31 Tennis Gifts For Her

Tennis gifts for Her

Tennis is a sport that requires intense concentration, quick reflexes, and stamina. Tennis is a game that can be enjoyed by the entire family, and there are so many gifts out there to celebrate this sport. Whether you're looking for something to surprise your wife or girlfriend with on her next birthday or anniversary, or you want to get a unique gift for someone else who loves tennis, we have some great ideas in store!

1. Wilson Tennis Racket 

A tennis racket is an integral part of tennis equipment. It is a must-have for every player, and everyone will need to choose the best one for their individual needs. This Wilson racket has been specially designed with intermediate players in mind, but it's still attractive enough that beginners would love to have this as well! This model features aluminum construction and volcanic frame technology which ensures the racket is durable and lightweight.

2. Tennis Lovers Gift Set

Tennis is a game of deep concentration, intense rivalry, and high stakes. If you know someone who is a tennis lover, this gift set will be perfect. It includes an eye-catching tennis tumbler with engraved words, “Tennis is my Happy Hour”, a matching straw, a Tennis ball bottle stopper, one cleaning brush and a pair of tennis novelty socks. This Tennis-themed gift must prove an asset in their tennis game collection.

3. Eco Zipper Pouch

This Eco-friendly zippered pouch includes a drawstring closure, durable stitching and is made of eco-friendly material. It's one of the best gifts for her that are also practical! Plus, this item comes in an assorted color palette, so you're sure to find something she loves. This gift will work well as a makeup bag or travel organizer so she can keep her items safe from spills and other mishaps. You can choose one for valentine's day or her birthday.

4. Personalized Tennis Charm Bangle

The tennis charm bangle is one of the best gifts for her. It's a perfect gift to give her on Valentine's day or anniversary; she will feel so special wearing this bangle and be reminded that you care about her every time she looks at it! The stainless steel tennis charm is dainty but eye-catching with its large round clear crystal. You can personalize it with an Austrian crystal and initials.

5. Self Tennis Training Tool

This tennis training tool will help her learn how to be a better tennis player. It helps her develop the proper grip, technique and muscle memory for strokes like a backhand, forehand and serve. It allows players to learn how to be better tennis players, developing the proper grip and techniques. The tennis training tool is an innovative new product that will help your friend become a better tennis player.

6. Tennis Racket Necklace 

This tennis racket necklace will make a fun and unique present. Your friend can wear it to work or at home while watching Wimbledon! This tennis pendant necklace is made from sterling silver metal. The pendant is about an inch wide by one inch tall. This beautiful necklace comes with an 18-inch box chain to best fit your friend's neck size. She must love this pretty necklace.

7. Nike Featherlite Visor

Tennis players need a visor to protect their eyes from the sun and glare. If she needs a new visor, this Nike featherlite visor will be perfect for her! It's made of polyester with mesh in the back. The brim is curved inward for an optimized fit and comfort. She'll love how lightweight it feels on her head when playing tennis. This visor is also easy to wash. It'll last for many seasons! If she is into golf then she must like to wear it.

8. Low Cut Tennis Socks 

Tennis socks are important for staying cool and keeping her feet from sliding in a shoe. These low-cut socks will not only stay up all day, but they'll also be comfortable to wear! They have dry-fit material that wicks away moisture so she can continue running on the court without having sweaty feet. The traction on the soles is also a great feature to prevent slips and falls. Any sportswoman will love to add them to her wardrobe.

9. 50 Years of Championship Tennis

This book is a must-read for every fan of tennis, including her. The 50th Anniversary edition celebrates the best moments in US Open history with more than 500 pages of stunning photography and never before seen memorabilia from players such as Arthur Ashe, Billie Jean King, Chris Evert and Andre Agassi! She must enjoy reading about electrifying events of US Open history. This book is a tribute to the sport and its fans that provides some of the greatest, most dramatic moments in US Open tennis history. Any history buff would like to add this book to his library.

10. Tennis Racket Cookie Cutter

This cookie cutter is handmade with durable stainless steel and will make cookies that look like tennis rackets! Perfect for birthday or Christmas gifts, it's an adorable way to enjoy the sport while baking. She can bake tennis cookies for the neighborhood kids and all have a game of their own. This cookie cutter is not suitable for dishwashers and can be clean by hand. She can enjoy her favorite sports while making and eating her favorite treats! Your mom would love to bake cookies in tennis racket shape.

11. Tennis Ball Bath Bombs

These bath bombs are a perfect way to play tennis while bathing. This gift product is made with peppermint oil for a soothing scent that can relax the mind. She'll enjoy every minute of this time in the tub as she's submerged into water colors reminiscent of Wimbledon. This product comes with four large size bath bombs, each with a tennis ball design. This gift must tell her that how much you appreciate her.

12. Tennis Scrunchies

Everyone has a favorite hair accessory, and for some, it's scrunchy to put their hair in a bun or ponytail. These scrunchies are made of stretch material which means they'll fit just about any head size! She can wear them with her casual outfit to work out to have fun while relaxing and rejuvenating. These will also make a great addition to any of the other tennis accessories or gifts you may consider getting for your loved one.

13. Stress Relief Tennis Doll

Stress relief is a healthy mental practice, and this tennis doll will help your loved one do just that. The design is cute enough to keep on display in the home or office while also serving as a reminder of happy times spent playing tennis! She'll love having her best friend close by whenever she needs it most! She can smash the doll in her pressure hand and let the frustration flow.

14. Tennis Wine Tumbler

This wine tumbler is a perfect gift for any tennis player who loves to drink red or white wines. This laser engraved wine glass features a tennis racket on both sides of the wine tumbler. This large stainless steel double-wall tumbler holds a generous 12 ounces and is perfect for wine, champagne, beer, tea, coffee, or water. This double-walled, vacuum-insulated tumbler comes with a spill-proof lid. They'll keep the temperature of the drinks maintain. 

15. Tennis Water Bottle

This water bottle is perfect for keeping hydrated on the court. The BPA-free, high-quality plastic provides maximum durability and convenience during tennis tournaments or practices. This reusable water bottle features an easy-to-use push-button lid that flips open and shut for easy drinking. She can now enjoy her favorite drink on the court without having to worry about spilling or wasting it. She can also bring this bottle while walking or running.

16. Tennis Resin Cheese Spreaders

This tennis-themed cheese spreader set is a unique gift that will be sure to please any cheese lover. The stainless steel knives are the perfect size for cutting slices of gouda, cheddar, or brie easily and quickly. The cheese spreaders set includes four knives. This set is easy to clean by hand. It also makes an excellent hostess gift! Your favorite tennis girl can enjoy cheese on bread, crackers, or pasta dishes too in a tennis-themed way.

17. Tennis Ball Hopper

These tennis ball hoppers make an excellent gift for any tennis player who needs to keep their game on point! This tennis ball hopper is made with durable and heavy-duty polypropylene. It can be used to store and carry balls and can hold up to 80 balls. The tennis ball hopper is great tennis accessories because she can enjoy training sessions with this ball hopper.

18. Tennis Keychain

This tennis keychain has two charms that feature a tennis racket set and "I love tennis" engraving. With this tennis keychain, she will always have a reminder of her love for the game and an inspiring quote to live by! This keychain can be personalized with a name or phrase and comes in silver color. This unique gift idea for her will make it easier to find keys at the bottom of bags!

19. Wilson Team Tennis Bag

The Wilson team tennis bag is a versatile bag that can be used to carry tennis rackets. Wilson’s most popular features are its sturdy construction, multiple pockets, and a side compartment. Wilson’s premium tennis bags are the best choice for someone who likes to travel with their gear. This great gift helps your favorite tennis player to carry tennis rackets, shoes, and a water bottle and enjoy the game for hours.

20. Tennis Gloves

Featuring a comfortable leather construction, these gloves are designed to prevent tennis elbow. The white full finger tennis gloves are designed for a snug fit. The best thing about these gloves is that they provide excellent traction to help you keep control of your racket while playing on an outdoor court. Great for keeping your girl tennis player warm on those cold days or for staying dry on the hot ones.

21. Ball Coach/Pocket Radar

The ball coach is the latest tool for helping you determine where to hit on the tennis ball. It identifies speed and type of spin so you can maximize your game time! The pocket radar will help her see how fast a ball is coming at her without even having to move. This is a great gift idea because it will help her practice all aspects of tennis, from volleys to getting in position for that perfect serve. She'll be ready when the time comes!

22. Adidas Women's Grand Court Sneaker

These lightweight tennis shoes will be perfect for the court, no matter what type of game - Tennis, Pickle ball etc. They have a breathable mesh layer on the inside to keep her feet cool and provide an excellent grip so she won't slip in those intense rallies! The outsole features individual rubber pods that add to durability while also providing cushioning. These sneakers give her the competitive edge she needs. She look so stylish in this white sneakers and show off her great moves!

23. Tennis Ball Wine Bottle Stopper

If your loved one loves tennis and is always balancing training with relaxation, this is a perfect gift idea. This wine bottle stopper is shaped like a tennis ball, and it fits right in the wine bottle neck. This gift idea might be for her birthday or as an anniversary present to show that you understand she needs to unwind after work too! She can enjoy relaxing time with friends or family while looking at this unique gift idea.

24. Pleated Tennis Skirts

Pleated skirts are a great way to show off athleticism and femininity. Does she look for an elegant look while on the court? This skirt will work great and don't worry about finding something to match because many colours are available. These tennis skirts with the perfect length for showing off legs on or off the court! These skirt styles look best when paired with sneakers -a shirt or tennis top.

25. Tennis Serve Tool 

Are you still struggling to serve like the pros? Sometimes we need a little help, and this tennis ball throwing tool is perfect for that. There is a checkmark on the serve master to show you how to hold your racket for the most natural serve motion. Serve Master is perfect for practising all types of swings, including serves, ground strokes, and overheads. This makes the best gift for your favorite tennis girl who plays often! 

26. Tennis String Straightener

Tennis string straightener is a must-have for every tennis player. Its unique design and gentle tensioning of the strings can make your racket play like new again! This gift makes an excellent present for those who love to play the game and want their equipment to be in good shape. This tool, as a great gift, help her to keep her racket in optimum playing condition.

27. Tennis Bag Tag

She can't lose this unique bag tag that is personalized with her name! There are many different colors and styles to choose from. This would make a great gift for the traveller who likes to bring their tennis gear along wherever they go. It will also be helpful if she likes to borrow back rackets or have students use hers when playing. She can now easily identify any lost gear and personalize it with her name to make it unique!

28. Tennis Towel with Hook

This tennis towel is perfect for the on-the-go player! It has a hook attached to hang it up after use and comes in white color. This would be great for travelling players, so they can have an extra towel just in case their luggage gets lost or stolen. This white cotton towel is super absorbent and will dry quickly. The soft tennis towel must be a great gift for the tennis player who is always on the go!


29. Tennis Coffee & Tea Mug

This tennis ball and racket coffee mug is a great gift for any tennis player who loves coffee or tea! The mug is ceramic, and the handle on it has an ergonomic grip to make holding easier. This mug is also dishwasher and microwave safe. You can grab one as a gift to the tennis player in your life. She must enjoy coffee while watching her favorite tennis player on TV. 

30. Nike Swoosh Wristbands

She looks stylish while playing tennis with these wristbands. They come in various colors and are made out of stretchy fabric for an easy on-and-off experience. The swoosh wristbands help to keep sweat off hands and prevent blisters. She must be happy to be wearing these wristbands while doing her favorite sport. The Nike swoosh is easy to wash. She can just throw them in the washing machine and they will be good as new after their cycle is complete.  

31. Tennis Ball Decorative Pillow

She can look at it while she's on the couch and remember all of those hours when she was out playing tennis. This tennis ball shape made from authentic tennis ball material and has a fluff insert. This decorative pillow looks like it's just been hit by a tennis ball. It is big enough to be used on the couch, bed or floor in any room of her house and at her office too.


Rose Parker

Tennis is a sport that people of all ages can enjoy. It is an excellent way to keep up your physical fitness levels and stay in shape while having fun too. Tennis also offers you the chance to meet new friends, so it's worth taking some time out for a game or two now and then!

If your favorite girl is a tennis player, then you're in luck. We've compiled this list of the 31 best gifts for her to find what she really wants! We hope you enjoy reading and find the perfect tennis-themed present for her!