analyzer, it will help her track and improve every detail of the movement. Next time on the golf course, she'll know how well or poorly did her shot go! You might ask why we recommend this device? Rapsodo mobile launch monitor will surely provide accurate data to your golf partner.

12. Golf Keychain

The golf keychain is a perfect gift for women because it’s practical and stylish, and trendy. You can be sure that she will like this present from the bottom of her heart—a golf Keychain from the Infinity collection helps keep keys organized and easy to find in one place. 

The keychain comes with a beautiful infinity design that makes her heart happy to receive this amazing golf gift! Its small size and flexibility are perfect because it can easily fit in any purse or handbag without taking up too much space while traveling from the workplace back home during rush hour traffic. 

13. Golf Coffee Mug 

This beautiful golf coffee mug reminds your favorite lady golfer that she is an amazing sportswoman. The mug has a sleek and attractive design that includes the text 'Born to golf.' She will love the coffee time while playing Golf.

The mug holds up to 18 oz of liquid and is dishwasher-safe, making it an excellent gift for any woman golfer in your life who loves coffee. Plus, the golf ball on top makes this an adorable addition as well.

14. Golf Rangefinders

Golfers often struggle with estimating distances. This is where a rangefinder comes in very handy! With the push of one button, you can calculate how far away your ball landed from whatever target it hit and then give yourself accurate yardage to either lay up or continue towards that hole.

You can purchase a Callaway laser rangefinder for her and amazes her. She will be able to accurately measure distances from one hundred yards out and enjoy the game.

15. Divot Repair Tool

A divot tool is helpful to repair a ball mark or divot on the green. It is made of brass, chrome-plated steel, and stainless polish to provide an elegant look with its style while working hard in repairing your golf course for you. The Divot tool can be used as both club head cleaner (necessary) and help eliminate any tough dirt. You can opt Callaway divot repair tool that is small but useful as a small present for your golf partner.

16. Skechers Women's Max Golf Shoe

Women's golf shoes are mainly designed for women. The shoe's most important function is to ensure that you can walk without discomfort and grip wet grass or uneven terrain. For Women Golf Shoes, there are some features such as lightweight and flexible rubber soles to make sure that the wearer will not feel tired. Women golf shoes from Skechers will surely please your soul mate. They are available in various colors and sizes so that you can find a perfect one for her. 

17. Women's Solar Guard Shirt

The solar guard shirt is the best gift for your golfer girlfriend. It has UV protection and it also looks very good with its cool color combinations. The material used in this type of shirt is stretchable, breathable, lightweight fabric with a cooling effect to provide comfortability while playing on sunny days or hot climates. The Cutter and Buck offer a nice selection of these clothes. She will look more stylish and chicky with this shirt.

18. Arctic Zone Titan Cooler

The golf bag cooler is an excellent gift for your golfer mom because it does what the name suggests- keeps her food or drink cold while playing on sunny days and hot climates. This type of product cools items using an insulated compartment with a zippered lid, so the contents stay cool within the bag. The cooler is designed to keep things cold for up to 18 hours. The Arctic zone cooler bag increases the happiest moments of your golfing lover.

19. Embroidered Golf Towel

Your girlfriend will appreciate your thoughtfulness when she’s wiping the sweat from her brow on a hot summer day. The bonus of this idea is that she can use it beyond just for golfing. A custom personalized towel is fully hammed to look clean and stylish. It available in four different colors, so you can opt for something that matches her golf attire.

20. BOSS Audio Systems Sound Bar 

If your girlfriend has a car, she will appreciate this gift. Not only can she stream music from her phone to the speaker, but it also charges her phone on the go! The Boss Bluetooth speaker offers the best quality sound as well. Bluetooth technology gives the freedom to stream music from a smartphone or MP3 player. Use apps such as Spotify and Pandora, or listen to preloaded audiobooks is her choice. It will also be a wonderful road trip gift.

21. Golf Trunk Organizer

Do you want to gift a bag that can hold all of your girlfriend's golfing equipment at once? Yes, please! The trunk locker is a hidden storage unit for her clubs and other gear in the back of her car. It will keep everything organized and out of sight, so she doesn't have to worry about damaging her clubs or car.

This attractive golf trunk locker from Picnic At Ascot really completes the look of her car. It is easy for her to install in a few minutes with no tools or expertise. 

22. Thermal Hat and Gloves Set

Winter weather can be difficult for anyone, but it is even more challenging when playing golf! Your favorite golfer lady must love this beautiful winter glove set from Heat holders.

This is a beautiful, whimsical-looking gift for the golf player in your life! The gloves are made with quality materials and have an attractive design that will make her happy to wear them on cold days out on the course. She can wear them while playing any winter sports.

23. Zipper Wristlets 

Your favorite golfer lady can keep her money, ID, and all of her other essentials with this Women's wristlet wallet.

It is beautifully designed in a stylish material that will look great peeking out from her golf bag's side pocket while she plays the course! It has multiple compartments for storing IDs, cash, or credit cards, plus there are two card slots to hold important cards. This pretty wallet from Glove it store comes in various colors, so you can choose whichever suits her personal style best.

24. Juice Tumbler

The golf season is long, but your golfer lady won't even notice as she's sipping on her favorite juice or coffee in a tumbler that will keep it nice and cool. She can easily remove straw for easier cleaning, which is always an added bonus!

This handy Juice Tumbler from Tervis is made with BPA-free material so she can feel good about what she's drinking. The lid locks on for no worries of spills, and it also has a straw, so you won't have to worry about an icky mess!

25. Golf Chipping Net

This is a great gift for a woman who loves golfing and wants to practice her game! The net swings back and forth, so it's easy peasy; no lifting up and down required! She will love this because it allows her to practice at home without going out somewhere else. This Golf Hitting Net from JEF World of Golf will let her practice those tricky shots without any interference, and it won't damage her clubs either.  

26. Golf Shoe Bag

Shoe bags are a great gift for the golfer who is always in and out of their locker. A golf shoe bag can be an excellent option to easily store shoes and keep them fresh while walking on wet grass or sand. Golfers know that footwear keeps them comfortable during play, so keeping it clean will make them comfortable. Your lady indeed loves this shoe bag for the golf course. 

The shoe bag from TaylorMade has side straps for securing the bag to the golf cart, so you can have easy access to your shoes while on the green.

27. Survival Guide to Golf 

Are you worried about your girlfriend's golf game? A Girl's On-Course Survival Guide to Golf is a portable training guide covering every aspect of playing golf, including equipment, course management and etiquette, mental tools, and even rules. A girl's golf survival guide addresses exactly what metrics a female player should be focusing on throughout her round of golf. A detailed book by Christina Ricci has been designed with women in mind as they can now enjoy golf without worrying about all that other stuff!

28. Personalized Golf Charm Initial Bracelet

The personalized golf charm bracelet is the perfect gift for a significant girlfriend who loves to play golf and has many rounds under her belt. The silver plated charms are engraved with up to three letters in her preferred font which will offer eternal happiness and trust on that person’s behalf with this unique piece.

A personalized silver charm bracelet from Infinity looks pretty, and when she wears it on her wrist, she will look fashionable. 

29. Women's Low Cut Sport Socks

The low-cut sport socks are the perfect gift for your lady golf partner. The cotton blend, moisture-wicking fabric, and mesh panels make these comfortable to wear during a strenuous workout session to keep her feet dry and regulate body temperature. It's as if they were made just for her. 

The K ball low cut socks are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

30. Golf Hitting Mat

In winter, she can't go to play golf outside, so that you can buy an indoor golf mat for her. The training practice mat provides an excellent range of strokes and swings to help perfect the game indoors or out. The materials are durable enough to stand up against frequent use and withstand wear-and-tear over time without breaking down. The Callaway golf practice mat is an amazing gift for your golf partner.

31. Columbia Women's Waterproof Rain Jacket

The Columbia Women’s Switchback III Waterproof Rain Coat will keep your lady dry and warm in the rain with its lightweight design. She will love this jacket because it is available in various colors.  She will look adorable in this beautiful jacket while walking or hiking.

The lightweight rain jacket is made of breathable mesh with 4-way stretch capabilities to help the wearer maintain their comfort and freedom of movement during rainy weather.

32. Hallmark Christmas Ornament

Ornament is always a great gift. Maybe one of the golf balls you just got for your golfer girlfriend has an inscription on it that she would like to remember every time she sees it? There are all sorts of ornaments for any budget, with initials, quotes, or even pictures!

This ornament will be the center of attention on her tree or in a glass dome on an end table! The ornament is made from high-quality resin and features a fun golf ball design with glitter accents for that extra sparkle. 

33. Ring Key Chain

This is a unique and special gift that she will truly love! Give her a personalized gift that is both sentimental and useful with this golf ball keyring. 

The golf ball on this key chain will be the perfect gift for your sweetheart or spouse. Car Key Rings are typically used as a pendant for a tote, handbag, or purse. It is also ideal for putting on key chains for convenience and protection of your car keys. Women like unique, one-of-a-kind gifts that make a statement.

34. Golf Scrunchie

Your golfer partner's long hair is a hassle. A golf scrunchy is a perfect solution to keep her hair securely in place while she plays! This easy-to-use product will help ensure that your golfer partner's locks are always under control and unable to interfere with their game. This unique, one-of-a-kind gift will make a statement for your golfer partner's confidence on the course! She can mingle with her friends and show off her scrunchy.

She'll never have to worry about hair flying in their face again, thanks to this great product that keeps it all neatly tucked into place.


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Giving gifts makes a strong bond between people. A woman will love the support she gets from you, and it is time to let her know how much you appreciate her. Women like unique gifts. Give your golf partner the best golf gift and surprise her.