10 ideas for selecting useful gifts for Tween girls

gifts for tween girls

The tween age is not as easy as people think it is. We all should know that because we were once tweens, too. This is a difficult period because the little human being is stuck at an awkward period between two stages.

This is a transitional period between our girls’ childhood and teen years. Our girl is no longer a little kid, but she is not exactly a lady yet, either. This is a period fraught with confusion because her mind may tell her to still enjoy the toys of her youth, but her developing body parts are screaming that she is no longer a little child.

Most girls in this stage are still unsure of what they want. Their choices keep on changing, which makes nailing down the perfect present rather difficult. What can we get our girls with the ages 9 to 12 years old?

Barbie dolls, coloring books, and cooking sets may not seem to hold as much interest as before. But they’re not exactly old enough to be doing things along with friends either. She may even be more moody than before with whining that include, “I am bored”, or “This is lame”, or “There’s just nothing to do” types of dramatic declarations.

Tweens are imaginative and active creatures. Their developing hormones and private parts may make the little ladies a tad more dramatic than usual. You might find them constantly complaining about being bored.

Many tween girls have an abundance of energy thanks to the gift of youth. Rather than letting these lovely girls be glued to their gadgets, we have to think of ways to get their minds churning and their bodies moving. Giving them opportunities like projects, activities, and keeping them busy in general will go a long way.

Keeping these young ladies busy is not as easy as it seems. Let’s do a group hug and commiserate with each other. Nailing down the perfect gift for that tween in your life is really not an easy task to accomplish. It’s totally not like when they were smaller, when a few gifts here and there could brighten up their days.

On top of that, bigger kids really do come with bigger ticket requests. How do we fulfill all these demands without going over budget? We all hope to make our children happy without having to break the bank to fulfill their Christmas wishes or birthday dreams, either.

Hereunder are several tips to help you get started in looking for that perfect gift to keep your tween happily occupied. These are not set in stone so what may work for one, will not work for the other because these girls have different personalities as vibrant and varied as the colors of the rainbow. This list is designed to be a helpful reference that can be everyone’s spring board for ideas, so use what you can to help make your gift-giving a lot less painful and a whole lot more fun.

Personality is the Key Ingredient

Although these girls may share the same difficult tween age, it doesn’t mean they will all like the same things. The primary consideration you have to make is the tween’s personality. What is her nature?

If she is a girly-girl, then it might titillate her to receive fun, lady-like stuff like a super girlie lace dress, a vibrant colored makeup palette, or a cool hair crimper. Think color pink, flowers, dainty, and frills. These will all tickle her inner diva.

tween girl gifts

If she is more of a no-fuss little lady, then something like sports equipment can be more up her ally. Maybe she’d also prefer something more practical like a cookbook collection. She could also fancy getting new games for her PS4.

There really are a vast collection of items we could choose from. But the number one key into ensuring our gift-giving success is to consider what she will enjoy the most based on her personality. If she is not your own child, then it might be a tad harder, but asking those close to her for advice will help you figure her out.

Think Projects and Not Just Things

Sometimes, getting something material will not cut it out. Tweens may no longer like their dollies or pretend play activities. Thinking outside the box will surely help.

Since they have a lot of creative juices that are begging to come out, maybe be something they can build or work on is the best gift to purchase. An example would be something like jewelry making kit, DIY stitching kits, or a make your own fashion project.

Fun with Friends is the Best

With the many slumber party requests, one thing is sure—our tween girls enjoy spending time with their friends. Getting them a gift they can use with their girl pals will certainly win us points. A collective give for a group of tweeny boppers will certainly be a huge hit.

There are many gifts like these in the market today. The Twister mat game set that makes them go physical is one perfect example. Another is the classic Jenga game wherein you pull out sticks while ensuring the whole pile doesn’t topple over will elicit a lot of fun screams and laughter.

Learning Something New is Always a Good Idea

Tweens have a growing mind that’s akin to a sponge, raring to absorb information. Rather than just gifting with some material item that will gather dust in the corner of her room as the days pass by, give her something that can impact the rest of her life. The gift of knowledge is very powerful, and the gift of learning a skill is one that last forever.

Enrolling her in a class such as baking lessons for basic cute cupcakes will surely be a hit. Maybe getting her ice skating lessons will stir in the inner winter Olympian in her. Taekwondo lessons is also a good idea.

Sometimes, aside from just giving lessons, gifting the actual item will help her improve. Getting her a cool, trendy wave board will help her find her balance, or perhaps, giving her a lab kit will challenge her inner scientist. These gifts that inspire her to learn something will be enjoyed for the rest of her life.  

Spark Creativity 

Gifts that spark our tweens’ creative juices into flowing would be awesome. Boredom is the constant enemy. To counter this feeling of being bored, then let us tap their artistic side.

tween girls gift

Sparking creativity with a gift like make your own pottery or make your own jewelry is something that will keep their minds and hands busy. There are many DIY gift boxes to choose from. The best part about a gift like this is that girls appreciate and enjoy more when they make with their own stuff with their own hands.

Some girls even like the adult version of coloring books with the intricate designs. Getting those along with a bunch of coloring supplies will make some tweens happy. There are many creative gifts in stores and online to tap into your tweens’ artistic mode.

Let’s Get Physical and Let Me Hear your Body Talk

Our daughters get cranky during summer break and winter holidays because they have nothing to do. Keeping these girls busy will teach them the value of how to be productive. On top of that, it can teach the important lessons on health, safety, and the value of exercise.

Getting our tweens something like a dance class membership is a gift that keeps on giving because she will learn skills and exercise along the way. If she is the sporty kind, then getting her soccer equipment may be more appreciated. Any self-defense class will also come in handy for the future because every girl needs to learn how to protect themselves.

Sometimes, things like getting her a new bike will inspire her to move more. Same goes for new roller blades or a new skateboard. Just remember to give her the corresponding safety gear to ensure that she will not get into a disaster while enjoying your gift.

Board NOT Bored Games

With boredom as the perpetual and perennial problem, we have to get our tweens something that they will truly enjoy. Often, this means getting them a gift that they can enjoy when their friends come over. Yes, at this stage, they really prefer to be hanging out with their friends, and that’s a fact.

Getting them various board games to play together will keep them busy and occupied. Perhaps, it is time to let them discover the good old games of our own youth like the quintessential and classic Monopoly. This is a classic board game that teaches math, analysis, and investment so it is a win-win situation for everyone.

There are many other collective board and/or group games out there such as Cranium, Cluedo, Taboo, Pictionary, and the like. Choosing various boxed sets for your tweens to enjoy will certainly make her happy. On top of that, it will also make her friends happy because it is something they can do together.

Educational is the Way to Go

Often, educational gifts are seen as boring. But, really, they do not have to be at all. There are many gift items out there that teach something without making them feel bored such as the create your own slime type of projects.

Another form of an educational gift is doing something. Getting her to a museum would make an excellent gift. There are many different types out there from science oriented, natural history, or children’s museums.

Another example would be hauling her to a bookstore and letting her choose what titles to get. Getting her a stack of books is one way to spark curiosity in that brain of hers. Reading, after all, never gets old.

The Gift of Experience is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

More than material gifts, experience is the best gift to give because it keeps on giving, with the benefits lasting a lifetime. Taking a family birthday trip is always a good idea. Bonding with the family matters a lot.

It doesn’t have to be fancy so don’t worry about going over budget. Sometimes, going on a simple road trip on a nearby time is enough to get them hyped and excited. Exploring a new place, trying new restaurants, and seeing new scenery are always fun and refreshing things to do.

Inspire the gift of wanderlust in your child. After all, the world is a big, vast, and wide place that is waiting to be explored, and spending time with nature and the world is so vital. Opening up your tween’s eyes to the many different opportunities the world has to offer is the greatest gift of all.

Starting a Family Heirloom Tradition

Some material things have a place in our tweens’ life. Something valuable and important like jewelry, which can be handed down from generation to generation, could be an important gift to mark her birthday. A simple pair of earrings to mark her entrance into the double digits will surely make her 10th birthday memorable.

Perhaps, you even have old jewelry there in your closet that you can pass onto her. These precious pieces with history will make her feel even more special and connected to you. Giving these items will surely touch her heart, and these pieces have a potential to turn into family heirlooms when she passes them onto her own child.


Remember, finding the perfect gift for that special tween in your life doesn’t have to be a stress filled moment. Have fun doing it because it is an indirect way for you to bond and get to know this lovable little human. The tween years are the last few years you will get to enjoy her youth. When she hits her teen years, she will want to spend more time with her friends.

But that’s the cycle of life! What’s important now is to show her and demonstrate how much you love her and how much she matters to your life. More often, it is not the actual present itself that matters, but how much thought and heart was put into selecting that present…and that itself is the real gift.