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33 Letter Of Recommendation Gifts

letter of recommendation gifts

Letter of recommendation gifts are a small token of appreciation when you want to say thanks to your letter of recommendation writers. Their letter plays an essential role in your career. To show how grateful you are, a gift is necessary. Knowing what gift to give them will help strengthen the relationship and increase the probability that they can recommend you in future applications.

There are so many options available! This article will share 33 great recommendations that you can use when buying a letter of recommendation gift for your professor or someone else.

1. Vintage Writing Journal 

To show gratitude to professors this vintage writing journal is an excellent choice. They can use the notebook to write down new ideas and thoughts when they are in between classes or on their lunch break. It also offers high-quality paper at 96 sheets for easy writing with no ink bleeding through the pages even with heavy usage of fountain pens and roller balls pens alike! The book measures roughly 6.29 by 8.85 inches which makes it easier to carry around anywhere you go -With two inside pockets and one pen holder, the vintage journal is not only stylish but functional as well.

2. Wind Chime

For a unique touch, try this wind chime with an engraved thank you message. The charm of the music makes it perfect for any occasion or location, such as a garden, patio, porch, or even work desk. This 24-inch metal wind chime has silver accent beads and a clear crystal ball packaged in a gift box. The wind chime top has words of appreciation etched on both the front and rear of the topper, leaving space for personalization on the backside. The bottom sail is engraved with the words, "Thank you."

3. Appreciation Tumbler Set

This gift pack is a perfect small token of appreciation when you want to say thanks to someone special in your life. This gift set includes a tumbler, soy candle and pair of cozy socks. This tumbler is a great reminder that you are appreciated and loved. Colorful hearts surround the message "sometimes you forget you're awesome, so this is your reminder" on this 11 oz pink tumbler! Also perfect for hot or cold beverages, this tumbler comes with a lid and straw. The cozy socks are soft, stretchy and the ideal thing to keep your toes warm when you need some TLC! It would also be a great way to cheer
to someone.

4. Wooden Mail Organizer

This white wooden mail organizer is a deemed gift for a letter of recommendation writer. They will love the rustic design and how it matches their lifestyle! It can be mounted on any wall, used as countertop organization, or placed upright to catch incoming mail in the entryway. The three-tier sorter's open frame allows airflow to keep bills dry & neatly stacked with minimal bending while keeping them accessible when needed. This cleverly crafted piece makes sorting out your clutter easy breezy! It would also be a great gift for a boss who wants to stay organised.

5. Magnetic Sculpture Building Pen

Being a source of knowledge and wisdom, a professor can be very busy with work and sometimes find it challenging to get out of the house. This magnetic sculpture building toy pen is a perfect gift for them as they can play around with this during breaks in between lectures! It stimulates brain activity, allowing you to focus better on tasks at hand while also relieving stress and boredom. It helps reduce pressure/stress and fidgeting by allowing them to express themselves through creative play.

6. Coffee Sample Gift Basket 

This delightful gift basket is a great way to help them stay caffeinated! The set includes a double insulated travel mug, full pot ground coffee sampler of five unique blends. The set comes with a beautiful gift bag that can be reused for storing pens and other small office supplies! This coffee gift set is the perfect thank you gift for a letter of recommendation writers and professors who enjoy their favorite cup of joe in the morning or afternoon pick-me-up. It will help them stay healthy by drinking enough water throughout the day while enjoying their tasty brew!

7. Password Organizer Logbook 

Memorize passwords and other important information by boiling it down to a single word. The secret code is revealed when you open the book's magnetic flap, giving you quick access to passwords and other private data without having to worry about anyone else seeing them! This password journal organizer has alphabetical tabs so that all of your entries are easy to find. It also includes pages for website addresses, notes & more! This clever fox will help letter of recommendation writers stay organized while keeping their personal information secure with its unique design! 

8. Bamboo Tea Infuser 

This bamboo thermos is a perfect gift for a letter of recommendation writer because it can keep hot beverages warm and cold drinks cool all day long! This premium bamboo tea bottle makes an excellent travel mug with a built-in infuser to steep loose leaves. It also comes with a stainless steel lid, removable strainer and drip tray, so you get to enjoy your drink without worrying about any messes! The vacuum insulation will help save money on heating water or buying expensive bottled water whenever they feel thirsty. They'll love the design as much as its functionality when they see how convenient this product is when doing their work or simply walking around campus during breaks in between classes.

9. Appreciation Bookmark 

What gift to give professor for a letter of recommendation? A set of three bookmarks would be a deemed gift to many professors. They can use it as their bookmarks and as a gift from students to appreciate the teacher's guidance and help throughout their studies. It not only serves as great thank you gifts but is also helpful, especially if they have been given to teachers who love reading books! It comes with three metal bookmarks with inspiration words and hanging ornaments. This teacher appreciation gift set makes studying easier by keeping important information in sight during long reading sessions.

10. Burt's Bees Classics Gift Set

This gift set provides letter of recommendation writers with a variety of benefits that will keep their hands and feet moisturized, nourished and clean. The res-Q ointment is excellent for chapping or dry skin, while the hand repair cream helps to mend rough patches to stay healthy throughout the year. This kit contains natural ingredients, which means it'll be safe on sensitive skin types without leaving residue behind from any synthetic additives! They'll love how much this kit can do while appreciating the fact that it's all-natural and has no harmful chemicals. A busy mom will love  to keep these items in her purse to stay hydrated her skin.

11. Crystal Apple Ornament

What is the best way to appreciate writers who wrote a letter of recommendation for you? It might be a beautiful crystal ornament like this one. This golden apple ornament serves as a reminder that they need to keep their core strong and steady to provide the best guidance for students looking up to them! This ornament can hang on desks, tables, or countertops during breaks between classes. They'll appreciate how this decoration looks just like an actual apple 

12. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

You can help letter of recommendation writers with blue light blocking glasses, which can protect their eyes from harmful blue light. These anti-blue light glasses are perfect for anyone who has long hours working on computers. You will get eyewear that blocks out blue rays up to 400nm wavelengths while reducing eye strain and fatigue at the same time! It's also stylish with a lightweight frame, so it won't be uncomfortable even if worn all day. They'll appreciate having this pair of glasses every morning before heading into school, knowing that they'll have no more headaches or dry eyes after staring at bright screens all day long! It would also be a nice gift for coders.

13. Pewter Charms Set

Give your letter of recommendation writers a set of pewter charms that can be used as key chains or necklaces. The symbols on the charms are symbolic reminders to keep them strong and steadfast throughout their career, even if they face challenges along the way! It comes with twelve different tokens representing talents like patience, wisdom, determination, ambition, humility and courage. Your favorite professor can keep these tokens close to them while going about their day, knowing that they have a reminder of what it takes to be a truly great person at all times.

14. Zen Garden Kit

This Zen garden kit has everything they need to make their own Japanese rock garden right at home. They'll love the gorgeous island scene that features Shinto torii gate, pagoda, cherry blossom Trees, zen rocks, lotus flower and moss. This kit is perfect for anyone looking to bring some Zen into their life without having to drive out of town just for therapy sessions. Letter of recommendation writer can use this zen gardening set as decoration for any office or desktop, making it easy to relax after work by creating an oasis in miniature form. 

15. Personalized Phone Case  

This phone case set is perfect for letter of recommendation writers, especially if they're constantly on their phones. The protective cases are made with soft rubber that perfectly fits the iPhone 11 and iPhone XS Max without adding too much bulk or weight to your phone! This pack also includes ten different blank samples so you can pick out what color best matches their personality in terms of design. They'll definitely appreciate having a cute new case every month while showing off their favorite colors!

16. Starbucks Gift Card 

Who doesn't love coffee? Letter of recommendation writers will definitely love getting Starbucks gift cards, no matter how much they enjoy their drink. Your professor can easily use to get their hands on some delicious drinks, snacks and more! These cards are perfect for anyone looking to relax after a busy day at work with some delicious drinks and pastries. They're also easy to use, making them simple gifts that can be used on the go! With a Starbucks gift card, you can convey your thanks in an easy and delicious way without being overly formal or extravagant.

17. The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science  

Give the gift of cooking with this book that will teach them all they need to know about making food taste delicious. This ultimate guide is filled with over 1000 color images and 500 recipes, plus step-by-step explanations for dozens of techniques and concepts! Letter of recommendation writers can use it at home when looking up new ideas on making their next meal special without trying too hard. They'll love having a cookbook explicitly tailored to understanding what makes your favorite foods so tasty while getting inspiration from some classic dishes like meatloaf, fish & chips, Indian chicken curry and more!

18. Echo Dot 

Echo Dot shows your gratitude with style and function! Letter of recommendation writers can use it to play music, make calls, set alarms and timers and more. Your professor or boss is constantly on the go but still wants to remain up-to-date with their favorite news sources. This Echo Dot comes in a compact size that fits perfectly into even the smallest rooms! It's also packed with great features like an alarm clock and Alexa voice compatibility, so they can use it as much or as little as they'd like. They'll love getting updates about what's happening around them, whether you're gifting this during their commute home at night or adding it to bedroom decor. It would also be a wonderful gift for chronic disease patients.

19. Best Professor Ever Mug

It is necessary to say thanks and remind them that they are the best professor ever! Letter of recommendation writers will love the inspiration they get from this mug, letting them know they are appreciated! They'll be able to enjoy their favorite hot drink while enjoying a cup that lets everyone know just how awesome your professor is. This design features the phrase "Best Professor Ever." This cup holds 11 oz coffee and is dishwasher safe. They'll love this as they sip from it while thinking about all those inspiring letters you've written for them over time. 

20. Knight Pen Holder  

A knight is here to bring your letter of recommendation writer good luck! They'll love the cool pen that comes along with this gift, which features a bowing knight. The knight's arms are raised to grasp his most powerful weapon, a cool pen. This pen writes in black ink, so they can use it at work or home when looking back on all those great memories you've created together over time. Your professor will enjoy this on their desk or in the office, bringing them good luck every time they use it.

21. Scented Candle

Your letter of recommendation writer will love the relaxing scent this candle brings to any room they choose! It features a blend of water lily, pear and bamboo leaf with hints of musk and amber woods, giving off an aroma that's sure to bring them peace in their personal space or office area at work. They'll appreciate you taking time out to think about what they enjoy most while still picking helpful something they can use every day for years into the future! 

22. Planter

Your professor or boss will love the new plant they can put on their desk! This thyme plant kit is perfect for bringing greenery to any area of work or home. They'll get more than just a green thumb from this gift; it's also an excellent way to show them that your appreciation knows no bounds! The wood planter features dimensions of 3x 3x 3 inches while holding up a plant at once. This plant kit includes everything your letter of recommendation writer needs to make this plant grow, including a wooden planter, thyme seeds and peat pellets. They'll enjoy the chance to watch an herb or other greenery take shape on their desk while enjoying your appreciation in action!

23. Thank You Necklace

Your letter of recommendation writer will remember you every time they wear this beautiful piece! It features a thank-you phrase cut out, making it easy to shine through with appreciation. The necklace is made from sterling silver while having a total chain length of 17 inches; the pendant measures 0.2 x 0.2 inches in size and weighs approximately .06 ounces while holding eye-catching cubic zirconia stones. They'll love showing off your gratitude deep down inside their heart when wearing this gorgeous gift around others or by themselves during quiet moments alone!

24. Personalized Pens

Your letter of recommendation writers will appreciate the thought you put into this personalized pen! This high-quality pen has a modern design that's sure to be enjoyed by all. It features a stylish black finish while having what appears to be a simple, straightforward writing utensil, but in reality, it can lower your stress levels down when seeing their name printed on the side of one. They'll never forget how grateful you are after receiving such an elegant gift. 

25. CraveBox Care Package

Your letter of recommendation writers will enjoy the snacks you've sent their way! This Cravebox is filled with a variety of treats that can please everyone. They'll find 45 different items inside, including candy bars, chips, cookies and granola bars for all to share during late-night reading sessions or quick breaks from work. The box itself measures 14 x 11 x 13 inches while having an approximate weight of 15 pounds; everything included has no trans fat, cholesterol, or high fructose corn syrup in it at once. It's perfectly sealed shut until ready to be opened by someone who deserves your appreciation deep down within them 24/seven!

26. Trimmed Box Sign

Your letter of recommendation writers will love seeing this meaningful sign decorating their area! It features black letters spelling out "A Teacher Shapes the Future" while having white polka dots in between. The box itself measures 12 x 0.75 x 16 inches, making it easy to place on any wall or shelf for everyone to admire your appreciation deep down within them at all times. This beautiful box sign is made of high-quality wood while having a slightly rough texture at once; the edges are rounded and smooth for everyone's protection.

27. Thank You Keychain 

Your letter of recommendation writers will appreciate the thought you put into this keychain! The front features a heart-shaped charm engraved with words, "thank you," making it easy to shine through with appreciation. They'll love showing off your gratitude deep down inside their heart when using this adorable item like a key ring. This stainless steel key chain ensures your appreciation will last for many years. Your recommendation writers will be able to attach this keychain onto any set of keys they own.

28. Leather Wallet

Your letter of recommendation writer deserves the best of the best! This luxurious wallet is a stunning gift to show off their gratitude! It features a leaf cutout design and a leaf-shaped pendant. This bifold wallet has three card slots for optimal storage. The entire area is made out of soft synthetic leather; it's gentle on everyone's skin when carrying around inside the pockets or purse at once. You can close up your wallet by using its buckle closure that has a magnetic button attached to each side for easy access when needed most.

29. Bouquets 

Flowers are a great way to show off your gratitude deep down inside! This bouquet features fresh-cut flowers that are sure to bring a smile to their face. They'll be able to enjoy the beauty of roses, oriental lilies and more for many days after receiving this gift. The vase is included with each purchase, so you don't have to worry about finding one at all times. These fresh flowers will brighten up their day with a cheerful color. You can also send a personalized text with the flowers to show them how much they mean to you.

30. Wooden Keepsake Box

Your letter writer will be able to place this item on any table top and enjoy watching it glow when receiving compliments about how nice it looks. Everyone will appreciate this wooden keepsake box! It features a vintage look with its rich brown color and a lock with two keys. The lid slides open easily to reveal the inside space where you can store your precious items like jewelry, coins, or other personal belongings that need maximum protection from dust getting in at all times.

31. Cosmetic Pouch

What could be a great gift for female professors or bosses who wrote your letter of recommendation? This cosmetic bag is the perfect answer! It features an elegant design that's great to show off at work or even out on a date night. You can store all your makeup, toothbrush, and toothpaste combination essentials inside this organizer; simply unzip the zipper to open up its contents when needed most. The exterior feels super soft against anyone who uses it regularly, thanks to being made with vegan leather fabric outside construction.

32. Picture Frame

What gift to give letter of recommendation writers? This apple-shaped zinc alloy picture frame with thank you, teacher, written on it is a thoughtful gift to attach to any desk they own. This apple-shaped zinc alloy picture frame is a great way to say thank you, teacher! It's sure to make anyone smile when finding it on their desk. This gift idea shows off your gratitude for years ahead. Your letter writer will love displaying this lovely piece of artwork in their home all year round. It features a unique design with its apple shape silhouette. The back has two hooks attached to both sides, where you can hang this photo holder vertically or horizontally depending on what works best.

33. Coffee Brewer

Any professor will take pleasure in this single-serve coffee maker. It's the perfect way to prepare their morning cup of joe with ease all day long. They can use it at home or even bring it along on business trips when they're constantly traveling for work each week! This machine only takes about three minutes for a full mug, which is much faster than other brewers out there today. This coffee brewer machine is small and compact, so it'll fit right onto their desk at work or even in the kitchen cabinet for easy access when needed.


Rose Parker

Which factor helps you to make a career? Your education, skills and a Letter of recommendation. The first one is an important document that shows your qualification and credentials for the position or job you are applying for. You can communicate yourself better with this letter to develop opportunities in any organization. It also makes it easy to achieve goals successfully. To show your appreciation for letter of recommendation writers, you can send them gifts they would love. That's why we have listed some appropriate gifts for you to send them. You can choose one of them as a thank you gift. 

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