29 I am Sorry Gifts For Her

I am Sorry Gifts For Her

It can be hard to apologize, but it is one of the best ways to fix a broken relationship. When you find yourself in a situation where an apology needs to happen, don't worry! We've got you covered. You can fix your mistake by giving her a gift, a sweet treat, or anything else that shows her you're sorry. There are 29 I am sorry gifts for her that will help you get through this difficult time. Whether she loves flowers or chocolate, we have something for everyone on our list of gift ideas.

1. Apology Spa Gift Box Set 

Give her this gift set that includes everything she needs to take care of herself. She will be able to relax and pamper herself after a long day at work. This spa gift box contains four products: lavender hand and body soap, scented candle, bath fizz and nourishing lip balm. These products contain natural ingredients, especially for dry skin or sensitive skin types, so you can be sure that this gift will show her how much you care. She'll especially love the heartfelt card included in this set, which lets her know it's from you and has a special message written inside for her to read when she needs an extra pick-me-up.

2. Teddy Bear 

Want to see a smile on her face? Give her this thoughtful gift and she will be relieved that you said sorry without making even more of a fuss. This cute teddy bear wears a white shirt with a message. "I am sorry" This well-made teddy bear is made from soft and cuddly medium brown plush fabric. This cuddly bear measures about 13 inches tall and would love to be her new best friend. She will fall in love with this cute and cuddly bear that is the ultimate symbol of friendship.

3. Fresh Red Roses Boquet

What else another way to apologize to her than fresh flowers? Nothing! That's why you need to get this bouquet of red roses. The two dozen long stem roses, which can be the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend, will say everything that needs to be said. Each bouquet comes in a white, clear glass vase. It will brighten up her day and she will never forget this moment when you gave her something so special to show how much you love her. The flowers come with a message card. It will be the perfect way to say you're sorry and that she is always number one in your life! 

4. Eternal Love Figurine 

This beautiful sculpture will remind her of how much you love and cherish the time you all spend together. A local artisan handcrafts it out of solid wood, so it's built to last. This abstract statue features an elegant design that can be displayed anywhere in her home or office as a lovely reminder of your relation! Your valentine girl will adore this unique piece because it shows how well you know her taste and style. This I am sorry gift for her is the perfect way to tell her you're sorry, while also giving her something that she can enjoy for years to come!

5. Necklace 

This beautiful necklace will be a perfect I am sorry gift to get her when you're apologizing. She'll love the sentimental message behind it and that's what makes this piece special! This lovely necklace is available in gold, rose gold and sterling silver styles, so you can find the perfect one to match her taste. It comes in a stylish box and can be a meaningful gift to show her how much you care. This necklace is the perfect way to say sorry for your actions! She will love this beautiful reminder of all the great memories you have together and it's sure to become one of her favorite pieces in no time at all.

6. Miniature in a Bottle

This Miniature in a Bottle is the perfect gift to apologize and say sorry. It's filled with regret, so she'll know that you really mean what you're saying! You can even add a heartfelt letter or quote about your feelings inside of this bottle. She will love how creative it is and find it hilarious at the same time! Whether you want to give her something small as an apology gift, or if you have another reason for wanting one of these bottles around the house, they make great decor items too. This miniature replica bottle comes complete with a cork closure and golden base plate on its stopper end cap.

7. Rose Drawer with Heart Necklace

This preserver rose gift set is the perfect way for you to give her a heartfelt apology. It features a box with a drawer and a heart-shaped necklace engraved with 100 languages of love! She'll be able to wear this beautiful reminder around her neck, so every time she looks down at it, she will think about how much you care. This piece makes an excellent I am sorry gift for any occasion where your relationship could use some TLC. The romantic message behind this I am sorry gift will have her melting in no time flat!

8. I'm sorry wooden frame

This, I am sorry, gift idea is a great way to bring your relationship back on track. A heartfelt card, some fresh flowers and some chocolate make this the perfect apology gift for her! She'll be able to keep this pretty framed message in sight as she's working throughout the day or hanging it up somewhere special where only you two can see it together. This unique piece of art will show her that you're thinking about her all day long and how much better life would be if you were both on speaking terms again soon!

9. I'm Sorry Gourmet Cookie Gift

This gourmet cookie gift is the perfect way to show her how sorry you are. She will love the delicious cookies inside this box, and she'll also appreciate that they're locally sourced! These handmade treats come in various flavors, including white chocolate macadamia nut, double chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin, or sugar with lemon icing on top. Each cookie is wrapped in cellophane to preserve freshness. Each cookie has an attached note of "I am sorry." This gift is the perfect way to say "I'm sorry" and make your relationship stronger than ever!

10. I'm Sorry Chocolate Gift Set 

This gift idea is perfect for any I am sorry occasion. She'll love the chocolate inside this box and also appreciate the wonderful messages of apology on each piece. This gift is the perfect way to say "I'm sorry" and make your relationship stronger than ever! Each of these nine chocolates contains a heartfelt apology note, so you can have all sorts of fun sharing them with her or leaving them in strategic places throughout your house. This unique piece will show her just how much you care about making things better between the two of you again soon! It's a great conversation starter. Attach it to your fridge with a magnet on the backside for a convenient display.

11. Wooden Box Sign

This, I am sorry, gift idea is perfect for the woman in your life who loves to show her home some love. She'll appreciate this unique piece of art that she can put on display anywhere throughout her house thanks to its small size, and she will certainly enjoy being reminded of just how much you care about making things better between you again soon! This sign comes with a keyhole hook attached, making it easy to hang without any hassle or fuss. This wooden sign is hand-painted with the words "Did I say that out loud?" on it.

12. Apology Nifty Notes

This gift idea includes 50 I'm sorry notes that you can use to apologize without having to say it! All you need to do is fill in the blanks with whatever specific kind of apology your situation calls for. These note cards are fun and guilt-free because there's no actual "saying" involved. Great way to have a sincere apology ready at all times when an occasion arises! With these little notecards, she'll be able to simply pass one along, so someone else doesn't have anything more awkward than just saying they're sorry coming up next!

13. Throw Pillowcase 

This I am sorry gift for her is perfect for the woman in your life who loves to decorate her home. She'll appreciate this pillowcase due to its attractive colors and design, but she will also love how comfortable it makes her sofa feel! It has printed text of "I am sorry what I said." The material used ensures that the cushion cover fabric feels soft next to skin while still being easy on everyone's eyes. Thanks to its small size, this little accent can display some beautiful art anywhere throughout her house, making it a great conversation starter whenever anyone sits down beside you on your couch or recliner!

14. I Am Sorry Mug

This I am sorry gift for her reminds her of just how important she is to you. She'll appreciate this mug due to its attractive colors and design, but she will also love what it says! It has printed text of "I'm Sorry" on one side and "Temporarily Forgot to Act Like a Normal Human" on the other side. The material used ensures that the cup feels cool while sipping warm liquids like coffee or tea from it without burning yourself while still being easy on everyone's eyes, thanks to its white color. This ceramic mug can hold 400 ml of liquid, so she can wake up to a nice hot cup while getting ready for work or relax with some tea after dinner.

15. "Sorry I Am Such an Idiot" Balloons 

 She definitely loves balloons, especially ones that are cute and colorful. She'll appreciate this gift due to its attractive colors, but she will also love what it says! They read "I'm Sorry" and "I am such an Idiot" on the other. Thanks to their small size, these helium-quality balloons can display some beautiful art anywhere throughout her house so she can spread cheer whenever they pop up out of nowhere or when someone goes searching for them around town after chasing them down, thanks to all that extra air they got from being let go!

16. Soy Filled Ceramic Vessel 

Scented candles are great. I am sorry gift for her because she loves to light them up when the mood is right. She'll appreciate this candle due to its attractive soy wax container and how it smells, but she will also love what's printed on it! The front reads, "Although we are apart, your spirit lives within me." This ceramic candle holder can hold 8 ounces of liquid, so she can keep it burning in the center of her kitchen table or desk to create a relaxing environment while getting ready for work or after dinner. It's also easy to clean up if any wax spills over, thanks to its textured lid!

17. Keepsake Hands Casting Kit 

This I am sorry gift for her lets the two of you make something beautiful together. She will love how easy it makes to give a heartfelt gift! This craft kit includes everything needed to create full-size plaster hand molds of both yours and hers so that you can recreate your hands as figurines in any position imaginable with different outfits on them depending on what day or season it is without worrying about whether they'll melt away over time like other candles since these are made from ceramic materials instead. It would also be a romantic gift for a couple.

18. Keychain 

This gift to say I am sorry is a cute little reminder that she's the most important thing in your life! The keychain measures about one inch tall and have "I Am Sorry" on it, plus a tiny heart. She'll appreciate this fun gift due to its small size but attractive design. This silver-tone accessory can be attached to bags, backpacks and purses, etc. This apology gift is made of stainless steel, so she won't have to worry about it wearing away or rusting.

19. Bracelet

A cute bracelet with cubic zirconia stones must melt her heart. She will love this beautiful bracelet bangle gift due to its attractive design, but she'll also appreciate the sentiment behind it. This stainless steel cuff is adjustable and can fit on her wrist perfectly. This love bracelet can be worn on many occasions, from casual to formal. It comes in a beautiful gift box so that you can surprise her with this gift anytime. It would also be an elegant gift to cheer your grandmother.

20. Birthstone Pendant Necklace  

This gift to say I am sorry is a stunning necklace that she'll love wearing around town! This infinity-style piece features a silver-tone heart pendant. She can wear this gift near her heart at all times as a reminder that your bond will last forever. The shiny silver-tone chain measures 18 inches plus two inches of extender, so it's guaranteed to fit on her neck perfectly. This gift can be worn with casual outfits for a more relaxed look or even business attire to feel extra confident at work! You can choose the color of crystal according to her birthstone. Any professional woman likes this pendant necklace.

21. Book of Love Coupons

Do you want to be the best boyfriend? Now there is a great way for that! This book of coupons contains 20 different love coupons that offer different acts to show your apology and love for her. These pages will give her everything she needs as an apology gift, such as: "I'm sorry I didn't text back sooner," "Let's go see your favorite movie together!" and many more. She'll definitely appreciate this romantic gesture! You can use these coupon booklets anywhere anytime - just take one out and present it to her with a big smile on your face.

22. I'm Sorry Ice Cream Gift 

This gift to say I am sorry is the yummiest! Get this ice cream packed in a gourmet gift box that she can enjoy with her friends and family. This four-pack includes different flavors. Each Creamery premium artisanal scoop has an average of 20% butterfat (the highest amount allowed by law), making it taste like homemade ice cream. Each flavor has, I'm sorry, titles like" "All Apologies," "Sweeter than Flowers, "I Fudged Up," I'll Never Do It Again." She'll definitely appreciate the sweet gesture of this gift!

23. Apology Card 

This gift to say I am sorry is a letter press card that you can send to her! Your apology note will look special because it's printed on thick, 100% cotton paper and folded into an envelope. On front side, a clapboard is printed with word sorry. Inside, the card is blank so that you can write your message. This gift will surely convey how sorry you are for hurting her feelings! She'll appreciate this handmade feeling from you! You can write your apology words on the inside to make this gift even more special.

24. Metal Feather Bookmark

This gift to say I am sorry is a beautiful bookmark that she'll love! This handmade piece features a unique metal feather design, with a 3D butterfly and dried flower bead charm. It's perfect for her if she loves reading or studying because it will help her keep track of the page where she left off with its cute look and quality construction. This handmade bookmark is sturdy, durable, wear-resistant, and lead-free. She'll appreciate this gift because it's the perfect stylish accessory for her!

25. Preserved Flower Rose 

This I am sorry gift for her is a beautiful rose that will last forever! This preserves the beauty and the beast rose is made from fresh roses, which means it lasts much longer than silk ones. The flower has natural petals with green foliage; all these are hand glued together by an expert florist who makes sure every detail looks perfect for your special someone. The flower is preserved in a glass dome with a wooden base and warm LED light. This beautiful rose is the perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, or daughter to say I am sorry!

26. Feel Better Herbal Tea 

This gift to say I am sorry is a box of herbal tea! The herbs in these tasty infusions were carefully selected for their ability to support the body's defense system against free radicals that can harm our cells and immunity. It has Echinacea purpurea root extract, elderberry fruit extract, vitamin C from rosehips, ginger root powder, etc., which are known as effective immune support ingredients. Drinking this flavorful infusion daily will help her stay happy and energized throughout the day. She'll appreciate you even more after receiving such a thoughtful gift!

27. Box of Assorted Chocolate Biscuits

Who else doesn't like chocolate? This gift to say I am sorry is an assorted chocolate biscuit that you will surely get a "yes" from her. This box of 20 pieces is made with creamy milk chocolate that tastes so good! This chocolate treat includes milk, dark and white chocolates that melt in the mouth. It has an assortment of delicious flavors like creamy caramel, crunchy praline pecan brittle, roasted macadamia nut cluster with toffee bits, silky ganache truffles filled with rich hazelnut buttercream, or smooth Madagascar vanilla cream; all this will surely make your special someone feel better after receiving such sweet apology gift from you!

28. Shy Baby Elephant 

This I am sorry gift for her is so cute and unique; it's a shy baby elephant! This adorable toy has beautiful gray elephants with white accents on their face and feet. It stands ten inches tall; this unique plushie makes an excellent cuddle buddy to your special someone she will love forever. She'll appreciate the thoughtfulness of such a cute stuffed animal as an apology gift from you because not only does it make her feel better, but it also adds cheerfulness in every corner of the room!

29. Giant Teddy Bear 

This gift to say sorry is a big teddy bear which you can hug while apologizing! This giant teddy bear has beautiful brown fur with white ear tips. It measures 39 inches tall; this cute stuffed animal will surely make your special someone feel better after receiving an apology from you. She'll love its super silky soft plush that she won't stop hugging and snuggling with all day long! You can convey your apology to her through its heart-shaped footprints that say, "I am sorry." Who wouldn't forgive you after looking at this adorable teddy bear, right?


Rose Parker

To say sorry isn't a big deal; it's just a simple gesture to make things better. But, sometimes an apology gift for her would be the best way to show your special someone that you are truly sorry for what happened between both of you. You can choose from among these 29 'I am sorry gifts for her' depending on what she likes and needs! You can fix the relationship by giving her something special that she would love to have.

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