How to select a Meaningful Gift for Teenage girls?

meaningful gift for teenage girls

One of the happiest aspects of life is celebrating. Every year birthdays, graduations, and milestones are commemorated with heartfelt gifts shared between family and friends. Gifts honor success, culture, and rights of passage. 

When it comes to teen girls, you might find gift shopping a bit challenging. Not to worry, selecting an awe-inspiring gift in this category doesn’t have to be an arduous process. Surprisingly, girls can be quite easy to shop for.

Teen girls are particularly in love with trending merchandise that their favorite brand influencers happen to be promoting. While it can be a little tricky to pick the ideal meaningful gift there are a few smart approaches to it.

The first step in choosing a gift is breaking down the recipient into sections. What color does she like? What’s her go-to style? Who’s her favorite actor/musical artist/hobby? Finally, where and how does she spend her time?

The sentiment is different for adults than it is for teens. If you tend to contemplate a gift’s value, don’t bother. Most shoppers find you can take advantage of a sale, stay on budget, and still gift an amazing, meaningful gift.

Today’s teens are conscientious of time. Regardless of social class, they sincerely appreciate how their parents work. Kids recognize when an adult puts thought into a gift, which is after all, how a gift becomes meaningful.

Teenage girls are dynamic. Over time, they are simply prone to misplacing gift items anyway. Fine jewelry may seem like a notable present, but it’s guaranteed to get broken, shared with a best friend indefinitely, or stolen.

gifts for teenage girls

If you want to give jewelry, opt for trendy pieces like colorful silicone, wild bedazzled statement pieces that will eventually go out of style anyway, or pendant charms that can be worn a multitude of ways they see fit.

Remember, today’s teens rarely value material possessions. Recent generations look for experience over tangible gifts. Adolescent girls enjoy activities like dressing up and going for lunch far more than opening gifts that seem meh.

Whenever possible opt for taking teens gift shopping. Spend the day, afternoon, or evening together. This strategy gives meaning to the gesture (versus a card full of cash) and they will undoubtedly remember the occasion.

Today’s teen girls can veer on the side of reclusive because of the pressure they feel from relentless, perfect social media posts. Spending time with them is an excellent gift in itself because it distracts from burdensome media.

Part of the gift giving process is about ambiance and setting. Whether an intimate gathering or a fully planned-out affair, it’s all about the overall experience for your teen and her guests. 

Thinking about the actual gift as icing on the cake takes the pressure, and allows both the giver and receiver to appreciate the gesture without being anxious. Teach your teen to be gracious and enjoy the sentiment

Selecting the Perfect Teen Girl Gift
Go with age on this one. The rule is, the older the girl, the more personalized the gift. Sounds easy? It is! For ages 13 – 15 steer clear of cosmetics and opt for fun bath-bombs and simple, tasteful clothing staples. At 16 and up, girls are driving and may love customized car accessories, phone cases, and a trendy, useful on-the-go bag and umbrella. Gift-cards are always a sure thing, and they can be creative too. Think outside the box with this one and give cards for movie theaters (remember, experience!). 

How to Sock Away Gift-cards for Any Occasion
If you are like most gift shoppers, part of the fun is a buy-one, get-one, yet when it comes to teen gifts most buyers aren’t in the market for similar products. Here’s where gift-cards come in. Did you know that in your downtime while you’re scrolling through your smartphone, you can quickly try free apps that pay generously in gift-cards? You’ll be amazed and cash out big time, making gifting all the more doable!

What Constitutes a Gift
In the traditional sense, a gift is usually a tangible item, often beautifully wrapped and given to a person on a special occasion. With the times, gifts are forever evolving from what represents a valuable, personalized present. Namely, gifts of pre-arranged travel, fine dining experiences, and entertainment are each category that teenage girls absolutely crave. Essentially, giving someone something you suspect they will enjoy is all it takes to constitute a gift these days.

teen girl gifts

Two Things Every Meaningful Gift Has
When it comes to gift-giving, it’s all about the thought that counts right? Two aspects of a meaningful gift include one, how well the item suits the recipient, and two, a demonstration that effort was put forth in gift selection. Chances are even if you gift a teen girl a rather generic present, she will immediately recognize that you at least took the time to remember the color she loves best or took time to ask someone close to her what she’s really been asking for.

How to Convey Thoughtfulness with Every Gift
Thoughtfulness is a little different than meaningful. Thoughtfulness just means that you attempted to present her with an item or present that fits her taste. A meaningful gift, on the other hand, is more symbolic in nature. Perhaps its a train ticket to a city she’s read and talked to you about, or maybe its a silver-toned watch versus a yellow gold one. Paying attention to details are how to show thoughtfulness with every gift, meaningful, or in just plain fun. 

Top Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls
According to Lauren Adhav of Cosmopolitan Magazine, the best gifts for teenage girls are items that combine fashion and technology. 2019 has so much to offer in the way of smart-jewelry, fun and oh-so-necessary self-care supplies (think sunscreens and home-spa gifts), and ultra functional merchandise too. 

Yes, Girls Just Want to Have Fun
When in doubt, gift Bluetooth. A cool, wireless speaker is a fantastic teenage girl gift, and there are many Bluetooth speakers under $50 on the market says The TechLounge. Music is a big part of teen’s lives. Why not allow them room to roam with a speaker ideal to their lifestyle. Deciding on which model is super simple. Most have excellent battery life, small size, great sound quality, are light-weight, and water-resistant.

Choosing a Unique Gift
Online shoppers can gather a number of ideas and then narrow it down to spending amount and shipping times. The longer you have to allow a gift time to ship, the better deal to be had. Shop gifts in advance. Sites like eBay and Amazon are wonderful, but you can really score points with your teen when you buy them an uncommon gift to show off to their friends. 

How to Properly Include a Gift Receipt
Many retailers offer a thing called a gift receipt. Essentially, it is a receipt of purchase for just their item (the gift) absent of price details. Gift receipts are an excellent idea to include with a tangible gift because the teen can simply make a return or exchange if necessary. Everyone wins here, the teen won’t be troubled her gift is the wrong size, and you don’t have to worry she won’t absolutely love your present. 

Best Gift Ideas for Younger Teen Girls
Lindsey Murray of Good House Keeping says it’s important to remember that younger teen girls are in a transitional phase. You may want to give her an inspirational gift that encourages subjects like computer programming and art. Alternatively, LED mood signage, iron or stick-on fashion embellishments, and plushy pillows and blankets are each wonderful gifts.

Monetary Gifts for Young Women 16 – 19
Around this age bracket, many teens are learning to work and what it takes to earn the value of a dollar. With this in mind, older teen girls tend to really appreciate extra money coming into their favor. They realize the value of independent spending and usually think twice before dolling out their cash. Chances are after paying for gasoline and cell phone plans they’re already used to a paltry spending plan. Thus, according to, it’s still popular to gift saving certificates for use down the line when a girl might really need the extra cash flow. 

What’s Really Important to a Teen Girl When it Comes to Gifts – Usefulness
Usefulness tops the list of what young girls are really looking for in a gift. Virtually as soon as they’re unwrapping a present, their minds are racing, “How can I use this?” “How can I show this off everyday?” “How will this gift improve my life or make me special?” These are just some of the sentiments that have been admitted. Attractive organization systems for body products, school supplies, and accessories make lovely gifts. Moreover, a beautiful journal will give a teen someplace to organize her thoughts, dreams, and most important, help her set and achieve goals. 

teen girl gifts

Long Distance Gifts for Teen Girls
It can be frustrating when shopping for gifts for a recipient who’s far away. You may be thinking, will they really appreciate my gift, or how can I ensure my gift wont become lost or damaged? The easy answer is, always get shipping insurance, but Consumer Reports also lines out other smart ways to make sure your gift arrives in good condition. Top tips include sending your package as early as possible allowing for maximum time and care, and always using propper-fitting, sturdy packaging.

Gifts for Young Teen Women Away at School
Older teen girls away at school will love getting fun, colorful care-packages. Take time to personally color, collage, and decorate packaging. Inexpensive items like rolls of change for laundry, gum and candy, popcorn and fun snacks are all quite welcomed! Bonus tip, wrap gifts in other gifts such as bath towels, brightly designed bed sheets, or a new hoodie. 

Electronic Gifts for Teenage Girls
Amazon all occasion gifts for teens is a treasure trove of ideal finds for teen girls of all ages. Electronic’s like cute, tassel, usb-key chains to smart period-tracker devices, are just the tip of the iceberg. Teenage girls will be delighted with any of these inventive out-of-the-box gifts and likely use them for many days to come. 

How to Not Go Overboard When Shopping for a Teen Girl
Stay focused when you’re about to go gift shopping, especially if you’re buying online where it’s convenient to add more and more to your shopping cart with a click of a mouse. When possible, make a list ahead of time and prioritize. One awesome tip is keeping that list and then pulling it out again when the next event arises. You’ll quickly find that a present you opted to put-back for a later date will come in handy when your racking your brain with what to give on their next special day.

Ways to Add Value to Inexpensive Gifts
Finally, there are many, many creative ways to add value to a simple gift. Many times, it’s more about the presentation of pomp and circumstance surrounding the gift rather than the actual gift itself. Be sure to wrap your gift. Taking the time to conceal a present makes it one of the most meaningful gifts for teenage girls who are all about show and image. Gifting a box with a favorite candy tied to it is a popular way to add value and grow the smile on their sweet face.

Final Thoughts…

Selecting meaningful gifts for teenage girls doesn’t have to be the puzzle it first appears to be. Keep shopping simple. Teens are still learning how to be thankful and appreciate your gesture anyway.

Think about the time you’ve spent with her and anything of importance to her she may have mentioned. Did she state that “nobody bakes cookies like you do”, or something like, “gee, I sure would like to see my favorite person in concert”? 

Finding hints from teens is really easy, just you listen. Teens chat off-the-cuff constantly about what they like and don’t like, what is cool and what isn’t. 

It’s true that the act of gifting is selfless however, you can still put your needs first and still give a wonderful gift any teenage girl would love. Set a price-point. You’ll be wonderfully surprised with how many gifts you’ll find in whichever range you set.

Budget $5 – less than $20? Excellent. Want to spend $100? Go for it, just don’t confuse meaning with monetary value. Girls love the simplest of gestures. Flowers and their favorite DVD are touted as top notch gifts.

Giving a gift is usually not a single occasion. If you don’t get it exactly right this time, you’ll be better aware of what the recipient may like better in the future. Gifting is an art that comes with a tremendous learning curve.

Remember that temporary or usable gifts are best and always steer clear of expensive cosmetics and fine jewelry. Try to select a popular item when possible. Ask yourself what advertisements you’ve recently seen or heard.

Gifting cosmetics to a teenage girl is a no-no for a few reasons. First, her family may have rules in place on the topic and next, they’re ridiculously expensive. You’ll find heartbreak on both sides if you don’t get it right.

Be as generous as you want, but remember that teen’s are still experiencing growth. They will make mistakes and it’s easy for them to innocently lose even the most cherished of gifts eventually.

Try to make a gift experience and be a key player in it. Teens rarely remember material items, but they’re great at recalling who helped them celebrate their special day and how their time was spent.

Teen girls often have an impression that it’s all about them. Whether the world is revolving around them for just the occasion, or they’re navigating maturity, tell them they are special and how you’ve selected the gift just for them.

Youth remember when adults speak kindly to them and the words that they use. Making a verbal gesture a part of the gifting process adds value to a material gift and it allows the recipient to associate the token with you personally.

Always snap pictures of the occasion, guests, and gifts for reminiscing down the line. While today’s memories are digital, you can still capture the spirit of going through cherished photo albums during holidays and family gatherings.

Moreover, digital pictures of a special day can delightfully come in handy when putting together other gifts. Printed photo books, throws, and canvas art is a very popular way to go.

Social media is another consideration for capturing special occasions and gift exchange. Images shared with out of town relatives and friends who live out of state allow them to be a part of the celebration and see first hand what she got.

Anticipate a genuine thank you. Whether you receive a hand-written note, a phone call or an electronic message, expect that your kindness is acknowledged and keep score for future gifts. 

You may find that shopping for the perfect gift either was or was not worth your troubles. If your efforts go without gratitude, this gifting occasion can save you a future headache, or open the conversation around the importance of gratitude to help the teen in her future endeavors.

Now is the time to be on the lookout for great teen girl gifts. Pull out tips that you’ve found valuable and focus on one or two. In no time whatsoever you’ll find the buying process more streamlined and easy to navigate.