17 House Warming Gift Ideas for New Neighbors

One of the most exciting things that can happen to you is when you get a new neighbor. It's a chance for friendship, and someone to share your space with. When they move in, it's time to show them some love! Here are 17 house warming gift ideas that will help make your new neighbor feel welcome:

1. Welcome gift basket - A gift basket is a great way to welcome your new neighbor. Include a bottle of wine, some snacks, and maybe even an oven mitt or spatula for cooking together!

2. Coffee maker - A coffee maker is one thing that many people don't have in their home when they move out on the first day so it's always helpful if you can provide them with this gift as well

3. Gift cards- Gift Cards are another great idea because everyone needs something from time to time like groceries at Trader Joe’s (or any grocery store), gas station card, etc., Target has everything too; think about what would be useful where ever he/she lives nearby before picking up these items).

4. Flowers- Bringing fresh flowers to your new neighbors can really brighten up their day. Moving to a new neighborhood can be a little daunting so a quick reminder of the beauty in their new home can make them feel at ease.

5. Gift Basket- A gift basket is a great idea for the new neighbor because it will have all sorts of goodies in there that they can enjoy! You could put things like candy, wine or beer (if you know their preference), coffee/tea mix and some other snacks to go with them so when your friend arrives at his house he has something delicious waiting on him too). One thing I would recommend adding into this type of present are items such as oven mitts if cooking together becomes an activity between neighbors). This way everyone feels comfortable while preparing food without worrying about getting burned by hot pans etc.). And maybe even spatulas - these come in handy especially during pancake time :)! Or how about giving someone

6. Candles- Candle scents are always nice because they can be mixed with the other smells in their house. A plant or tree - A living gift that will continue giving as long it's taken care of is perfect, especially if you know what type he/she likes (eucalyptus trees smell great!). The best part about this idea? You don't have to worry too much since plants require very little maintenance so there won’t need any more gifts like these again until next year when we celebrate our anniversary ;). It also has an added bonus: being able to make new memories together while planting them out on his porch 🙂 !)

7. Home-made cookies- Everyone loves to eat homemade cookies. It's a great way to show your appreciation for their new home and you'll have the opportunity of getting to know them better by asking about what kind they like best or if there are any allergies that need consideration when baking :)!

8. A few house plants- Houseplants add life, color & freshness into someone’s space while also purifying the air in our homes! They can be used as decoration but more importantly, provide an atmosphere with fewer toxins than those found outside which is especially important during allergy season ;). A nice gift idea would include some succulents (they're hardy!), cacti(who doesn't love these?), fern leaves/pansies - all easy-care options perfect even beginners.

9. Tea and Bagels basket- Hot cup of tea and a bagels basket is the perfect way to say "Welcome!". It is a thoughtful gift that will make them feel at home

10. A Welcome Wreath- A welcome wreathe can be hung on the door and filled with flowers, pine cones & other natural elements for an elegant touch! They are also great because they'll last up until winter when you might not want fresh-cut plants in the front yard ;). The best part about this idea? You don't need any fancy tools - just some wire hangers from around the house (or even old clothesline) + twine/wool string ;)! If there isn’t room outside by their doorstep then try hanging one inside near the entryway so as soon walk

11. A jar of jam or honey- A nice, thoughtful gift idea for new neighbors would be something sweet like this. It's not too expensive but it will show them that you care about their well-being! You can find some great options at your local grocery store - we love Trader Joe’s Organic Honey with Lavender & Thyme (great if they have allergies) as an example ;). And don't forget jams such are strawberry rhubarb from our friends over in Vermont ;)!!! They're delicious on toast/bagel sandwiches!! :)! Or try making these yourself by following one simple recipe: https://wwwSallysbakingaddiction

12. DIY welcome home Jar- Another great idea for a housewarming gift is to make your own welcome home jar. This can be as simple or elaborate of an undertaking you want it to! The sky's the limit with this one and there are so many different ideas out in blog land that I'm sure anyone could find something they like 🙂

13. A personalized frame- Another great way, especially if their last name starts off similar enough (or even better yet) exactly how yours does ;)!!! You know what we mean - when people say "Oh wow our names sound alike!" A personalized framed photo will show them just who much thought went into choosing such thoughtful gifts ;). And don't forget about adding some pictures from around town on Facebook/Instagram etc...it'll give useful and creative way

14. A housewarming card- A personalized note that says "Welcome!" in your handwriting will make them feel special from day one 😉 .Plus they can always keep these cards as keepsakes or even frame 'em up somewhere around their home ;). And don't forget about adding pictures inside - we all know how much our friends like seeing themselves lol !!! It'll be sure not go unnoticed if there're photos included!! I'm thinking something along those lines would look

15. Mug Herb garden- Gift a sample of your favorite herbs or spices to the new neighbors. They'll be able a create their own recipes and also have fresh ingredients for cooking!

16. Personalized Housewarming Gift- I love this idea so much because it's personalized with your name on top of theirs, which is really neat 🙂 .It would make such an amazing gift too - just saying 😉 !!! And you can get these at any store that sells home decor items (Target/Walmart) as well !! The best part about them is they're not expensive either! You could buy one in bulk if there more than two people moving into next door lol ;). There should always be someone's house warming gifts out when we go shopping anyways...so why don't u add some personal ones

17. Lemonade DIY gift for new neighbors- A great way to welcome new neighbors into the neighborhood is with a yummy lemonade gift! So many people love this idea and it's so simple too. All you need are some lemons, sugar/honey (depending on preference), water...and of course cups for serving 🙂


Rose Parker

Hope you enjoyed our curated list of gifts for your new neighbors!