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32 Police Academy Graduation Gifts

Police Academy Graduation Gifts

Graduation from a police academy is a significant milestone in the life of any law enforcement officer. It is a time to celebrate and bestow gifts upon them as they embark on their journey towards becoming an accomplished police officer! The best way to show them that you care is by giving them a great graduation gift. You want something that they will love and use for years to come. That is why we have compiled this list of 32 things that are perfect for any law enforcement officer in your life. 

1. LED Tactical Flashlight 

This best police academy graduation gift will make any law enforcement officer feel prepared for anything! Keep them safe by giving them something they may need someday. This LED flashlight can be used as a weapon if needed, is water-resistant and, best of all, has five different modes. This flashlight is extremely bright, with 2000 lumens to light up any dark area. The best gift for police academy graduates has the option to zoom in so they can focus on what they want without missing anything else around them.  It would also be a great gift for hikers or runners.

2. Challenge Coin 

A prayer coin would be a top gift for police academy grads because it is a religious token that every law enforcement officer should carry with them. The best way to get your point across and share the word of God will be through this inspirational coin. They can take this coin with them wherever they go to remind them of the power of prayer during their tough days on duty. This gift will be a constant reminder that God has got their back no matter what!

3. Gear Rack 

A wall-mounted police gear rack will be a great addition to the home of any graduating law enforcement officer. It is perfect for holding all of their tactical equipment and keeps it in plain sight to find what they need when needed easily! This fun gift idea has an American flag on one side, which is sure to catch anyone’s attention with its bold design and color scheme. They can decorate this shelf however they like or leave it as-is since it does look good either way.

This valentines gift for a boyfriend in police academy is also a great graduation gift for a police officer who is leaving the academy soon. It will be their first piece of home decor, which makes it much more special than any other type of present!

4. Display Case 

This police academy gift comes complete with a certificate and document holder so all of their memories can fit together nicely behind one protective cover. This display case is not only a great way to store their flag, but it also holds other important documents that they may need. It has an elegant mango finish with clear glass panels on both sides. This police academy graduation gift helps them showcase their achievement and welcome themselves home after their first day on duty.

5. Patrol Ready Bag

This bag will be helpful for any law enforcement officer because it can hold all of their gear, providing them with some flexibility when on duty. They will be able to take their personal belongings with them everywhere they go and keep everything organized simultaneously! This bag for law enforcement officers has an accessory pouch, multiple pockets, adjustable straps and lots of room inside. The best thing about this travel gear for cops? It’s resistant to water, which makes it perfect for any weather conditions or situation! This police academy-themed gift serves many different purposes, making it a valuable gift for any officer. It would also be a great gift for flight attendants.

6. Citizen Men's Thin Blue Line Watch 

This Citizen Men’s thin blue line watch is black and blue with a stainless steel band. However, the best feature is the thin line of red that crosses through it to represent the American flag. It has three sub-dials on its face, making this piece very functional while still looking stylish at all times. It’s made of eco-drive technology, so charging up won’t even take much effort out of them. This police academy graduation gift is a great way to support the men and women in blue, no matter where they serve! It would also be a nice gift for a dentist.

7. Pen Survival Gear 

This multi-functional tool can be used as a pen, flashlight, or tool. This police academy graduation gag gift is great to have on hand whenever they need it. It has an aircraft-grade aluminum body, allowing it to last for years if properly taken care of. The best part about this tactical pen? Its LED flashlight on the other end makes it easy to see at night or in dark places. This best law enforcement officer present also comes with five different screwdriver bits, making it suitable for fixing everything from electronics to toys! To top things off? Each pen comes inside its beautiful box, which means they are perfect for presenting as gifts too.

8. Personalized Whiskey Decanter 

After long duty hours, a police officer needs to relax and enjoy life with friends. If they like Whisky, then this one will be perfect for them. You can customize your law enforcement officer's name as well as the badge number on the bottle. This police academy instructor gift is made of premium Italian glass with a silver metal lid, perfect for decoration and practical use. This personalized police academy graduation gift will be helpful in their free time to make them feel relaxed after duty hours.

9. Men's Shirt Stays 

A police officer's uniform must look sharp and neat. You can help them with this shirt garter belt to keep their uniform looking good even after hours of wear. So they will need this shirt stays for daily use. This garter belt has an adjustable design, which means that it will fit any size without exposing too much skin! This best gift for police academy graduates is made with high-quality elastic material, making it very comfortable and stretchy while still strong enough to hold up pants all day long. 

10. Police Bottle Opener

 A bottle opener is a gift that your police officer will use every day. You can go for this simple and sleek stainless steel bottle opener which looks like a police badge! It is made of high-quality steel, so it’s durable enough to last through years of daily use. This best gift for law enforcement officers has a polished finish, making it very stylish and functional. They’ll never have to worry about where they placed their bottle opener again now that they have one with them at all times! This police academy graduation gag gift comes in handy when the cops need some whiskey to relax after patrol duty hours or working hard on an investigation case.

11. ID Badge Holder And Wallet

This deemed gift for police academy graduates is an ID badge holder. It is made of high-quality leather, which makes it very durable. It has three card pockets, one ID window, two hidden compartments for money, or other documents like important papers. A metal clip on the back allows them to place this police academy graduation gift in their pants pocket when they need easy access to their belongings without having to take off their belt! This best badge holder wallet also comes with a heavy-duty carabiner retractable reel that clips easily onto any belt loop. What sets this apart from others? Its super bright LED flashlight means they'll never have trouble finding things in dark places again! 

12. Coffee Mug 

This ceramic coffee mug comes in a beautiful package with a golden spoon and looks perfect as a congrats gift to police officers. The black and gold design makes it perfect to look classy at home or in their office space during a break at work. This police academy-themed gift has an 11-ounce capacity that will keep coffee warm. It comes with a lid, which means you can drink without spilling everywhere. You don’t have to worry about washing this elegant-looking officer cup either since it’s microwave safe and dishwasher safe, so cleaning up after use is easy as pie! 

13. Police Wall Decor Signs

This reckoned gift for graduates of police academy will show their dedication to the police department is a set of metal signs. This bundle has four different types of law enforcement signs that have different motivation lines: These four metal pieces are all made from high-quality materials with strong magnets on the back for hanging purposes. Depending on what you pick, the size can vary, but they look fantastic when hanged together in bulk! They’ll love displaying these best academy graduation gifts at work or home to express their support towards those who serve their communities selflessly every day.

14. Police Themed Keychain  

The best present for her husband, who is graduating from police academy, is a prayer keychain. It has a metal carabiner clip that can easily attach to any keys or belongings. The design looks very professional and sleek at the same time, making it perfect for cops who want something simple yet stylish, which shows their pride in being law enforcement officers! This best keychain also comes with, "God bless police officers." This keychain comes with two charms; one is a police badge, and the other is a pistol.

15. Travel Tumbler  

Cops work hard and continuously patrol their areas to keep the people around safe. This vacuum insulated tumbler cup is perfect for helping cops stay hydrated when on duty because its double-wall construction will keep drinks fresh and tasty even after many hours. A funny line printed on tumbler with the American flag says we have the right to remain silent”. They will love an ergonomically designed cup that holds 20 oz fluid. This travel tumbler can fit into most car cup holders, so they don’t have to hold it while driving.

16. Weatherproof Notebook 

A cop is always on his duty in any weather situation, so a pocket-sized notebook can be handy for taking down notes, memos, or phone numbers. This top-notch spiral note pad is waterproof and has a durable cover to prevent damage when in the field. This gift for police academy grad is made of 100 percent waterproof material that can endure rain or spills without becoming soggy or destroyed. Its pages will remain crisp and clear no matter how wet they become because these notepads have tearproof paper that doesn’t rip even if you use your teeth to remove its sheets during emergencies. It would also be a nice gift for best friend.

17. Praying Police Officer Figurine 

This police office figurine is an excellent way to show love and support for the law enforcement community. It is an ideal gift for someone in police academy to celebrate the safety efforts of those who have been brave enough to risk their lives every day. This resin and polymer stone statue of an officer on his knee looks great on a desk, windowsill, or bookshelf. They’ll display this figurine proudly at work or home to show

18. Police Playing Cards 

Cops can show their pride by displaying police playing cards set at work or home. It is a best gift for someone graduating from police academy because it has an attractive design that shows support towards those who serve communities selflessly every day. This deck of standard-sized playing cards comes with one dice and two decks of cards. Each card featured Thin Blue Line flag on backside and comes in a stained wooden box. This good gift for police academy graduates provides a chance to show their pride in their profession to family and friends.

19. Behind the Badge: Devotional Book

This book is the best gift for police academy graduates who love motivational devotions or those working in law enforcement. It contains 365 daily devotionals designed to offer encouragement, support, and inspiration, including honor, respect, integrity, courage, etc. This inspiring book shows how God has an eternal plan which includes everyone regardless of our occupation or role in life. It’s the ideal way to inspire your loved ones on their special day because this beautiful keepsake will remind them it doesn’t matter what circumstances may come into play, but they need to stay faithful no matter what happens.

20. Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

Cops, detectives and law enforcement officers need to do a lot of paperwork, so a pen holder is a deemed gift for police academy graduates. This classy and functional desk accessory is a stylish way to keep your pens in order while adding polished style to any desktop, countertop, night stand or office nook. This gun cylinder pen holder is made out of heavy-duty cast aluminum, which will stand up to years of use. This silver gun barrel-shaped pen holder also works as a paperweight to hold down important notes or documents.

21. Tactical Pen

A tactical pen is one of the best gifts for police academy graduates because it is a writing device and an effective self-defense tool. This military-inspired multitool pen has many functionalities, such as a flashlight, bottle opener and concealed small items. This tactical pen uses the ballpoint ink cartridge like any traditional pen. It not only functions as a writing instrument, but this multitool device can break glass or smash through car windows, cut seat belts, or other materials to help free yourself if you are trapped inside your vehicle.  

22. Bluetooth Headset  

Cops are always on the go to attend calls, so that they may need a headset connected with their cell phones. A Bluetooth headset is one of the best gifts for police academy graduates because it has many features. It comes in black and has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to control different functions, including hands-free calling, phonebook transfer, and music controls by pressing buttons. This comfortable over-the-head model also offers noise-canceling technology to enhance your call clarity during even loud environments like driving through traffic at highway speeds.

23. Challenge Coin Gift Box

A challenge coin is an indispensable accessory for a police community member or those who serve in law enforcement. A challenge coin enhances camaraderie among squad members, as everyone wants to find out whose coin they have on them at any given time. This Thin Blue Line Challenge coin set of six coins features the US Police Department seal with a “challenge coin” inscription on each by laser engraving or color printing. The included challenge coin display box also has a clear acrylic front with an American flag, so you can easily show off your favorite tokens without having to fumble through pockets or wallets looking for them.

24. Police Socks

If you’re looking for a gift for boyfriend in a police academy that will bring comfort and style to their life, these police socks are perfect. These men’s police-themed socks have an elasticized top with ribbed cuffs so they won’t slip down or bunch up during wear. The sock design features police cars and police badges with blue backgrounds. They come as one pair of ankle-length socks that cover most of your leg from mid-calf to just below the knee. These stylish police-themed socks are made of soft fabric that feels snug against your skin.

25. Food Warmer 

Police officers don't have time to eat lunch because they are always on the go. This lunch wormer pot is an excellent gift for them because it can warm up their food. This lunch crock food warmer keeps hot, tasty lunches at safe serving temperatures until they are ready to eat. The locking lid helps prevent spills and splatters, so you can easily carry everything from your car or desk without worrying about making messes in transit. It also features an easy-clean surface that wipes clean with just soap and water after each use. It would be a good gift for police academy graduates who are always on the go or construction workers.

26. Tactical Duty Belt

Police officers wear duty belts every day, so a duty belt that is comfortable and durable would be a best police academy graduation gift. This tactical duty belt has an adjustable buckle closure with high-density nylon webbing material to ensure it won’t wear out or break during regular use. The quick-release plastic buckles can be easily opened by hand without the need. This tactical duty belt has several pockets and loops to hold all their tools of the trade, including flashlights, handcuffs, knives, multi-tools and more.

27. Shot Glass

A shot glass is a must-have for police officers and law enforcement, so that it would be an excellent gift idea. This beautifully designed glass features a real 0.308 bullet lodged on the glass. This shot glass can hold 1.92 Oz fluid and is made in the USA. It would be an excellent gift for police academy graduates who recently passed their field training programs because they can drink to success with this shot glass.

28. Decanter Set 

This large decanter set includes a bullet-shaped whiskey decanter with four matching shot glasses made of glass, making it look like everyone is holding guns in their hands when having drinks together. This beautiful gun-themed liquor holder is both stylish and functional at the same time. It can hold up to 15 oz liquid so that you can serve your favorite beverage or spirits in style during parties or gatherings with friends and family members.

29. Thin Blue Line USA Flag Hat

Police officers and law enforcement like to wear caps because they keep their heads covered from the hot sun and protect them against ultraviolet (UV) radiation during outdoor activities. This thin blue line flag cap is a perfect gift for police academy graduates who have recently graduated. The hat features an adjustable hook-and-loop closure on the back of the cap so that it fits everyone’s head comfortably, especially those with larger heads or bigger sizes. It also keeps you looking professional when out patrolling streets, walking through neighborhoods, going to traffic accidents, interviewing witnesses/victims, or making arrests at crime scenes.

30. Police Body Camera

Police officers are required to wear body cameras when on duty so that it will be a helpful gift for police academy graduates. This HD-ready wearable camera is designed with 128GB storage capacity and a micro SD slot that can record up-to11 hours. It also has a built-in GPS function to track location data accurately via G Sensor, which records any incidents during patrols. This lightweight body-worn camcorder is easy to use, including WDR technology that automatically adjusts exposure in dark scenes. At the same time, 1296P high-definition resolution captures stunning details even in low light conditions without adjusting the settings manually.

31. Metal Clipboard 

A clipboard is a must-have for police officers and law enforcement. It comes with a heavy capacity metal clip that is very sturdy and durable to hold sheets of paper securely so that they do not fall off easily. This sturdy clipboard also has storage compartments. You can put documents, notebooks, forms, papers, reports writing tools inside so they don’t get blown away by strong winds or fall onto hard surfaces during outdoor activities or investigations in the field. This practical gift for a graduate of police academy is made of high-quality aluminum, so it is lightweight and portable.

32. Locker Organizer 

A locker organizer would be a convenient gift for police academy graduates with multiple pockets and magnetic closures to keep everything safe and secure. It also comes with an adjustable hook on the back to fit into different lockers or doors easily. This heavy-duty mesh bag features rugged 600D polyester fabric construction, making this storage solution durable enough to last years of reliable use in any setting, including indoor offices, entryways at home, etc.


Rose Parker

Graduation is a time to celebrate, and this is even more true for police academy graduates. After hard training and work, they deserve to be rewarded with incredible gifts. They also deserve to be reminded of how much their family and friends love them. You can appreciate their work and show your support by giving gifts to help them in their law enforcement career. The article gives you 32 police academy graduation gift ideas that will show your appreciation and love for them.

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