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gardening gift

Gardening Gift ideas for Dad

gardening gift

Does your dad have a green thumb? These gifts are perfect for an avid gardener. Dads that spend a lot of time in the garden are always on the lookout for certain items. Keep these suggestions in mind when you're gift shopping.

1. The Farmer's Almanac

Even if your dad isn't a big fan of gardening, it's likely that he'll appreciate this handy resource. Make sure you buy the latest version of this guide. It contains yearly weather reports, gardening advice, and so much more.

2. A Quality Canvas Gardening Apron

Your father will really appreciate a sturdy gardening apron made from canvas. When shopping for the right apron, you'll want to look for something that has plenty of pockets. That way, your dad will have an easy way to store his gardening tools. It would also be a practical gift for DIYers.

3. Unusual Seeds

Your dad might appreciate a new gardening challenge. Why not find some unusual seeds that he can cultivate. Brightly-colored produce, like rainbow-colored carrots, can be a great option. Chia seeds can enhance a garden's appearance, and they can also attract birds. Try to find something new that your father can grow.

4. Personalized Garden Stakes

When you order personalized garden stakes for your dad, he'll be able to claim his garden as his own! Since you'll be able to customize the stakes that you order, you can pick out a message that he'll love. This is also a great option if your dad tends to buy a lot of the gardening supplies he wants. When you give him a personalized present, you won't have to worry about giving him something that he already has!

5. Indoor Gardening Gear 

In some climates, it's difficult to garden in the winter. If you give your dad indoor gardening supplies, he'll be able to enjoy his favorite hobby year round. Herb gardens are a particularly great option.

6. Wind Chimes

Many men pick up gardening as a hobby because it's a great way to relax and unwind. If you know that your dad has a lot of stress in his life, why not give him wind chimes that he can hang in the garden? The sound these chimes make is extremely soothing. The sound of wind chimes is said to be spiritually satisfying.

7. A Steel Watering Can 

It's likely that your dad already has a watering can, but he may not have one that's made from steel. Steel is known for its durability, which means that a watering can like this will hold up well over time. Your dad will really appreciate this sturdy, high-quality gift.

8. A Wooden Birdhouse 

bird feeder is a fun way to attract birds to your yard! The birdhouse can be a wonderful way to enjoy a garden even when you're indoors. Look for a sturdy wooden birdhouse with a design that appeals to your dad.  Make sure you buy him plenty of food for the feeder as well. You may even want to give him seeds so that he can grow his own birdseed.


Rose Parker

These are some gift ideas for a dad into gardening. Even if your dad is hard to shop for, it's likely that he'll appreciate these great gardening gifts. In fact, once you start shopping, you might find yourself wanting to spend a little more time outdoors!

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Inspirational gifts for cancer patients

33 Inspirational Gifts For Cancer Patients

Inspirational gifts for cancer patients

Cancer is a disease that affects so many of us in some way. Whether it's you, your family, or friends and acquaintances. It seems like cancer has touched everyone at one point or another. And when someone is diagnosed with cancer, they are often left feeling lost and alone. They need to know that there are people who care about them and want to help them feel better during this difficult time! One way to do this is by sending inspirational gifts for cancer patients! We have curated 33 presents that will make the patient feel loved and appreciated while also giving them things they can use on a day-to-day basis.

1. Animated Goodnight Prayer Bear

This cute, plush bear will send the patient off to sleep with three soothing messages. "Jesus Loves Me", "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep", "The Our Father, and Lord Hear My Prayer,". It also comes with its own blanket! This plush toy recites these messages many times until the user turns off the device. This spiritual gift must be comforting for a cancer patient and give hope and strength during their difficult journey. This inspirational gift is perfect for someone who's struggling with sleep during cancer treatment, or even a loved one of theirs that they're worried about. The messages are comforting and the bear is adorable!

2. Cancer Survivor T-Shirt

This inspirational cancer t-shirt is perfect for a friend who needs some encouragement. The quote on the shirt reads, "Fight Like a Girl Cancer Messed with The Wrong Chick". This pretty gift for cancer patients will remind them how strong they are during their battle. This shirt for ladies is made with soft fabric and is available in different sizes and colors. You can also wear this shirt while attending a cancer walk.

3. Ceramic Coffee Cup

This gift for cancer patient women in the hospital gives hope and a smile. There are inspirational quotes on the side of this cup that can touch anyone's heart. This humorous sayings on coffee cup inspire and boosts your loved one's confidence. This ceramic coffee mug is durable with vivid patterns and designs that stay bright after years of use. This gift is perfect for someone who needs some encouragement and a reminder they're not alone in their fight against cancer.

4. Encouraging Wall Hanging

This wall hanging has inspirational quotes to motivate and encourage cancer patients. This beautiful wall hanging is easy to hang with a strong adhesive on the back, so it can be placed anywhere their loved one needs some encouragement. This encouragement gift for cancer patients is uplifting and motivational for someone fighting cancer who might need an extra push of positivity from time to time. It would also be a nice gift for parents who lost a child.

5. Cancer Survivor Gift Basket

A gift basket is a great way to show someone you care. This pretty pink and purple cancer survivor gifts basket includes a 20 oz stainless steel insulated cup With Straw, two pairs of humor fighter socks and a silk sleep mask that will make their day brighter. This mother's day gift for cancer patients will show her that she's not alone in this fight.

6. Infuser Water Bottle

If you're looking for a gift that will make cancer patient's day brighter, get them this infuser water bottle. It'll keep their spirits up and help them fight fatigue as they recover from surgery or chemotherapy sessions. Fruit-infused water makes water taste better and this infuser water bottle can hold up to 32 ounces. This infusion bottle as a get well soon gift for cancer patients will show them that you care, and it's a thoughtful present as they heal.

7. "Big C, little ta-ta"Humorous stories of Cancer Fighter

Big C, Little Ta-ta is a compilation of funny and inspirational stories about fighting cancer. This humorous gift for cancer patients by Janet Sheppard Kelleher has seven humorous stories about fighting cancer. The stories are funny and inspirational, hoping that they will encourage those going through this tough time in their lives. This gift will be helpful to read for anyone who is experiencing hardship or dealing with difficult times, from a treatment gone wrong to dealing with discrimination because of their illness.

8. Cancer Survivor Socks

These soft pink socks are a great gift for breast cancer survivors. This support gift for cancer patients is a great way to show loved ones you are there for them. These comfortable socks are made from high-quality material and will not slip. It also includes a nice assortment of different sizes in every package so that everyone can get warm & cozy! Wear these around the house to reduce your feet overheating during the day. They're perfect for resting over the weekend too!

9. Amazon Prime Video Service

Cancer patients often feel isolated and alone during difficult times. Give them the gift of entertaining by giving them a membership to Amazon Prime Video Service! They'll have access to unlimited movies, TV shows, original programming & more so they will never get bored again! This service provides them unlimited entertainment, and they don't have to worry about streaming data as Amazon Prime Video is unlimited! Cancer patients can find a treasure of old and new movies and TV shows to watch!

10. Stress Relief Candles

After radiation sessions, chemotherapy, or surgery, cancer patients often feel drained and emotionally exhausted. They need to relax their mind and body after a tough day of treatment so they can start the next day feeling refreshed-and this gift is perfect for that! These soy candles are made with pure essential oils that emit a soothing scent into any space, calming nerves, transporting you to a happy vacation spot, or making you feel like your day is just starting. This gift for cancer patients done with radiation is a blessing.

11. Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy release the feel of pain, depression, anxiety and other destructive emotions. The best way to get the most out of aromatherapy is through an essential oil diffuser, which disperses a mist that has been infused with healing and stress-reducing properties from oils like lavender or eucalyptus. This gift for cancer patients room is helping them to fight against cancer. They can get relax after a chemo session or radiotherapy.

12. Skin Soother Oil and Lip Balm Set  

This natural soothing gift for cancer patients will help to make them feel better. The skin soother oil will keep their skin nourished and well hydrated, while the lip balm can protect against dry, chapped lips. This product contains emu oil which is best before and after radiation therapy to avoid burns. It reduces the risk of radiation burns and relieves scalp itch for those undergoing treatment for cancer. This comforting gift for cancer patients is made with 99% natural ingredients and is cruelty-free.

13. Survivor Angel Figurine 

This spiritual gift for cancer patients is a reminder of the power and strength to survive, as well as hope. It is made from poly-resin with a silver-plated finish. "Faith, Hope & Strength" these words are illustrated and etched onto the surface of this angel figurine, reminding those recovering from cancer that they still have power in their lives. This inspirational gift for cancer patients may not be the most practical, but it does help remind those in recovery that they are still strong when some days seem bleak; this angel figurine should provide faith and hope.

14. Morse Code Bracelet 

This inspirational gift for cancer patients is both a treasure and a symbol of hope. The Morse code bracelet has "strong" engraved on one side, while the other side says "courage." Anything that reminds someone with cancer about their strength or courage will be an inspiration to them during this difficult time. This gift for cancer patients and caregivers will be a cherished and meaningful one. They can wear the bracelet and be reminded of their strength and courage - or they can share it with someone else.

15. A Cookbook, "Recipes for Cancer Treatment and Recovery" 

This cookbook contains recipes that are specifically tailored to cancer patients and survivors. It provides a wealth of knowledge in yummy dishes, with pictures for most recipes- making it visually appealing! The authors, Rebecca Katz and Mat Edelson collected healthy recipes that are nutrient-rich and provide strength to patients. Cancer patient often feels dehydration, throat soreness, nausea, fatigue, and weight loss. This recipe book helps them to make healthy food as they recover.

16. Handmade Cross with Courage Message

The best get-well gift for cancer patients is this inspirational cross, which has the words "Courage" and "Never Give Up!" written on it. The message is a reminder that no matter how tough things get, there's always hope for victory in the end! This religious gift for cancer patients helps them keep their faith and get through the rough times. The cross can be used in many ways, such as a hospital bedside decoration, hung on an ornament stand for display or even as a sun catcher to bring light and hope.

17. Post Mastectomy Pillow

This thoughtful gift for someone facing a mastectomy, hysterectomy, lymphectomy and other surgeries is a wonderfully supportive way to keep them comfortable. The pillow is specially designed to help alleviate the pressure on their arms and shoulders by putting weight directly on them, which can be very helpful when using ice packs. It also makes it easier to get out of bed or sit up comfortably during recovery.

18. Silky Scarf

Cancer patients need warmth, comfort and to feel beautiful, especially if they are women. This scarf is an excellent choice for someone battling cancer. It has a soft, silky feel that will help make them more comfortable during treatment and recovery. The design offers warmth without weight or pressure on the shoulders, which can be helpful when they are tired from treatments. This pretty accessory will make them feel like themselves again.

19. Soothing Stones

These soothing stones are perfect for anyone who is in the process of beating cancer. This little hope gift for cancer patients will help them feel better! These soothing stones are chakra balancing and help to bring peace, calmness and comfort during this challenging time where they need it the most. This pocket token for cancer patients will be a reminder that they are not alone in this fight. It would also be a soothing gift for a woman with a miscarriage.

20. Organic Body Wash

This is an organic body wash that will help cancer patients feel better. It contains no harsh chemicals and it smells wonderful! This body wash made with organic plant oils and extracts. Free of toxins and chemical detergents so that cancer patients can use them with peace of mind. This gift for cancer recipients with chronic disease is perfect to use before bedtime in the shower or bath because they don't dry out your skin as many other products do, so you can have soft, smooth skin without worrying about irritation.

21. Worship Songs

This is a songbook containing songs for worship. Prayerful, reflective and meaningful, these are the perfect songs to help cancer patients focus on healing themselves from their illness. The CD includes 36 popular songs, including, Amazing Grace, Rock of Ages, Blessed Assurance and When I Survey the Wondrous Cross. This inspirational gift for cancer patients helps them feel invigorated and refreshed.

22. Special Soft Toothbrush 

Taking care of oral health hygiene is very important for cancer patients to maintain their health. This toothbrush is made out of ultra-soft material, so it's soft on gums and doesn't leave scratches on the teeth as metal alternatives do. It also has a grip that won't slip in wet hands, making brushing easier. The bristles are nylon-free and have been designed not to harbor bacteria. This caring gift for cancer patients is the perfect way to show them how much you care. 

23. Glass Keepsake Gift Jar with Fighting Cancer Messages 

This glass jar is perfect for storing mementos of the fight against cancer. It includes inspirational messages and a beautiful blue ribbon to help remind them not to give up hope in this difficult time. This heartwarming gift will keep their spirits high and help them remember to keep fighting. Mementos can include letters, inspirational quotes, and photos of family members. The keepsake jar is the best supportive gift for cancer patients.

24. Chemo Cap

This chemo cap is made to cover the whole head. It's a good idea when you're wearing your wig, and it also provides warmth for those who are balding from the chemotherapy treatments. The cozy cotton fabric makes this item perfect for indoor or outdoor use all year round. This gift for cancer patients that lost their hair helps to increase their confidence level. This chemo cap available in vivid colors and design.

25. Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is a blanket that has been filled with poly pellets, which helps to reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety in those using it while also helping them sleep better at night. A heavy feeling on your chest can help you fall asleep faster because these blankets simulate this sensation for people who have trouble sleeping. This item is great for people who are dealing with cancer. It has inspirational healing words like calm, good thought, positivity and energy. It would also be a nice gift for an Arthritis mother.

26. Tumbler Cup 

This gift is perfect for the cancer patient that needs an inspirational boost in their day. This tumbler cup has a motivational quote to remind them why they are fighting and what motivates them. It’s made with high-quality stainless steel and comes with a lid, straw, and a brush to clean. Tumbler cup gift for cancer patients done with treatment gives new strength and hope to remain standing upright.

27. Cathedral Art St. Peregrine Patron of Cancer Patients

This is a hand-painted inspirational artwork with the patron saint of cancer patients, St. Peregrine, on it with the words "strength" and "hope." This gift for cancer patients could be framed or mounted to make their room feel more welcoming in between treatments. The painting can also be taken off the wall if they want to give it to someone else. This Christian gift for cancer patients also has a special prayer on the back.

28. Personalized Pink Ribbon Initial Keychain

This would be a nice gift for cancer patients who are in remission. The personalized keychain has the pink ribbon on it and an initial that can represent their name or what they want to call themselves after being diagnosed with breast cancer.! This is one of our favorite inspirational gifts for cancer patients because it makes them feel more confident and less alone. This personal gift for cancer patients helps them to know they are not alone.

29. Feng Shui Chime

Cancer patients need encouragement and things to make them feel better. These energy chimes use feng shui practices to balance chi, which can help strengthen their immune system. They can hang this chime in the bedroom or living room.-Feng Shui Chimes are a great inspirational gift for cancer patients because they will feel encouraged and at peace when hearing this chime! Energy chime is a spiritual gift for cancer patients and can be used as decoration in their homes to bring some positivity.

30. Post-Surgical Drain Patient Care Kit

A cancer patient who has undergone surgery is susceptible to getting a post-surgical infection. The drain patient care kit will help them prevent this problem. This PSD belt is helpful after surgery. The belt helps to keep the drain in place while providing a comfortable and secure fit. It is machine washable for easy care. The PSD belt is worn all day and night, designed with two pouches. This caring gift for cancer patients is a great idea for patients who have undergone surgery. This kit makes their life easy after surgery.

31. Sleep Mask

The sleep mask is a great idea for cancer patients. The eye covers are soft and durable, perfect for blocking out the light when they need it most. This gift will help them create restful nights of sleep following surgery or chemotherapy treatments, which can be challenging with all the lights in their hospital room. These masks come in different colors, so you can customize them to fit their personality.

32. Mantra Cuff Bangle

A mantra is a word or group of words that someone repeats when they are going through tough times. This gift for cancer patients will help them find peace during their difficult fight against this disease by giving them a phrase they can say to calm themselves down and remind themselves not to give up. The cuff bangle is made with surgical-grade stainless steel steel and will never get rust or stain.

33. Cancer Treatment Planner & Journal

Cancer Treatment Planner & Journal is a great gift for cancer patients because it will help them plan their lives during treatment. It has all the information they might need about what treatments are best and which ones may conflict with each other, how much time off of work or school they should take when appointments are when recovery periods start after getting chemotherapy, and more. This journal helps them to organize the information they might get from their doctor, and have a place to write down the info.


Rose Parker

Cancer is a disease in which a person's immune system is weakened and their body can't fight off the cancer cells that have grown. You can support cancer patients by donating to cancer foundations, donating blood, and providing them with comfort items they may need. We have researched 33 inspirational gifts for cancer patients that might help you choose the perfect gifts for them. You can choose an inspirational gift that will make them feel better.

Many of the gifts can be personalized with a person's name, date, or inspirational message. We hope you find this list helpful in your search for meaningful and encouraging gifts for cancer patients during their challenging times.

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How to select cool gifts for boys – Age 1 to 12?

You’ve got a young boy in your life and his birthday is rolling around. Or maybe it’s the holiday season. Either way, you need a gift, and it needs to be a cool gift.

Gift-giving is a test of how well you understand the recipient’s personality. This can be difficult when there’s a large age gap; how on earth is a seasoned adult supposed to understand a 6-year-old?

The truth is that buying gifts for small boys isn’t nearly as difficult as you might expect. Children start developing personalities as soon as they can walk and talk. They have books and television shows they like. They have favorite colors. They already know that they want to be a fireman or a dinosaur when they grow up.

If you’re buying gifts for your own child, think about the interactions you’ve had with him recently. What did he come home from school talking about? Has he mentioned any toys? Is there something you told him “no” about because it was too expensive at the time?

Even if your kid hasn’t asked you for something specific, you can still use his personality to help you shop. Think about whether he’s active, creative, quiet, or social. That favorite color thing is important – when you’re faced with the choice between a blue toy or an orange one, get the one you know he’ll love.

If you’re buying gifts for your nephew or grandson, why not give the kid a call? You can learn a lot from that rambling conversation. Some kids won’t stop talking about a specific topic; that’s a great cue to buy them something related.

Don’t forget to ask the parents what the kid is interested in. They may also have their own preferences they would like you to adhere to.

Gwen Dewar, Ph.D. has written an excellent article about children’s toy preferences that has been posted on Parenting Science. Dewar mentions that many boys actively seek more “male-oriented” toys all on their own. Dinosaurs, cars, sports equipment, and similar items are all the rage with young boys.

In contrast, most parents tend to choose gender-neutral toys like art supplies. That doesn’t mean your kid won’t like such a gift; but if you want to buy something cool, you should get something that the boy would select for himself.

Boys want to be active. An introverted boy might do something “quiet” in a very active way; flipping through pages, building construction sets, and circling every item in the puzzle book can feel very active for the kid. Give them a gift that encourages them to use their minds and their hands as much as possible.

We can’t tell you exactly what to buy for your kid, but we can help you approach shopping with the right philosophy. The better you understand the kid, the easier it will be to find a present.

What Does “Cool” Mean to Boys?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “cool” means hip, casual, nonchalant, and detached.

I don’t know about your kids, but mine don’t know what most of those words mean yet. Their definition of cool is probably less verbal and significantly more image-based.

Boys like things that engage their interests. Some kids love loud noises and bright colors, but others prefer to read and draw. Kids want to be unique, but not too unique; every kid wants to fit in at school.

Your kid has his own definition of cool. If you can find out what it is, gift-giving will be a breeze.

Gifts They Want: Buying Gifts for Your Child’s Personality

Each kid has their own lens through which they see the world. As a parent, it’s your job to help him grow and flourish through that unique lens.

Rebecca Grant from A Fine Parent tells a wonderful story about her son and his love for Halloween. Once she realized that there was nothing wrong with his passion, she was able to help him take an interest in drawing, reading, playing, and learning, all with a little Halloween flair.

Get the boy in your life something related to his interests. Don’t think about the interests you wish he had; think about the interests he actually has.

Kids don’t need to be encouraged to get outside of their box. Instead, they need to be encouraged to make that box as big as possible.

Do Educational Gifts Count as Cool Gifts for Young Boys?

Most toys are educational. They teach kids how to use their hands, think creatively, and imagine real-world scenarios. That play kitchen is an educational toy. So are the blocks, and so is the action figure.

Dana Villamanga over at Toca Magazine says that you should asses a toy for the life skills it promotes. The most important thing is that the kid feels in charge of the experience. It’s their toy.

So, should you buy them a strictly educational toy? It really depends on the kid. Some boys are fascinated with science and would adore a chemistry set. Some boys are more active and would rather you left the “learning” at school.

Remember, it’s about what he wants, not about what you want him to want.

How to Choose a Cool Gift at the Store

Look for a toy that is appropriate to his age, fits in with his interests, and has multiple uses. Kids are very creative with multiple uses, so don’t worry too much; just avoid getting toys that are clearly only for one specific thing. A wooden puzzle will be boring after it’s been solved.

Susan Dichter at LeapFrog suggests buying a toy that is sturdy and well-made. Boys like active play. Buy them a toy that can outlast fake battles and getting thrown across the yard.

Don’t forget to consider what’s popular right now. If there’s a huge display at the front of the store, take a look at it. “Cool” might mean the thing that every other kid at school already owns.

Exploring the World: Gifts for Young Boys Ages 1 – 5

The National Association for the Education of Young Children recommends giving very small boys gifts that develop visual and motor skills. As your kid develops, the toys that interest him will change.

Good gifts for small boys are things that they can touch, see, and hear. Look for bright colors and moving parts. Remember to get something that will let your kid test his physical limits. If he can break that small part, it’s not a good gift.

Gifts for toddlers should be imaginative. Ages 2 to 5 are a great time for fake playsets, toy musical instruments, and art supplies.

As your boys get a little older, get them outside toys, too; scooters, sidewalk chalk, and small to medium-sized balls will encourage them to start moving around.

Creativity and Personality: Gifts for Boys Ages 6 – 8

The gift-giving experts over at have a toy-buying guide for kids of every age group. They mention that kids from ages 6 to 8 have a longer attention span. If your kid wants an educational toy, he probably wants it around this age.

A 6, 7, or 8-year-old boy is starting to develop a distinct personality. Foster his interests with a collection book or activity kit. If he’s in love with the athletics, get him a real soccer ball instead of the toddler-sized one he already owns. If he won’t stop talking about dinosaurs, get him a great book about them.

Listen to your kid at this age. He will tell you what he thinks is cool.

The Beginnings of Independence: Gifts for Boys Ages 9 – 12

The tween years are a time of peer pressure. Your kid is nearing middle school. He’s starting to think not just about what he likes, but about whether it’s cool to like that thing.

This is the age when a kid who loves dinosaurs might suddenly say he doesn’t like them anymore. As a parent, be careful in this situation. He might be naturally growing out of a childish phase. He also might be worried that what he loves isn’t good enough for the world.

According to Michael Torrice at LiveScience, passions can’t be forced. Your kid needs space to decide what he likes for himself.

As a gift-giver, continue to foster their interests while giving your kid a vote of confidence in their new self. The experts at recommend problem-solving toys. You should also consider giving them an electronic device like a tablet.

Should I Buy Video Games as a Gift for My Kid?

Boys ages 10-12 may be very interested in video games; this is especially true as they get closer to being a teenager.

Common Sense Media mentions that games like Minecraft can foster creative and collaborative skills. Limit screen time, but let them start to explore the digital world. Those skills will only help them later in life.

A 12-year-old is probably too young for most multiplayer games. Consider the environment at school and the specifics of the game they want to play. If all of their friends are playing the same e-sport, don’t let your kid feel left out. These games develop teamwork and can be an important part of the modern kid’s social life.

Save Your Money: The Gifts for Boys You Shouldn’t Buy

Don’t use a birthday or a major holiday to introduce a kid to a new hobby. Budgets can be tight around Christmas; if you aren’t sure that your kid will love it, don’t waste one of their precious gift slots.

Don’t give a boy something that he wanted three years ago. Kids grow up fast. You might regret missing that opportunity, but keep your mind on presents for the present.

Don’t buy cheap things that will break easily or single-use items. These things are okay as stocking stuffers, but they shouldn’t make up the core of the kid’s gift selection. Give them something they will still have when they’re older.

Don’t buy books as gifts unless your kid has expressed a very strong interest in that subject. Books are great, but many kids view them as educational. If they feel like their holiday was wasted on learning material, they could develop a resentment towards reading that might last a lifetime. Books are also expensive; take them to the library for some free and fun education.

Do buy any of these items as surprise gifts throughout the year. You only get so many birthdays, but you have 364 other days each year without any emotional associations to buy them whatever you’d like.


Your main takeaway from these tips should be that kids have distinct personalities. They know what they like, but they might have a hard time expressing it. Use your adult perception to figure out their interests.

Buy things that are appropriate to your child’s age. Gifts for toddlers should be sensory and fun; try building blocks, musical instruments, and toy cars. Gifts for older kids can be more complicated, but don’t encourage them to grow up too fast.

Buy gifts that your child has asked for. Time passes differently for children; if they mention something in October, they might not remember it by Christmas. But as a parent, you probably remember, so use this chance to surprise them.

Take a look at this YouTube video by Laura Hoyda. She unboxes every gift that she bought her kids for Christmas. Her selections are age-appropriate and focused around what her kids have been asking for.

Her son asked for a drone, so she got it for him. Her youngest children got play food and pretend kitchen items. Laura did some top-tier holiday shopping, and you can use her gifts as inspiration.

Remember that what is “cool” changes wildly between generations. If you have multiple boys that are several years apart, don’t copy the first kid’s childhood for your second son. The toy market will be completely different and you’ll need to find a new definition of popular.

Be thoughtful, considerate, and loving while you shop. Gifts are a way to validate a child, and validation is often something they are desperately looking for.

Treat wish lists seriously. You might not agree with everything the kid has asked for, but at least consider each of the items. If he gives you a long list, pick the items that meet your parenting values from that list.

If a kid says he doesn’t want anything for the upcoming holiday, think about why he might say that. He might feel afraid to ask you for the thing he really wants.

If you’ve said “no” a lot lately, try saying “yes” a few times to help him relax. Your kid shouldn’t feel like he has to choose between pleasing you and getting what he wants for his birthday.

Try taking your kid to the store before the gift-giving occasion. Use the excuse of buying a small toy “just because” to get him into the toy section. From there, pay attention to the items he interacts with. You should also notice the items that he wistfully gazes at but doesn’t feel confident asking you for.

A kid who has siblings might be very open with them about his interests. Feel free to ask, but remember that each kid lives in their own world. They might give you an idea that they personally want but which their brother isn’t too interested in owning.

Consider fandom-related items, but only buy these things if the kid has expressed an interest. Some boys adore comic books and really want a related action figure. Other boys only kind of like a television show and don’t really want a poster. These items are personality defining, so let your kid take the wheel on the decision.

If all else fails, directly ask the kid for a wish list. Some kids are just waiting for the opportunity to open up and tell you about their dream toy. With that said, you should also get a related gift that isn’t on their wish list, just to show that you can still surprise them.

Many boys take exceptionally good care of their toys. If you buy something high-quality, it could last into their teenage or adult years. Help give them a memory; their adult self will appreciate the nostalgia.

Think hard about your kid’s personality. Use what you’ve learned here to choose an age-appropriate gift that you know they will love. Encourage their development and remember that each age passes quickly. Cool gifts for young boys aren’t necessarily cool gifts for older ones.

Most of all, remember that cool gifts are fun. Enjoy the shopping experience; it’s a privilege to buy something for a child you care about. This memory will be important to them for the rest of their life.

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20 ideas for selecting useful gifts for teenage boys

The teenage boy can be a mysterious creature. Many of them pay more attention to their phones than anything else, and their language consists mostly of fart jokes and one word responses. When it comes time to buy them a gift, it can be a challenge.

gifts for teenage boys

Teenage boys are not as difficult to shop for as you might think. Since they're growing up, they like to explore and express themselves. They also just want to have fun. Finally, they want to look good. A good gift should help them do one of these things. Here are 20 gifts for teenage boys.

1. Video Game Console or Games

​Video games are a great option for any teenage boy. Ask their parents or friends what games they want so that you don't get something they don't like or already have.

Don't be afraid to ask the teen himself, either. It's better to get them the game they want than worry about them being surprised.

If you really want to get them something nice, buy them a new video game console. Don't forget the games and extra controllers!
Most video games today also have amazing virtual reality add-ons that can make it feel like you're really in the game. ​

2. Tent

​​We live on a beautiful planet, and it's a privilege to be able to enjoy the amazing things nature has to offer. Help the teenager in your life learn these values by gifting them a tent. It will encourage them to get away from the skyscrapers and smart phones and explore.

There are a number of benefits of getting in touch with nature both spiritually and physically.
Be sure to get a tent big enough for multiple people. It should also be relatively easy to put up and sturdy. You should also give them some of your favorite camping spots in the area.

If you give them a tent, you may also want to include related items, such as a sleeping bag, lantern or cooler. A survival kit can also help them in case anything happens on their camping trip.

3. Headphones

Music is the language of the angels. Even if some of the music teenagers listen to doesn't quite fit that description, they enjoy it. Help them enjoy their music privately by gifting them nice headphones.

There are a lot of different options: ear buds, over-ear, on-ear, and open-ear. Pay attention to the style of headphones they currently have and get them nicer ones.

​Your teen will be grateful for the thoughtful gift, and you won't have to listen to their music. It's a gift for everyone.


Anyone who loves making and throwing paper planes or toy helicopters will absolutely love a drone. Drones are little machines that people can fly using a remote.

teenage boy gifts

​They're easy to operate, and you can do flips and tricks high up in the air. Many drones also have the capability to take pictures. It's fun to take pictures from a birds-eye view whether they're just playing around or whether they're an aspiring photographer.

Be sure to look up the laws about flying drones in your areas. Since many of them have cameras, there are certain restrictions involved. You want to make sure that your teen stays out of trouble while enjoying the newest trend.

5. Bicycle

Many teens stop riding a bike when they get the ability to drive a car. Whether they have a car or not, a bike is still a great gift for a teen. Bikes are a great form of exercise.

useful gifts for teenage boys
​Participants race on their bicycles during the 12-mile portion of the 14th annual duathlon at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, June 8, 2018. The event required athletes to complete a 1-mile run, followed by a 12-mile bike ride and finish with another 1-mile run. (U.S. Air Force photo by Kathryn Calvert).

It will get their heart pumping and strengthen their legs as well as numerous other health benefits. There are a large number of really attractive bike trails, too. Having a bike will give them the opportunity to see those beautiful trails.

6. Watch

​All of us have a clock in our pocket on our smart phone. However, watches are still a great way to add some class to an outfit. Help the teen in your life by contributing to their watch collection. If you're not sure about what style to get, go with a simple face and a black leather strap.

You may also want to consider getting them a smartwatch. A smartwatch connects to their phone. They will be able to see when anyone texts or calls without having to look at their phone.

This will make it difficult for them to say they missed a call or text from. you! Also, it can track the amount of steps they take every day. They can start to get invested in their health.

7. Sunglasses

The teen in your life has a bright future. In fact, it's so bright that it might hurt their eyes. Keep the sun out by giving them sunglasses. Remember that teenagers aren't the most responsible species, so think hard before giving them designer glasses.

Gifts for teenage boys should not be overly expensive. If you do, go over the proper care. Explain that you expect them to take care of the glasses for a long time. It will help teach them responsible, and they'll look super cool at the same time.

8. Tablet

​Teens today love their electronics. While their smartphones give them plenty of electronic stimulation, they could use a tablet for a bigger screen. They can download all of the same apps.

They can even connect their phone to their tablet in many cases. The tablet is also a great help for school. It allows the student to research everything they need to know.

They can also use the tablet to write down notes. It's much smaller and easier to carry than the multiple notebooks students have to carry. Children are developing back problems due to their heavy backpacks. A tablet will help lighten that load.


​For the artistic one in the group, gift them an easel and some new paint. This shows them that you are supportive of their hobbies. It also gives them the opportunity to be artistic and express themselves.

There are a lot of emotional benefits to painting, too, that can help children who are struggling with their transition into adulthood. It gives them an outlet for their frustration. It can help give you insight into what your teen is thinking by looking at their artwork.

It's a good idea to keep the easel outside if the creative gift sparks throughout the day. You won't have to worry about paint getting inside your home and ruining the floors and furniture. This also allows for more creative, messier methods of painting that can lead to a masterpiece.

gifts for boys teenage

Punching Bag

​Many teens don't get enough exercise. Many teens also have anger or frustration. Help them stay in shape while simultaneously releasing their anger by getting them a punching bag to hang up in the house. Boxing gloves are also useful gifts for boys.

If they really take to boxing, you may also want to consider boxing lessons. This healthy way to exercise could become a hobby for life or even a career.


​A suit is one of the most useful gifts for boys. As the teenage boy in your life gets older, he's going to go to more formal events. Get him something he will need by getting him a nice, multi-functional suit that he can wear at a number of upcoming events.

If possible, take them to a professional tailor. Of course, you want to be mindful of how much you spend if they are still growing. You don't want to spend too much on a suit that they will grow out of shortly.

Board Game

Teenagers are always bored, so give them something to do. Board games give the teen boy in your life something to do with their friends. There are a number of options, so get the game that best fits their personality.

There are funny games, strategy games, games of chance, and role playing games. There are also plenty of games out there specifically designed to get the family together.

You can use the gift as an opportunity to bond. If you can, you should play it together that night!

Skincare Products

​Teen boys aren't necessarily known for their hygiene. In fact, most teen boys are quite sloppy. This doesn't help that wonderful period of time when hormones cause you to break out like crazy. Get them skincare products to keep their pores empty and their skin clear.

Even teenage boys who don't suffer from acne can benefit from proper skin care. Include an exfoliant, sunscreen, and a razor.
Whether they've started to grow hair on their face or not, they're gong to start very soon. It's a good time to get them prepared. Get some shaving cream and show them how it's done.


​Being a teenager is a time to express yourself. One of the ways many teens do this is by hanging posters in their room. Get posters with funny quotes on them, concert posters, movie posters, and any other poster you think they will like.

Make it that much more special by getting it framed. Make sure that you make it easy for them to hang without tearing up the walls!

15. Nerf Guns

Nerf guns, that is. Teenagers are still children at heart. They will love to get the opportunity to do that with some Nerf guns. Make sure to get a couple of guns so that they can play with their friends.

If you're a little more adventurous, look into paintball guns or BB guns instead. If you do this, make sure that you go over safety rules. Also explain that it hurts to get shot, even if it's a paintball.

16. Sports Apparel

Many teenage boys enjoy sports. If you know their favorite sports team, the possibilities for gifts for boys are endless. You can get them a hat or a jersey with the team logo.

You can also get them tee-shirts, socks, jackets, hoodies, gloves, and underwear. You can get just about anything with a sports team logo.
It doesn't only have to be apparel, either. You can get cups, mugs, clocks, posters, and furniture.

17. Projector

No television? No problem! With a projector, you can attach media to display it on any wall. It's great for both personal use as well as school projects. There are portable options to allow you to display what you want anywhere there is a wall.

This is another gift that is useful as a bonding tool for the family. You can use the projector to go outside on a warm night and watch a movie outside.

18. Leather Jackets

Everybody knows leather jackets are cool. Help your teen establish their cool kid status by getting them a leather jacket. It's perfect for early spring and fall.

Some are even thick enough for winter. There are a variety of styles: racer jackets, flight jackets, fencing jackets, and bomber jackets.

meaningful gifts for teenage boys

19. Shoes

Girls aren't the only ones who like shoes. Boys do, too. Get them a nice pair of dress shoes that they probably wouldn't buy for themselves. Or you can get the handy teen some steel-toed boots.

For the teens who enjoy casual wear, there are a number of designer gym shoes, such as Air Jordan's that are sure to make your outfit pop. Everyone needs a collection in a variety of different colors. If you're buying gym shoes, go bold.

20. Cash or Gift Card

When it comes down to it, most teenagers want cash to buy what they want. It's easy, and you know they will love it. Just put it in a funny card, and you're good to go.

When it comes to buying gifts for boys, you want to focus on the individual you are buying the gift for. Open your eyes to notice the things they show interest in.

Your teenager is growing into their own person. Get them a gift that allows them to grow into the adult they will become. It's also helpful if you can find a gift that can help bring the two of you together. Your teen may be growing up, but that doesn't mean that you have to grow apart.


​Rose Parker

​The Teenage boys in your life as much of a challenge it is to deal with them sometimes, it can be quite fun to spend time with them. I hope you found some good ideas here for a gift that your teen would love!

How to select a Meaningful Gift for Teenage girls?

meaningful gift for teenage girls

One of the happiest aspects of life is celebrating. Every year birthdays, graduations, and milestones are commemorated with heartfelt gifts shared between family and friends. Gifts honor success, culture, and rights of passage. 

When it comes to teen girls, you might find gift shopping a bit challenging. Not to worry, selecting an awe-inspiring gift in this category doesn’t have to be an arduous process. Surprisingly, girls can be quite easy to shop for.

Teen girls are particularly in love with trending merchandise that their favorite brand influencers happen to be promoting. While it can be a little tricky to pick the ideal meaningful gift there are a few smart approaches to it.

The first step in choosing a gift is breaking down the recipient into sections. What color does she like? What’s her go-to style? Who’s her favorite actor/musical artist/hobby? Finally, where and how does she spend her time?

The sentiment is different for adults than it is for teens. If you tend to contemplate a gift’s value, don’t bother. Most shoppers find you can take advantage of a sale, stay on budget, and still gift an amazing, meaningful gift.

Today’s teens are conscientious of time. Regardless of social class, they sincerely appreciate how their parents work. Kids recognize when an adult puts thought into a gift, which is after all, how a gift becomes meaningful.

Teenage girls are dynamic. Over time, they are simply prone to misplacing gift items anyway. Fine jewelry may seem like a notable present, but it’s guaranteed to get broken, shared with a best friend indefinitely, or stolen.

gifts for teenage girls

If you want to give jewelry, opt for trendy pieces like colorful silicone, wild bedazzled statement pieces that will eventually go out of style anyway, or pendant charms that can be worn a multitude of ways they see fit.

Remember, today’s teens rarely value material possessions. Recent generations look for experience over tangible gifts. Adolescent girls enjoy activities like dressing up and going for lunch far more than opening gifts that seem meh.

Whenever possible opt for taking teens gift shopping. Spend the day, afternoon, or evening together. This strategy gives meaning to the gesture (versus a card full of cash) and they will undoubtedly remember the occasion.

Today’s teen girls can veer on the side of reclusive because of the pressure they feel from relentless, perfect social media posts. Spending time with them is an excellent gift in itself because it distracts from burdensome media.

Part of the gift giving process is about ambiance and setting. Whether an intimate gathering or a fully planned-out affair, it’s all about the overall experience for your teen and her guests. 

Thinking about the actual gift as icing on the cake takes the pressure, and allows both the giver and receiver to appreciate the gesture without being anxious. Teach your teen to be gracious and enjoy the sentiment

Selecting the Perfect Teen Girl Gift
Go with age on this one. The rule is, the older the girl, the more personalized the gift. Sounds easy? It is! For ages 13 – 15 steer clear of cosmetics and opt for fun bath-bombs and simple, tasteful clothing staples. At 16 and up, girls are driving and may love customized car accessories, phone cases, and a trendy, useful on-the-go bag and umbrella. Gift-cards are always a sure thing, and they can be creative too. Think outside the box with this one and give cards for movie theaters (remember, experience!). 

How to Sock Away Gift-cards for Any Occasion
If you are like most gift shoppers, part of the fun is a buy-one, get-one, yet when it comes to teen gifts most buyers aren’t in the market for similar products. Here’s where gift-cards come in. Did you know that in your downtime while you’re scrolling through your smartphone, you can quickly try free apps that pay generously in gift-cards? You’ll be amazed and cash out big time, making gifting all the more doable!

What Constitutes a Gift
In the traditional sense, a gift is usually a tangible item, often beautifully wrapped and given to a person on a special occasion. With the times, gifts are forever evolving from what represents a valuable, personalized present. Namely, gifts of pre-arranged travel, fine dining experiences, and entertainment are each category that teenage girls absolutely crave. Essentially, giving someone something you suspect they will enjoy is all it takes to constitute a gift these days.

teen girl gifts

Two Things Every Meaningful Gift Has
When it comes to gift-giving, it’s all about the thought that counts right? Two aspects of a meaningful gift include one, how well the item suits the recipient, and two, a demonstration that effort was put forth in gift selection. Chances are even if you gift a teen girl a rather generic present, she will immediately recognize that you at least took the time to remember the color she loves best or took time to ask someone close to her what she’s really been asking for.

How to Convey Thoughtfulness with Every Gift
Thoughtfulness is a little different than meaningful. Thoughtfulness just means that you attempted to present her with an item or present that fits her taste. A meaningful gift, on the other hand, is more symbolic in nature. Perhaps its a train ticket to a city she’s read and talked to you about, or maybe its a silver-toned watch versus a yellow gold one. Paying attention to details are how to show thoughtfulness with every gift, meaningful, or in just plain fun. 

Top Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls
According to Lauren Adhav of Cosmopolitan Magazine, the best gifts for teenage girls are items that combine fashion and technology. 2019 has so much to offer in the way of smart-jewelry, fun and oh-so-necessary self-care supplies (think sunscreens and home-spa gifts), and ultra functional merchandise too. 

Yes, Girls Just Want to Have Fun
When in doubt, gift Bluetooth. A cool, wireless speaker is a fantastic teenage girl gift, and there are many Bluetooth speakers under $50 on the market says The TechLounge. Music is a big part of teen’s lives. Why not allow them room to roam with a speaker ideal to their lifestyle. Deciding on which model is super simple. Most have excellent battery life, small size, great sound quality, are light-weight, and water-resistant.

Choosing a Unique Gift
Online shoppers can gather a number of ideas and then narrow it down to spending amount and shipping times. The longer you have to allow a gift time to ship, the better deal to be had. Shop gifts in advance. Sites like eBay and Amazon are wonderful, but you can really score points with your teen when you buy them an uncommon gift to show off to their friends. 

How to Properly Include a Gift Receipt
Many retailers offer a thing called a gift receipt. Essentially, it is a receipt of purchase for just their item (the gift) absent of price details. Gift receipts are an excellent idea to include with a tangible gift because the teen can simply make a return or exchange if necessary. Everyone wins here, the teen won’t be troubled her gift is the wrong size, and you don’t have to worry she won’t absolutely love your present. 

Best Gift Ideas for Younger Teen Girls
Lindsey Murray of Good House Keeping says it’s important to remember that younger teen girls are in a transitional phase. You may want to give her an inspirational gift that encourages subjects like computer programming and art. Alternatively, LED mood signage, iron or stick-on fashion embellishments, and plushy pillows and blankets are each wonderful gifts.

Monetary Gifts for Young Women 16 – 19
Around this age bracket, many teens are learning to work and what it takes to earn the value of a dollar. With this in mind, older teen girls tend to really appreciate extra money coming into their favor. They realize the value of independent spending and usually think twice before dolling out their cash. Chances are after paying for gasoline and cell phone plans they’re already used to a paltry spending plan. Thus, according to, it’s still popular to gift saving certificates for use down the line when a girl might really need the extra cash flow. 

What’s Really Important to a Teen Girl When it Comes to Gifts – Usefulness
Usefulness tops the list of what young girls are really looking for in a gift. Virtually as soon as they’re unwrapping a present, their minds are racing, “How can I use this?” “How can I show this off everyday?” “How will this gift improve my life or make me special?” These are just some of the sentiments that have been admitted. Attractive organization systems for body products, school supplies, and accessories make lovely gifts. Moreover, a beautiful journal will give a teen someplace to organize her thoughts, dreams, and most important, help her set and achieve goals. 

teen girl gifts

Long Distance Gifts for Teen Girls
It can be frustrating when shopping for gifts for a recipient who’s far away. You may be thinking, will they really appreciate my gift, or how can I ensure my gift wont become lost or damaged? The easy answer is, always get shipping insurance, but Consumer Reports also lines out other smart ways to make sure your gift arrives in good condition. Top tips include sending your package as early as possible allowing for maximum time and care, and always using propper-fitting, sturdy packaging.

Gifts for Young Teen Women Away at School
Older teen girls away at school will love getting fun, colorful care-packages. Take time to personally color, collage, and decorate packaging. Inexpensive items like rolls of change for laundry, gum and candy, popcorn and fun snacks are all quite welcomed! Bonus tip, wrap gifts in other gifts such as bath towels, brightly designed bed sheets, or a new hoodie. 

Electronic Gifts for Teenage Girls
Amazon all occasion gifts for teens is a treasure trove of ideal finds for teen girls of all ages. Electronic’s like cute, tassel, usb-key chains to smart period-tracker devices, are just the tip of the iceberg. Teenage girls will be delighted with any of these inventive out-of-the-box gifts and likely use them for many days to come. 

How to Not Go Overboard When Shopping for a Teen Girl
Stay focused when you’re about to go gift shopping, especially if you’re buying online where it’s convenient to add more and more to your shopping cart with a click of a mouse. When possible, make a list ahead of time and prioritize. One awesome tip is keeping that list and then pulling it out again when the next event arises. You’ll quickly find that a present you opted to put-back for a later date will come in handy when your racking your brain with what to give on their next special day.

Ways to Add Value to Inexpensive Gifts
Finally, there are many, many creative ways to add value to a simple gift. Many times, it’s more about the presentation of pomp and circumstance surrounding the gift rather than the actual gift itself. Be sure to wrap your gift. Taking the time to conceal a present makes it one of the most meaningful gifts for teenage girls who are all about show and image. Gifting a box with a favorite candy tied to it is a popular way to add value and grow the smile on their sweet face.

Final Thoughts…

Selecting meaningful gifts for teenage girls doesn’t have to be the puzzle it first appears to be. Keep shopping simple. Teens are still learning how to be thankful and appreciate your gesture anyway.

Think about the time you’ve spent with her and anything of importance to her she may have mentioned. Did she state that “nobody bakes cookies like you do”, or something like, “gee, I sure would like to see my favorite person in concert”? 

Finding hints from teens is really easy, just you listen. Teens chat off-the-cuff constantly about what they like and don’t like, what is cool and what isn’t. 

It’s true that the act of gifting is selfless however, you can still put your needs first and still give a wonderful gift any teenage girl would love. Set a price-point. You’ll be wonderfully surprised with how many gifts you’ll find in whichever range you set.

Budget $5 – less than $20? Excellent. Want to spend $100? Go for it, just don’t confuse meaning with monetary value. Girls love the simplest of gestures. Flowers and their favorite DVD are touted as top notch gifts.

Giving a gift is usually not a single occasion. If you don’t get it exactly right this time, you’ll be better aware of what the recipient may like better in the future. Gifting is an art that comes with a tremendous learning curve.

Remember that temporary or usable gifts are best and always steer clear of expensive cosmetics and fine jewelry. Try to select a popular item when possible. Ask yourself what advertisements you’ve recently seen or heard.

Gifting cosmetics to a teenage girl is a no-no for a few reasons. First, her family may have rules in place on the topic and next, they’re ridiculously expensive. You’ll find heartbreak on both sides if you don’t get it right.

Be as generous as you want, but remember that teen’s are still experiencing growth. They will make mistakes and it’s easy for them to innocently lose even the most cherished of gifts eventually.

Try to make a gift experience and be a key player in it. Teens rarely remember material items, but they’re great at recalling who helped them celebrate their special day and how their time was spent.

Teen girls often have an impression that it’s all about them. Whether the world is revolving around them for just the occasion, or they’re navigating maturity, tell them they are special and how you’ve selected the gift just for them.

Youth remember when adults speak kindly to them and the words that they use. Making a verbal gesture a part of the gifting process adds value to a material gift and it allows the recipient to associate the token with you personally.

Always snap pictures of the occasion, guests, and gifts for reminiscing down the line. While today’s memories are digital, you can still capture the spirit of going through cherished photo albums during holidays and family gatherings.

Moreover, digital pictures of a special day can delightfully come in handy when putting together other gifts. Printed photo books, throws, and canvas art is a very popular way to go.

Social media is another consideration for capturing special occasions and gift exchange. Images shared with out of town relatives and friends who live out of state allow them to be a part of the celebration and see first hand what she got.

Anticipate a genuine thank you. Whether you receive a hand-written note, a phone call or an electronic message, expect that your kindness is acknowledged and keep score for future gifts. 

You may find that shopping for the perfect gift either was or was not worth your troubles. If your efforts go without gratitude, this gifting occasion can save you a future headache, or open the conversation around the importance of gratitude to help the teen in her future endeavors.

Now is the time to be on the lookout for great teen girl gifts. Pull out tips that you’ve found valuable and focus on one or two. In no time whatsoever you’ll find the buying process more streamlined and easy to navigate.

crystal gifts for her 

10 ideas for selecting useful gifts for Tween girls

gifts for tween girls

The tween age is not as easy as people think it is. We all should know that because we were once tweens, too. This is a difficult period because the little human being is stuck at an awkward period between two stages.

This is a transitional period between our girls’ childhood and teen years. Our girl is no longer a little kid, but she is not exactly a lady yet, either. This is a period fraught with confusion because her mind may tell her to still enjoy the toys of her youth, but her developing body parts are screaming that she is no longer a little child.

Most girls in this stage are still unsure of what they want. Their choices keep on changing, which makes nailing down the perfect present rather difficult. What can we get our girls with the ages 9 to 12 years old?

Barbie dolls, coloring books, and cooking sets may not seem to hold as much interest as before. But they’re not exactly old enough to be doing things along with friends either. She may even be more moody than before with whining that include, “I am bored”, or “This is lame”, or “There’s just nothing to do” types of dramatic declarations.

Tweens are imaginative and active creatures. Their developing hormones and private parts may make the little ladies a tad more dramatic than usual. You might find them constantly complaining about being bored.

Many tween girls have an abundance of energy thanks to the gift of youth. Rather than letting these lovely girls be glued to their gadgets, we have to think of ways to get their minds churning and their bodies moving. Giving them opportunities like projects, activities, and keeping them busy in general will go a long way.

Keeping these young ladies busy is not as easy as it seems. Let’s do a group hug and commiserate with each other. Nailing down the perfect gift for that tween in your life is really not an easy task to accomplish. It’s totally not like when they were smaller, when a few gifts here and there could brighten up their days.

On top of that, bigger kids really do come with bigger ticket requests. How do we fulfill all these demands without going over budget? We all hope to make our children happy without having to break the bank to fulfill their Christmas wishes or birthday dreams, either.

Hereunder are several tips to help you get started in looking for that perfect gift to keep your tween happily occupied. These are not set in stone so what may work for one, will not work for the other because these girls have different personalities as vibrant and varied as the colors of the rainbow. This list is designed to be a helpful reference that can be everyone’s spring board for ideas, so use what you can to help make your gift-giving a lot less painful and a whole lot more fun.

Personality is the Key Ingredient

Although these girls may share the same difficult tween age, it doesn’t mean they will all like the same things. The primary consideration you have to make is the tween’s personality. What is her nature?

If she is a girly-girl, then it might titillate her to receive fun, lady-like stuff like a super girlie lace dress, a vibrant colored makeup palette, or a cool hair crimper. Think color pink, flowers, dainty, and frills. These will all tickle her inner diva.

tween girl gifts

If she is more of a no-fuss little lady, then something like sports equipment can be more up her ally. Maybe she’d also prefer something more practical like a cookbook collection. She could also fancy getting new games for her PS4.

There really are a vast collection of items we could choose from. But the number one key into ensuring our gift-giving success is to consider what she will enjoy the most based on her personality. If she is not your own child, then it might be a tad harder, but asking those close to her for advice will help you figure her out.

Think Projects and Not Just Things

Sometimes, getting something material will not cut it out. Tweens may no longer like their dollies or pretend play activities. Thinking outside the box will surely help.

Since they have a lot of creative juices that are begging to come out, maybe be something they can build or work on is the best gift to purchase. An example would be something like jewelry making kit, DIY stitching kits, or a make your own fashion project.

Fun with Friends is the Best

With the many slumber party requests, one thing is sure—our tween girls enjoy spending time with their friends. Getting them a gift they can use with their girl pals will certainly win us points. A collective give for a group of tweeny boppers will certainly be a huge hit.

There are many gifts like these in the market today. The Twister mat game set that makes them go physical is one perfect example. Another is the classic Jenga game wherein you pull out sticks while ensuring the whole pile doesn’t topple over will elicit a lot of fun screams and laughter.

Learning Something New is Always a Good Idea

Tweens have a growing mind that’s akin to a sponge, raring to absorb information. Rather than just gifting with some material item that will gather dust in the corner of her room as the days pass by, give her something that can impact the rest of her life. The gift of knowledge is very powerful, and the gift of learning a skill is one that last forever.

Enrolling her in a class such as baking lessons for basic cute cupcakes will surely be a hit. Maybe getting her ice skating lessons will stir in the inner winter Olympian in her. Taekwondo lessons is also a good idea.

Sometimes, aside from just giving lessons, gifting the actual item will help her improve. Getting her a cool, trendy wave board will help her find her balance, or perhaps, giving her a lab kit will challenge her inner scientist. These gifts that inspire her to learn something will be enjoyed for the rest of her life.  

Spark Creativity 

Gifts that spark our tweens’ creative juices into flowing would be awesome. Boredom is the constant enemy. To counter this feeling of being bored, then let us tap their artistic side.

tween girls gift

Sparking creativity with a gift like make your own pottery or make your own jewelry is something that will keep their minds and hands busy. There are many DIY gift boxes to choose from. The best part about a gift like this is that girls appreciate and enjoy more when they make with their own stuff with their own hands.

Some girls even like the adult version of coloring books with the intricate designs. Getting those along with a bunch of coloring supplies will make some tweens happy. There are many creative gifts in stores and online to tap into your tweens’ artistic mode.

Let’s Get Physical and Let Me Hear your Body Talk

Our daughters get cranky during summer break and winter holidays because they have nothing to do. Keeping these girls busy will teach them the value of how to be productive. On top of that, it can teach the important lessons on health, safety, and the value of exercise.

Getting our tweens something like a dance class membership is a gift that keeps on giving because she will learn skills and exercise along the way. If she is the sporty kind, then getting her soccer equipment may be more appreciated. Any self-defense class will also come in handy for the future because every girl needs to learn how to protect themselves.

Sometimes, things like getting her a new bike will inspire her to move more. Same goes for new roller blades or a new skateboard. Just remember to give her the corresponding safety gear to ensure that she will not get into a disaster while enjoying your gift.

Board NOT Bored Games

With boredom as the perpetual and perennial problem, we have to get our tweens something that they will truly enjoy. Often, this means getting them a gift that they can enjoy when their friends come over. Yes, at this stage, they really prefer to be hanging out with their friends, and that’s a fact.

Getting them various board games to play together will keep them busy and occupied. Perhaps, it is time to let them discover the good old games of our own youth like the quintessential and classic Monopoly. This is a classic board game that teaches math, analysis, and investment so it is a win-win situation for everyone.

There are many other collective board and/or group games out there such as Cranium, Cluedo, Taboo, Pictionary, and the like. Choosing various boxed sets for your tweens to enjoy will certainly make her happy. On top of that, it will also make her friends happy because it is something they can do together.

Educational is the Way to Go

Often, educational gifts are seen as boring. But, really, they do not have to be at all. There are many gift items out there that teach something without making them feel bored such as the create your own slime type of projects.

Another form of an educational gift is doing something. Getting her to a museum would make an excellent gift. There are many different types out there from science oriented, natural history, or children’s museums.

Another example would be hauling her to a bookstore and letting her choose what titles to get. Getting her a stack of books is one way to spark curiosity in that brain of hers. Reading, after all, never gets old.

The Gift of Experience is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

More than material gifts, experience is the best gift to give because it keeps on giving, with the benefits lasting a lifetime. Taking a family birthday trip is always a good idea. Bonding with the family matters a lot.

It doesn’t have to be fancy so don’t worry about going over budget. Sometimes, going on a simple road trip on a nearby time is enough to get them hyped and excited. Exploring a new place, trying new restaurants, and seeing new scenery are always fun and refreshing things to do.

Inspire the gift of wanderlust in your child. After all, the world is a big, vast, and wide place that is waiting to be explored, and spending time with nature and the world is so vital. Opening up your tween’s eyes to the many different opportunities the world has to offer is the greatest gift of all.

Starting a Family Heirloom Tradition

Some material things have a place in our tweens’ life. Something valuable and important like jewelry, which can be handed down from generation to generation, could be an important gift to mark her birthday. A simple pair of earrings to mark her entrance into the double digits will surely make her 10th birthday memorable.

Perhaps, you even have old jewelry there in your closet that you can pass onto her. These precious pieces with history will make her feel even more special and connected to you. Giving these items will surely touch her heart, and these pieces have a potential to turn into family heirlooms when she passes them onto her own child.


Remember, finding the perfect gift for that special tween in your life doesn’t have to be a stress filled moment. Have fun doing it because it is an indirect way for you to bond and get to know this lovable little human. The tween years are the last few years you will get to enjoy her youth. When she hits her teen years, she will want to spend more time with her friends.

But that’s the cycle of life! What’s important now is to show her and demonstrate how much you love her and how much she matters to your life. More often, it is not the actual present itself that matters, but how much thought and heart was put into selecting that present…and that itself is the real gift.