34 Japanese Gifts For Her

japanese gifts for her

Japan is a country that is well known for its refined culture. From the food to the different art forms, there are so many things that Japanese people love about their culture! Whether you need a gift for a Japanese friend or family member or want to explore Japanese culture for yourself, we have compiled a list of 34 Japanese gifts - explore ideas and find the perfect gift to impress your favorite girl.

1. Kimono 

This black color Japanese cosplay costume has a printed design with cherry sakura flowers which look very beautiful when you wear this Japanese anime fancy dress costume. It will be the perfect choice as a gift or present for your girlfriend, wife, daughter or any friend! This Japanese traditional clothing set also has a Japanese hairpin, Japanese socks and handmade Japanese tabi. Made of high-quality material, it is durable for long-time use!

2. Japanese Kokeshi Doll

Japanese kokeshi dolls are adorable. It features a round head with two big black eyes and a short neck; a cylindrical body painted in brown with a red collar on the backside. This traditional doll is made of wood and handcrafted, and its simple design and high-quality material make it a perfect gift for fans of Japanese culture. Since the 19th century, these dolls have been made for children, but adults also adore them. This traditional Japanese gift must be a favorite gift for Japanese culture lovers!

3. Bonsai Tree Starter Kit 

A bonsai is a miniature tree grown in Japanese culture. It's an art form that has been around for centuries, and if you're looking to get started with your indoor garden at home, this starter kit will provide everything needed! The tiny Japanese trees are known as Junipers and they can be kept indoors year-round or taken outside during spring through fall. This kit includes four types of seeds, pots, plant markers and potting soil. This Japanese-inspired gift is perfect for Japanese culture enthusiasts.

4. Chopsticks 

A Japanese meal is incomplete without chopsticks, so if you're looking to impress a fan of Japanese culture with the perfect gift, look no further than this elegant set! These titanium-plated stainless steel chopsticks are sleek and lightweight, and the laser engraved design on them makes these reusable utensils an ideal choice for Japanese food lovers everywhere. These chopsticks are stylish and durable, so it's the best Japanese gift for her.

5. Japanese Puzzle Box

A jigsaw puzzle box is a traditional Japanese toy that's been around since the Edo period. This special jigsaw has ten steps and can store small objects like rings, earrings, or other precious items! Each step reveals more of the picture on top, and if you put this jigsaw away before finishing it, you'll never know how many pieces your jigsaw will have when you come back for another try! These jigsaws are fun puzzles for any fan of Japanese culture. This unique Japanese-themed gift makes an excellent present for friends who adore anything related to Japan. 

6. Zen Garden Kit 

This Japanese Zen garden is an excellent gift for stress relief and meditation lovers! This traditional Japanese garden set features everything needed to build the perfect indoor or outdoor mini rock sanctuary. It comes with 12 decorative elements like waterfalls, pebbles, bamboo sticks, cherry blossom, zen rocks, bridge, lotus flower and more! You can decore this Japanese-themed gift in no time with a few simple supplies. The Japanese sand garden is a traditional Japanese gift that will make any fan of Japan happy.

7. Japanese Tea Set

This traditional Japanese Matcha tea set is the perfect gift for tea lovers! It features a beautiful black and gold design, so it's an ideal choice for people who enjoy everything related to Japan. The small bamboo whisk allows you to mix your boiling water with the powdered green tea leaves in the traditional way, and this will allow you to make a delicious cup of Matcha every time. The teaspoon, traditional scoop and bamboo whisk are all included. This traditional Japanese gift must help to enjoy tea time for tea lovers everywhere.

8. Kendama Toy

Trying new hobbies related to their favorite country might help them discover something they love doing, which means any fan would appreciate having one or two items like these around! This traditional toy kendama is made from high-quality materials, which will last through years of intense play. The ball will stay in the cup, and you can throw it up and grab it with ease. It's designed to be fun even if your skill level isn't quite there yet, so anyone who loves Japan or wants to have more fun playing games should check out this awesome set. This awesome Japanese culture gift can help develop hand/eye coordination and reflexes and agility and balance.

9. Gummy Candy Sushi Box

These jiggly candies look just like sushi bites! They're an unusual Japanese-themed gift that's sure to bring a smile to the face of any fan of Japan. This unique candy set includes five different types of sushi rolls. These nine-pack jello snacks come in marshmallows, licorice, sour strips, gummi bears and fun fish flavors. Make your friends happy by getting them these tasty treats. Gummy candy sushi must be a sweet day gift for Japanese friends.

10. Japanese Wind Chimes 

This set of three wind chimes is a perfect Japanese-themed gift for a girl in your life! This beautiful decoration features three different hanging pieces, and they're all made from high-quality glass. The colors are bright and vivid so that the items will look great in an outdoor space or inside your home. You can hang them near windows or on porches to let the breeze create soothing sounds that everyone loves. These gorgeous Japanese treasures must be a wonderful present for people who love Japan and its culture.

11. Japanese Sake Serving Gift Set 

This lovely sake serving set includes a traditional ceramic sake bottle and four elegant cups. The gorgeous purple color will look great displayed in any home or office to become an ideal Japanese-themed decoration. This unique gift comes with a small warmer, so you don't have to worry about the sake going bad if you cannot drink all of it right away. This adorable traditional Japanese gift is perfect for anyone who loves drinking sake, appreciates traditional culture, or simply enjoys having beautiful decorations around their living space.

12. Noren Waves Japanese Curtain 

This beautiful Noren waves traditional Japanese door curtain is made from high-quality polyester to last through years of use. The gorgeous blue color will look great displayed in any home or office and can become a lovely decoration for anyone who loves Japan or simply enjoys having pretty things around their living space. This unique traditional Japanese curtain is a perfect gift from japan for wife who likes decorating with curtains, needs something new for the house, appreciates cultural items, or just really wants an attractive way to cover up that bare doorway.

13. Japanese snacks assortment 

This 30-piece bag is full of traditional Japanese snacks that are sure to delight any fan of this fascinating culture! This best gift for Japanese friends contain mostly dagashi, which are classic old-school Japanese candies. Dagashi is a traditional food popular in Japan and consists mostly of confectionery products sold at local markets as cheap candy to be enjoyed by kids or bought as small gifts with money given on special occasions like festivals or the first visit to an amusement park. You can surprise your friend with this Japanese Christmas present idea and grab their attention towards Japan.

14. Kimono Patterns Origami Paper 

This Japanese craft gift for her is perfect for anyone who loves making pretty things out of paper, enjoys culture and history. This special guide will teach anyone how to make a stunningly beautiful traditional gorgeous decoration. With step-by-step instructions accompanied by full-color photographs, anyone can have their version of this ancient origami classic, no matter their artistic ability. This beautiful kit comes with 200 sheets of high-quality origami paper printed on both sides, giving you 12 patterns to choose from! It includes instructions for six different projects that range in difficulty level.

15. Japanese Brew Coffee Maker 

This stunning coffee maker is the best gift for a Japanese friend who loves having delicious coffee in the morning, enjoys aesthetically pleasing decorations, or simply wants to try something new with their daily caffeine intake. With this beautiful permanent filter pot made from heatproof borosilicate glass and a sturdy stainless steel frame, users can rest assured that they won't have to spend extra money on filters. The stylish mirror finish will look great displayed in any kitchen! This unique Japanese gadget makes it easy to brew delicious fresh espresso right at home anytime you want!

16. Japanese Omamori Lucky Amulet Charms 

Omamori is lucky charms filled with different blessings that Shinto shrines or Buddhist temples have provided since ancient Japan. They were originally given out at the shrine's gate as protection against evil spirits, but now you can bring them home! With this set, you get five omamori containing seven kinds of blessings. These powerful amulets will attract their specific positive energy into your life while warding off bad luck! This cute Japanese gift for her will be the best Japanese Christmas present for someone in traditional Japanese culture.

17. Japanese Tea Pot and Cups Set 

This beautiful Japanese tea set will be the best Japanese gift for her, who loves to drink green or black Japanese tea, enjoys having friends over for a game night, and decorating their home. This elegant ceramic design with cherry blossom makes it a great Japanese gift for her, who enjoys Japanese culture, history, and art. This beautiful teapot set includes a teapot with a lid to keep the hot water from evaporating too quickly, five cups in different colors so you can choose based on your mood or theme!

18. Japanese Kimono Cardigan 

Tired of wearing boring clothes? Spice up your wardrobe with this stunning Japanese kimono cardigan, which will be the best Japanese clothing gift for her who loves fashion and traditional Japanese culture. This versatile kimono cardigan is perfect as a light cover-up or can also be worn alone as a shirt! It's safe to wash in cold water and it won't shrink, so you don't have to worry about getting something that doesn't fit, isn't comfortable, or falls apart after just one washing. If she likes Japanese anime dresses, then this Japanese Kimono Cardigan was missing from her closet!

19. Let's Make Ramen!: A Comic Book Cookbook 

This Japanese cookbook is perfect for Japanese cooking beginners, Japanese food lovers who want to try something new at home, Japanese noodle soup fans who love experimenting with different ingredients and flavors. The simple step-by-step instructions will guide you through the entire process of making Japanese ramen from scratch in your kitchen! You'll get recipes for classic Tonkotsu Ramen, Sapporo Miso Ramen, Tokyo Shoyu Ramen, Hokkaido Milk Ramen and more delicious varieties that are easy to make even if you've never cooked anything before! This unique gift idea for her or him will be a great surprise on Valentine's Day or birthday present.

20. Cherry Blossom Water Bottle  

This Japanese gift for her is perfect for the gym, yoga class, jogging, or running! It's made of double-walled insulated high impact plastic material to keep your drink cold (or hot) longer and it won't sweat on surfaces around you; this means fewer beverage rings on desks/tables when you're at work or home! The beverage bottle comes with a clear lid, so you don't have to worry about carrying it open while jogging. This cherry blossom water bottle will be best present for someone who loves Japan, cherry blossoms, Japanese culture and traditional art.

21. Sushi Making Kit

This Japanese food gift for her is perfect if your lady friend loves to learn about Japanese cooking! If you want to give something more than just a regular cookbook, the recipes inside this sushi-making kit will be best present on Christmas Day. It includes everything needed to make delicious sushi at home with ease: one bamboo mat (28 x 18 cm), which makes perfectly formed rolls every time; two mats (21 x 17 cm) so that multiple people can get involved in making their maki; plus five pairs of chopsticks & an easy-to-follow guide with tips on how to roll like a pro using nigiri style techniques.

22. Relaxation Tabletop Fountain

This beautiful indoor tabletop water fountain is perfect for Japanese culture gifts and living room decor. It will add an elegant serenity to your home or office space with the soothing sounds of cascading water! The relaxing nature scene features a riverbed, rocks and waterfall that reflect light from above. This piece looks best on open countertops near windows, where guests can admire it as they enter the home/office entrance. There are three levels you can adjust easily to suit any surface height & look great in spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchenettes, or even small offices without sufficient floor space for larger fountains. 

23. Haku Mizunara Whiskey Barrel Aged Shoyu

This Japanese whiskey barrel shoyu is something special for Japanese food and Japanese culture lovers. It's the perfect blend of traditional Japanese soy sauce aged in a Japanese white oak whisky barrel, giving it an amazing flavor. However, the best part is that you don't have to be a professional mixologist or even drink alcohol regularly to enjoy this shoyu - it can also be used as a marinade or condiment, so everyone gets to indulge; in its rich taste!

24. Maneki Neko Keychain 

These lucky Japanese beckoning cat key chains are great for someone who has everything but still loves good fortune! This set comes with 12 different styles of Japanese jade figurines in assorted colors. Each one features a cute little kitty on its belly with its paw raised to symbolize money coming your way - perfect if you're looking for traditional Japanese gifts! This adorable keychain can be displayed on desktops or car dashboards without taking up too much space. The trendy Japanese gift is sure to bring good luck to anyone who receives one!

25. Desktop Gong

This brass desktop Gong desktop is a great Feng Shui gift idea for Japanese culture lovers! It's made of solid brass material with an antique finish, featuring traditional Chinese symbols that protect your home or office. If you're looking to expand your collection of Japanese gifts, this beautiful Gong will be perfect on the corner table in any room near the front entrance - it can work as both decoration and instant good-luck charm.

26. Japanese Foldable Fan 

This folding hand fan is perfect for traditional Japanese gifts! It looks beautiful with a Japanese-style design and can set the mood during Japanese-themed events. The bamboo frame gives it that elegant look that will perfectly complement any decor, plus it's lightweight, so you'll have no problem carrying this around in your purse or bag. This fan has a soft fabric sleeve at one end, which protects against scratches - all of these features make it an excellent gift idea for Japanese culture lovers!

27. Japanese wrapping cloth 

This traditional Japanese gift is a great way to show your appreciation for any occasion. One side features a bright pink-and-white sakura pattern, while the other has traditional Japanese designs. The best part about this gorgeous wrapping cloth is that it can also be used as an elegant scarf or decorative table runner - you'll get multiple uses out of just one box set! It's made from 100% Rayon with special silk screening techniques to ensure beautiful colors and patterns; this makes it perfect for everyone on your list who loves Japan, including yourself!

28. SEIKO Wristwatch 

Seiko is a well-known Japanese brand, especially for its watches. It has long been trusted by Japanese people to make high-quality products that are durable and beautiful; this wristwatch is no exception! Its simple design makes it perfect for daily wear - you'll get compliments every time you check the time on your new watch! This Japanese gift is perfect for the woman in your life who loves high-quality Japanese products! The sleek design of this Japanian wristwatch makes it look like an expensive designer timepiece, and you can even choose from a wide range of colors.

29. Scented Candles

Does aromatherapy inspire your favorite girl? Then this gift set of Japanese candles is exactly what you need! It comes with four different scents, including Japanese persimmon, Japanese cherry, juniper and lavender. - the best part is that they all come in a cute faux-rose patterned box! You can use them at home or take them on your travels; this makes it an excellent choice for everyone, from college students to busy moms who love taking time out of their day to relax. These candles are made from 100% pure soy wax - no chemicals added!

30. Sushi Platter 

This Japanese-themed gift is a great choice for anyone who loves sushi! The ceramic food serving tray features an intricately hand-painted design, which depicts a scene from inside the mouth of a bloodthirsty shark. This Japanese-inspired sushi-platter will make any meal feel like an exciting occasion - it's perfect for parties or everyday use at home, and you can even remove the chopstick rest before using it as a cute decoration on your coffee table.

31. Traditional Japanese Cat Design Tableware

This unique Japanese gift is perfect for the cat lover in your life! The HASAMIYAKI porcelain dinnerware has a cute kitty design, so it's ideal for serving up an appetizer plate. This Japanese-themed dinnerware also features four different styles on each side of the plates - you can even use them to serve breakfast or dessert when hosting guests at home! They're microwave safe, durable enough for everyday use; It's great as a housewarming present or birthday gift idea that will be appreciated by all who love Japan.

32. Rohto Hada Labo Gokujyun Skincare Set

The best Japanese skincare product would be a great gift for Japanese hosts! The Rohto Hada Labo Gokujyun is one of the best Japanese skincare products to treat dryness, redness, and tightness often caused by cold weather. These best Japanese skincare products are very effective for sensitive or irritated skin types. It is made with super hyaluronic acid (SHF), which helps make your face feel soft and smooth again. This set includes moisturizing milk facial foam wash and moisturizing lotion.

33. Samurai Figure

This exquisite samurai gift is perfect for anyone who loves Japanese culture! The figure shows Imagawa Yoshimoto, a commander of the Sengoku period or "Age of Warring States." You can display it at home as an excellent conversation piece. Made from high-quality plastic, the authentic Japanese figures are incredibly detailed and will never lose their shine even after years of being displayed. These are also excellent presents for someone interested in figures, collections, or simply appreciates Japanese samurai armor.


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Japan has a fascinating culture that is loved by people all over the world. You can also show your appreciation of the country by giving a present that celebrates its rich history. This list includes some great examples, each one best appreciated by different people. This list contains Japanese culture gift ideas for women that can be enjoyed by any fan of Japanese art or traditional collectibles.

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