27 Gifts For Dementia Patients

Gifts for dementia patients

Dementia is a serious disease that affects the brain, and it causes many different symptoms. There are many people who live with this condition every day, which can make life difficult for them. There are some great gifts that you can give to someone living with dementia to help make their lives easier. In this article, we will share 27 Gifts for Dementia Patients to keep them happy! 

1. Amazon Echo

Echo is a voice-controlled speaker that you can use to listen to your favorite music, get news updates, set alarms, timers, ask questions, play games. This device connects through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so it doesn't need an internet connection or phone service. It also connects to other speakers that have Alexa built-in for high-quality stereo sound! This device would be a best Christmas gift for dementia or Parkinson's patients who want to enjoy life and don't want to depend on others.

2. Fidget Blanket

Individuals with special sensory needs find fidgeting and other hand-based activities relaxing and soothing. It is a great help for non-anxious activities as well. This fidget blanket has different activities and can be used for sensory input, stress relief, or fidgeting with the fabric to keep hands occupied. This best gift will help dementia patients to feel comfortable and satisfied. It would also be a practical gift for Alzheimer's patients.

3. Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock 

This best gift will help dementia patients to keep track of what day it is and when they need to take their medication. It has five alarms, an easy-to-read digital display, a countdown timer for cooking or other tasks, and the date in large numbers on top. A thoughtful gift for elder parents to improve their quality of life. This gift makes it easier to see time from far away—a great clock for dementia patients. It would also be a nice gift for ADHD adults.

4. Interactive Companion Cat

This interactive companion cat has a personality, does tricks on command and, best of all, is incredibly soft. This gift will make dementia sufferers feel loved at the same time as it stimulates their minds with its fun activities. This pet cat can open and close its eyes, lift its Paw, open its mouth and move its head. It's one of our top picks for gifts to keep someone happy who lives with dementia.

5. Digital Picture Frame

This digital photo frame is a great birthday gift for dementia patients. It's easy to use and will allow them to spend hours looking at family photos they love from years ago or recent pictures of their loved ones nearby. This interactive picture frame has voice control, motion sensor wireless connection, an SD card slot and timer function so it can be set to turn on and off automatically.

6. Armrest Organizer

This armchair organizer has enough pockets to hold a variety of items, including tablets and smartphones. The seat cushion is made from memory foam for extra comfort, while the adjustable fabric headrest provides support when needed. It can be removed so that an additional chair or ottoman can be pulled up to help make it easier for the person with dementia. This great gift for dementia patients makes it a little easier to do things like eating, watching TV, or reading while sitting. It would also be an appropriate gift for people in a wheelchair.

7. Electric Blanket

An electric blanket is a great gift for dementia patients who are always cold. It features power controls that allow the user to choose how high they would like it to be set, and the heat can be turned off as well if needed. This makes this best gift for people with dementia because of their varying temperatures and inability to tell when they have become too hot. This item is made with 100% microfiber for a soft touch that won't irritate the skin. People going through chemotherapy also feel much colder than others, so they would also like to have it.

8. Neck and Back Massager

This neck and back massager for dementia patients is great because it relieves the neck, back and feet. It features a kneading pad that moves in four directions to soothe any strain or pain you may have. The heat feature isn't as powerful since it's mainly used to massage muscles, but this would make an excellent Christmas present for dementia patients because it will help to improve their blood circulation.

9. Crayola Colored Pencils

Crayola Colored Pencils can be used as a form of therapy. They're perfect for coloring and drawing, which can help them express their feelings or enhance cognitive skills like creativity, concentration and hand-eye coordination. For best results with this present, you should provide plenty of paper or coloring books. This gift will stimulate their creative side and help them express themselves. They'll also enjoy exploring different pictures with this 50-piece coloring set that they can use for hours on end! Can be helpful with number of medical conditions like dementia, cancer and others.

10. Eyeglass Holder 

Dementia patients forget where and when they put their eyeglasses, so this is the perfect gift for them. It's designed to keep glasses in place while also keeping them clean from dust or dirt. This wooden eyeglass stand is also a great place to store reading glasses. Dementia patients can use this beautifully crafted stand as a decoration piece on a table or desk. At the same time, use them to keep glasses, so they will never forget where they are.

11. Match The Photos Game

Board games can be more interactive, social, and fun for dementia patients than cards or puzzles alone because they're played with other people (hopefully their loved ones). Memory-building board games with pictures on them are best since it's easier to associate a picture with the word. This match the photo game has memory cards that will engage patients in conversation, develop their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

12. Window Bird Feeder 

Dementia patients often enjoy watching birds at their windows because they think they are like pets or something to watch over them when no one is around. A bird feeder for the window will help them get their "fix" of birds. This bird feeder is best for single windows, and it has three hard suction cups to keep the feeder in place. With a removable tray, it is easy to clean. This amazon gift for dementia patients must win their hearts.

13. Bath and Shower Chair

Dementia patients often feel like they are wasting water, and many want to avoid taking baths or showers. A bath or shower chair will help them feel more comfortable in their morning routine. It also works as a transfer bench. The lifter is made from PVC and features a pivoting grip handle to make transfers in and out of the bath safe, effortless, and accessible. This transfer bench helps to make them feel more secure and safe while taking a bath.

14. Organizer, Log Book & Notebook  

A memory journal is a great gift for people living with dementia. The best part about this type of journal is that it can be kept private or shared among loved ones if desired. It can be used as a logbook, notebook, or memory journal. The first page is dedicated to the person's name and information about their dementia diagnosis. There are also pages where they can track changes in moods, habits, daily living skills and health over time.

15. MP3 Player 

This tech gift for dementia patients makes their Christmas merry and bright. This simple MP3 player is easy to use, by just pressing the big button in front of it will start playing music immediately like magic! There are also buttons on the side that allow fasting forward through songs without any hassle. The Retro Music Boombox has a 2-in-1 speaker system, playing nearly 3000 songs or audiobooks.

16. Electric Can Opener

This is a great gift for elderly or dementia patients. It comes with an automatic advance and electric can opener that opens cans from top to bottom in just seconds! The best part about this awesome device? You don't need hands; it will open the can using only their power of touch! This clever device is perfect for dementia patients because they may forget how to use manual can openers.

17. Bucket Style Towel Warmers

These are wonderful for dementia patients who need a little extra warmth. This bucket-style warmer is safe, easy to use and will fit in any bathroom. The spa-quality towel warmer also offers a consistent heat that will have your loved ones feeling cozy and comfortable. The towel warmer is safe and easy to use. Your dementia sufferer father or mother can enjoy warm towels after their bath or shower.

18. Electronic Foot File Pedicure Tools

Patients who have dementia need to maintain good hygiene for them to stay comfortable. Foot care is very important, especially in diabetic people, because it can help prevent infections. This device easily removes callus from the feet, heels, and soles of one's foot. This electronic foot file pedicure tool will make the job easier and quicker, so your loved one won't have sore feet that they're too embarrassed about or afraid of asking you about.

19. Activity Apron

Sometimes dementia patients need help with their activities of daily living. This activity apron can hold everything they'll need for the day in place, so you won't have to worry about your loved one forgetting things or getting frustrated when trying to find something. It is designed to be safe and easy to use by anyone of any age or level of cognitive impairment. This great gift for dementia patients makes their daily tasks easier.

20. Dementia Friendly Activity CD & DVD

This activity CD and DVD is best Mother day gift for dementia patients in a nursing home. This music CD is designed to stimulate the senses and keep dementia patients engaged in an activity. It's perfect for playing in a nursing home or hospital room, as it features upbeat songs with familiar lyrics that are easy to remember and great fun! In this CD and DVD combo, a screen that features words is provided with the songs so patients can sing along to every song. It's perfect music gift for dementia patients.

21. Keeping Busy Expressions Dementia Game 

This great game for dementia patients stimulates their brain or keeps them busy! This expression game is promising entertainment when they are bedridden. This game includes expression cards that have simple and easy to complete lines. When patients read this card, they will respond automatically. Dementia patients can feel a sense of achievement when they come up with an answer. This good gift for dementia patients motivates them to interact with people.

22. Chair Exercise Resistance Bands

Dementia patients need to maintain wellness as they age because it can be a necessary part of healthy aging. Resistance bands keep them healthy and strong. These resistance bands are made of high-quality rubber that can be stretched up to 200% of its original length. These stretch bands are good gift for dementia patients who want to maintain their muscle tone with an exercise they can do at home or while traveling. It's also perfect if you're not sure what type your loved one would enjoy doing best!

23. Big Button TV Remote

Dementia patients often face difficulty to use their fine motor skills or hand-eye coordination. The TV remote features large buttons and an enlarged keypad. This makes it easier to use because the buttons are big, making them easy to see and touch without squinting! The universal remote can work with most TV, DVD player and cable boxes. Now your dementia loved one can enjoy TV just like they used to!

24. Dementia Patient Key Ring

This keyring has charms that are easy to see and identify that the person is a dementia patient. It’s a great way for dementia patients to keep track of their keys just by looking at them! The keyring is also very durable, making it last longer than other designs on the market. This medical alert gift helps others identify a dementia patient, and it can help patients avoid getting lost.

25. Medical Alert ID Necklace

This medical alert necklace is a great gift for dementia patients because it ensures that they are easily identified as someone with dementia. This way, if they ever get lost or wander away from home, people will know to look out for them and help bring them back safely. You can customize pendant with up to three lines of text. It can also be an important factor in emergencies if they cannot communicate with medical personnel.

26. Dementia Restraint Glove

Help your loved one with dementia feel more in control when they may be feeling less powerful. This restraint glove is designed to give the wearer an increased sense of independence and dignity by allowing them to use their hands freely yet still keep you safe from potential injury or accidents. A padded palm on this glove is made with a special material that won't clog drains or trap water after hand washing. The wrist straps are adjustable for a snug fit and have an additional safety clip for added security.

27. House Slipper 

This slipper allows your loved one to be able to walk around the house and maintain their independence. The bottom of this shoe is non-slip, so it won't move on a surface when they step. These soft, lightweight shoes are easy for them to put on themselves and have memory foam insoles that provide arch support. These flexible and comfortable slippers will serve them well for years to come. They are easily washable and come in a variety of colors.


Rose Parker

Dementia patients often feel alone and misunderstood. To give them a little more peace of mind and companionship, get them the best gifts. By giving them dementia-friendly gifts, you're showing them that they are cared for. In this article, we've gathered 27 gifts for dementia patients to help make their lives easier.

We hope you like the ideas for gifts and find one that suits your loved ones best. The key here is making sure that it has dementia-friendly features such as bright colors or large text to identify what things are around them easily!

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